Instagram Post Ideas to Create at Home

At the moment, the world is going through tough times. The pandemic is still going on and people in many countries have to stay in their houses. For this reason, there is a high chance that you need to find post ideas that you can create at home. This way, you will keep posting on your Instagram account and gaining new followers, through auto likes for Instagram

Instagram Post Ideas To Create At Home

Even though you have to stay inside, there are still plenty of interesting post ideas that can fit any type of niche. The only thing that you really need is creativity and passion for creating fascinating content. Once users find this out, you will gain Instagram likes and followers that will make your account more visible.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the most creative post ideas that you can prepare at home so that you can get inspired.

1. Dance Videos at Home

The first video idea is a really fun one that will gain Instagram likes. For this video idea, you have to shoot a dance video at your home. To get inspired, check various popular videos from Tik Tok and also check the song challenges that are currently trending. Among these, you will find song ideas that users are looking for. Furthermore, for this type of post, you can ask the help of your friends. A dance video can easily be created with Instagram’s new feature, Instagram Reels.

2. Show your Wardrobe

Another post idea that you can easily create at home is a tour of your wardrobe. For this post, you can take various photos of your wardrobe. Some of these might show a general view and some can showcase certain parts, where there is enough visual interest. Then, you can post all of these pictures as an Instagram carousel post. If you want to make an extra effort, you can also do an Instagram live, where you show your wardrobe in real-time. 

3. A Selfie Under the Blanket

A selfie is always a great idea to gain Instagram likes as users are attracted to this type of post. In your home, however, you have more limited options when it comes to selfies. One of the most visually interesting ideas for a selfie at home is one taken from under the blanket. For this post, make sure that you have a natural look as you are going to show how you are in the morning when you wake up. 

4. The View from your Window

During this period, you might not be able to go outside, but you can still keep dreaming. By creating a post that shows the view from your window, you can share this feeling of longing with your followers. To make this post more impactful, you have to write long captions in which you explain what you are feeling and how you have been doing. When your post is done, get auto likes for Instagram for it to bring it to more users.

5. Your Morning or Night Routine

This type of post has been very popular on social media for quite some time. Nevertheless, every new post of a morning or night beauty routine manages to gain Instagram likes. This particular post can only be in video format as you can’t show your routine in just photos. Yet, you can still post separate photos of your favorite beauty and skincare products. No matter what you choose to post though, you will benefit from auto likes for Instagram that will boost your post’s engagement.

6. A Mirror Selfie

The second selfie idea that you can create at home is the classic mirror selfie. This is an extremely popular type of post that it even has its own hashtag, which is #mirrorselfie. If you have a big mirror, you can take a full-body snapshot. However, if you want to post a more artistic selfie, you can use a smaller mirror and show just a part of your face or body. Auto likes for Instagram are crucial to the success of this kind of post as it is very competitive. 

7. What you Eat or Drink Every Day

One of the most popular niches on Instagram is that of food. Therefore, you can advantage of this and start creating posts that show your daily meals and drinks. For example, you can post a picture of your cup of coffee in the morning, your lunch at noon, your tea or cocktail at night. For these posts, remember to decorate the space that you place your plate or cup so that the result is very artistic. 

8. Throwback Photos

There is no denying that one of the most popular hashtag challenges on Instagram is the #tbt or #throwbackthursday. Especially now that the world is closed inside, users are going to get emotional if your post pictures from before the pandemic. For this post, you can show your love to the people you miss and give a shoutout to them. Of course, this post requires a long caption, where you explain when the picture was taken and what you miss from this time.  

9. The Outfit of the Day

One more interesting post idea is to create an outfit of the day. Even though you don’t go out much, users will want to see what outfits you choose for your lockdown days. For this reason, make sure that you pick cute, yet comfortable outfits that your followers can also adopt. This is a very popular type of post that will benefit a lot from auto likes for Instagram. 

10. Photos or Videos of your Pets

Lastly, if you own a pet, you will never run out of new content. Users love to see photos and videos with pets and for this reason, these posts gain Instagram likes. Now that you spend a lot of time at home, you will be able to capture many fun photos that your followers will love.

All of these post ideas can easily be created at home, without much effort. Choose the ones that fit your account the most start gaining attention with auto likes for Instagram.

Build Your E-Commerce Customer Base With Instagram Likes

You would be surprised by the power of Instagram, as it is one of the top social media platforms on the World Wide Web. Even if you are not an Instagram member, the process is guaranteed to be simple, with quick results. Of course, the first step is to open an Instagram account, this process should not take any longer than 10 minutes top. Once your Instagram account is established, it will be time to start building your customer base. There are several ways to go about this process, but first, you need to learn how Instagram can transform your customer base from a few to hundreds within days.

Build Your E Commerce Customer Base With Instagram Likes

Gain More Notoriety 

If you know anything about social media, notoriety is everything. This basically means, without some level of fame, your Instagram account will sit stagnantly. How is it possible to gain some notoriety within a few short days on Instagram? Well, you start by engaging with other members. To do this, you will need to be very creative and patient. 

When it comes to Instagram member engagements, you must be able to attract attention. You can do this through engaging posts, such as images, videos, and texts. Instagram members are always on the lookout for new content. If you can supply them with this content, you will build your customer base in no time flat. 

Your main goal is to get as many likes as possible. The more likes you have, the more notorious your e-commerce store will become.

Gain More Online Visibility

Online visibility is everything for e-commerce stores. Since your store operates virtually, it must attract new customers virtually. Every step of your business operation takes place on the World Wide Web, which is where Instagram likes to come into play. 

Instead of taking the hard road, you can buy Instagram likes from a reliable source. There are some risks involved in this process. One risk is gaining a boatload of likes from dead Instagram accounts. Some online vendors do not think twice about peddling their fake Instagram likes to the public. 

If you play your cards right, you will gain hundreds, if not thousands of organic likes within a few days. Now, no one is going to guarantee 100 percent success when going this route. But, with the right Instagram like source, you will gain online visibility for your e-commerce in no time flat.

Builds An Honest Online Reputation

One thing consumers look for in an e-commerce store is honesty. This reputation will definitely work toward building your online customer base. Consumers believe e-commerce Instagram accounts with a lot of likes are more honest than those with no or only a few likes. 

You would be surprised by how many customers your e-commerce store will gain with a few thousand likes. This is where a lot of business owners go wrong when building an online customer base. They forget the power of Instagram likes, especially organic likes.


With Instagram likes, you can turn a failing e-commerce business into a thriving online store. Believe it or not, a few thousand Instagram likes will go a long way in offering all the aforementioned benefits.

Gaining World Wide Web Attention With Instagram Followers

Are you a dreamer, someone who dreams of being big one day? If so, you are not alone. Many young people set around thinking about their futures. Either they are fully satisfied or dissatisfied with their current situation. No one has the “perfect life,” no matter how many times they say it aloud. But, those who are close to having a perfect life, oftentimes find themselves wanting more, much more. 

Gaining World Wide Web Attention With Instagram Followers

Gaining World Wide Web Popularity

Nearly every aspect of living and surviving has made its way to the World Wide Web. No matter how many times you tell yourself, living is much more than just surviving. There is a whole new world out there for you to explore. Regardless of your economic status, you have access to the world through the World Wide Web. Why do you think Sir Tim Berners-Lee deemed his virtual creation “World Wide Web.” The main reason is that it stretches from one side of the world to the other side of the world and everywhere in between.

With Instagram at your disposal, you have access to every country, city, state, territory, municipality, town, province, and county in the world. When you break this down, it says every Internet user has instant access to anywhere and everywhere, even the remotest areas on Earth. 

Engage With The Rich And Famous

What do you dream about? Are you like most young people who want to be a member of the elite society? Or, do you just want to be noticed? Whatever the case may be, it will not be possible without social media. Fortunately, you can build your Instagram following with little to no effort. Once you buy 1000 Instagram followers, you can say this is my starting point.

Now, no one is going to guarantee World Wide Web notoriety will happen overnight. In fact, no one in the elite class can make these claims without looking like an idiot. Online notoriety takes months, even years of patience, hard work, and dedication. 

What Does It Take To Gain WWW Notoriety?

Once you decide where you want to be in your life, you will need to figure out what it will take to reach that point. One of the biggest benefits of Instagram, besides access to the remotest parts of the world, is its simplicity. What exactly does this mean? It means, there are little to no requirements to reach online notoriety.

The best way to start building your online presence is through Instagram. Start building your following by posting personal images and content, sharing them with other Instagram members. 

You would be surprised by how social media users are drawn to interesting content. If you take the right approach, other Instagram users will be drawn to you like a magnet. This is exactly what you need to entice them to click on your “follow me” feature.


Being a dream is not all that bad. In fact, it may be the encouragement you need to start taking action. Your life will not change unless you want it to. 

How to Drive More Sales with Instagram in 2021

If you want to make money online by selling products, Instagram is the network you should be on. These can be physical products, digital products, or even consulting services. 

How To Drive More Sales With Instagram

Anything can be sold on this network as there are over 1 billion users here with varied interests. The average order value on Instagram are $103 and $65 for paid and unpaid methods respectively. That’s more than some of the top networks. People here like to buy stuff. 

Therefore, to help you formulate a strategy to sell on Instagram in 2021, I have shared my top tips below…

Create a profile focused on selling

Your profile needs to be set up in a way that helps you reach your goals. If you want to grow your Instagram account, you should focus on setting it up in such a way as to get followers. While if you want to boost your brand, you need to focus on generating impressions and engagement. 

And if you want to generate sales, you need to focus on promoting products and driving traffic. You can generate sales from your profile by doing three things. 

  1. By writing a bio that’s all about your products and having a call to action that asks people to check out your store. 
  2. Adding a URL to your bio that leads directly to the landing page of the product or to your store home page. 
  3. Creating product catalogs with stories and placing them as highlights right on your profile. 

If you are using your Instagram account to sell products like consulting services or other high ticket services, share URLs that send people to a landing page where they can sign up for a case study or another lead magnet. As people won’t buy expensive products immediately. You need to build an email list first. 

Use more stories

In-feed posts should be an essential part of your Instagram marketing strategy. But if you want to stand out and generate more attention, you should create more Instagram stories. This is because fewer people create stories. Most people create in-feed posts. There’s too much competition in the feed. It can be hard to get your message across. One way to beat the crowd is by creating stories. Fewer people create them, but everyone likes interacting with them as they have the FOMO factor. 

Another tactic you might want to try out is Reels. They’re a new feature that Instagram is using to beat TikTok, so they are promoting these video bits quite aggressively. 

Use paid tactics

Organic tactics work well on Instagram. But remember that in order to grow organically, you need to spend a lot of time. One way to cut short this time is by using paid tactics. Using paid Instagram marketing techniques like ads and influencer marketing you can instantly get your content in front of the right audience and generate quick sales. There’s no need to wait weeks and months to build an audience and then generate sales. 

Therefore, if you don’t want to waste any time to scale results, invest in paid tactics. Most people generate 2.5 to 3X their ad spend. So, you should be able to make back your expenditure soon. 

Use shoppable posts

If you’re using an ecommerce platform, that integrates with Instagram, to run your store, you should take advantage of the shoppable posts feature and tag products in your posts. This will make it easy for your followers to find products. Several reports have shown that they can drive more traffic and sales. 

Run contests

Another tactic that can help you generate sales quickly is contests. In the beginning, you will lose some time and money as you will give away gifts and spend time promoting the contest. But a contest will help you generate a ton of brand impressions and engagement in a short period. You will also build up an email list. The engagement and impressions you build up in the short period will help you drive instant sales and the list of subscribers you generate will become a vital component of your email marketing strategy. 

To ensure more people take part in the contest, make sure you promote it with ads and influencer marketing. This will cost you in the short run, but in the long run, the ROI will be immense. 

Pay attention to the data

When you begin selling on Instagram, your conversion rates will be low. This is normal, don’t get discouraged by it. Things will get better as you begin to understand your audience. So, pay attention to the data to see what types of posts help you generate the most sales. You can gradually tweak your organic and paid marketing methods to generate a better ROI. 

This will take time, but it is worth it. 


This is the step by step process you can use to generate more sales on Instagram. They will work whether you run an ecommerce store or an offline store or a consulting business. 

How to Become a Model on Instagram

In the past, it was really difficult for many people to become famous. Fortunately, this is now possible for everyone to become a popular person on social networks, especially Instagram.

Influencer marketing

In influencer marketing, you have to leverage the popularity of a person who has a massive following to promote your business.

Influencers have gained fame using social media platforms as opposed to celebrities who are famous outside of social networks.

Niche influencers can promote your brand, endorse your company, or co-create content to increase your brand awareness and boost your sales.

Many influencers are also looking for opportunities to sell their social media accounts. Detailed information about influencers shows that Instagram is the best platform for making money from this method.

You can now find influencers in every niche but some industries have more influencers. For example, food, fashion, and travel are really popular among influencers.

Why Instagram?

Instagram can be considered the best platform for influencer marketing. It has over 1 billion active users that 80% of them follow one brand’s account.

Also, Instagram users are mainly youngsters and female users outnumber men on it. Additionally, the engagement rate is really high on the platform and this is great for influencers who want to prove their popularity.

Numerous visual features on Instagram make this platform a good option for brands to showcase their products/services and generate more leads. So influencers can’t find a better network for advertising and making money.

Top models on Instagram

To know the industry of models on Instagram better, it’s good to become familiar with some top models on the platform:

  1. Jelena Noura Hadid: 54.8m followers

Jelena Noura Hadid is a world-leading model that has gained more than 54 million followers on Instagram. She is making around 10 million dollars each year and Instagram is playing a vital role in her popularity.


  1. Isabella Khair Hadid: 32m followers

Isabella Khair Hadid is the sister of the previous model with more than 32 million followers, is also a famous influencer on Instagram. She is also making millions of dollars each year.


  1. Chrissy Teigen: 30.7m followers

Christine Diane Teigen is another famous model on Instagram who has gained more than 30 million followers. She wants to make America great again while she’s making millions of dollars as a model.


  1. Chiara Ferragni: 20.6m followers

Chiara Ferragni was born in Italy and works as a blogger, writer, and fashion designer. Her followers on Instagram are increasing day by day and her annual income is reaching $10 million.


7 useful tips to become a model on Instagram

Wanna start your Instagram modeling career? You might think that you can’t take the first step or you’re not confident enough to continue the job.

Fortunately, there are simple rules that can make this task easier for you. Here are 7 tips to help you to become a model on Instagram.

  1. Define your objectives

Bear in mind that before starting any work, we need to determine what exactly we want to reach.

Of course, you want to become a model to earn money. But you need to define it with more details and preferably with numbers.

First, try to define your style to know what you should do to stand out in that style. Then, you have to determine your plan and the objectives you want to achieve.

  1. Reach out to niche audiences

After defining your objectives, you know who you want to target. Remember that you can’t encourage any social users to follow you.

You have to reach out to people who are most likely a fan. Avoid gaining inorganic followers because after a while you’ll face low engagement rates or even the danger of being banned by Instagram.

  1. Generate high-quality images and videos

Instagram is all about visualization. Appearing good is a must for a model on Instagram so you have to use high-resolution media more than other users.

Try to make the most out of IGTV and Live videos because they’re really popular among Instagram users.

Also, you might need A/B testing on Instagram to know if your images/videos are of interest to your users.

  1. Collaborate with your community

You need to collaborate with influencers who are more famous than you. Try to notice their engagement rates when choosing them because the number of followers can’t be enough.

Interacting with these influencers will help you reach their audiences and gradually gain fame in their community.‎

  1. Schedule your posts

You need to reach maximum exposure if you want to become popular on Instagram. So try to post your content at peak times when most of your followers are online.

Also, you need to engage with your followers immediately after posting. Because this makes them believe that you’re ready for them and they are part of your brand’s story.

  1. Cross-promote with other platforms

Although Instagram is really popular, you can’t solely rely on it to become a famous model. You have to leverage the power of other platforms and direct their users to your Instagram page.

Try to share your Instagram post on as many platforms as possible. YouTube, for example, is best to share your videos. TikTok is also a fast-growing platform that you have to take into account.

  1. Analyze your performance

Remember that every plan needs to be revised from time to time. A social media campaign should also be analyzed and revised to make sure you’re performing well.

Try to use social media analytics tools to know your best and worst-performing content. You have to remove your weaknesses and try to focus on your strengths.


Becoming an Instagram model is a hard and time-sucking task and you have to outdo many competitors. You have to take advantage of all features on Instagram such as Live, IGTV, filters, feed themes, etc. to get the best result. So don’t hurry and avoid any black-hat techniques like buying followers. 

Elevate Your Sales Using Instagram in 2020

Social media analysis has become an integral part of intercepting the choices of consumers. The increase in competition is tremendous, and you can only positively incline your sales if you market your product with effective brilliance. 

Elevate Your Sales Using Instagram In

Digital marketing has become the fastest growing platform in recent times.

It is a well-known fact that Instagram is a fairly successful and influential platform that has a huge ever-growing audience base.

So today we will talk about how to boost your sales using Instagram. It doesn’t matter if you have any kind of shop or service, you can always find your audience on Instagram.

What is important for your sales?

First of all, people have to know about your product. More customers more sales! In simple words, if you think that your product can do better if it reaches a suitable audience because it is well worthy of all your hard work and marketing initiatives, you have to use special tools or with the help of an Instagram agency.

We will talk about tools later, but for now, you have to remember about simple things that will help you to sell.

When you use social media to promote your product always remember to:

  • Use the relevant hashtag in your posts
  • Engage with your followers
  • Post at an appropriate time
  • Use personal data to make super target ads 

And with the last point  PRO EXPORT NINJA can help you.

Elevate Your Sales Using Instagram

Pro-Export Ninja is a distinctive tool that helps you to aim at an audience better suited for your Sales Growth. Allowing you to access various Instagram handles, this tool enables you to filter out phone numbers, emails, and other data like profile bio and social media engagements of your expected audience. It can extract such info:

  • Profiles
  • Username
  • Full Name
  • Bio
  • Followers
  • Following
  • Number Of Posts
  • Number Of IGTV
  • Private Account Or Not
  • Approved Account
  • Public Email
  • Profile Type
  • Communication Method

You may have your suspicions regarding if the use of data scraper is legal or not. So, you must know that the information provided to you is simply available for anybody to access. 

As it is highly impractical to extract data manually from social sites, Because it is highly impractical to manually extract data from social sites, the tool is designed to make it easy for you to access data in thousands. Hence, be assured that this whole process is completely legal and risk-free.

How can you use all this info?

Establishing databases on Google and Facebook Business Manager.

Establishing data lists of similar audiences.

But this is not all. With this tool, you can extract all Influencers from any area in the world, gather their info and contact them for cooperation or ads. 

It’s a very cool and uncommon way to promote your shop or services. 

All the info you get in csv. file or Google Sheet. So you can easily export them into a Facebook manager or Google for ads.

Using the tool for sales 

The tool is extremely easy to use and feasible. The user interface is exceedingly friendly and interactive. Sparing a few minutes, you can learn the basics of the tool and how to export data to your preferred spreadsheet. 

The site draws out data within a few seconds and allows you to easily transport it. Even large-scale searches need only a few minutes to proceed. The data now can be analyzed by you at your convenience and categorized into various charts and graphs pertaining to your needs. 

As previously mentioned, you can also transport this data to Google, Facebook, and other online advertising platforms to see exceptional results in your sales. 

You can proceed with your payment by using a credit or a debit card and also use your PayPal account. No subscriptions are needed. You can always choose a plan that best suits your requirements, and switch among other packages when necessary. 

Final verdict

These were some of the best strategies and techniques to boost your sales in no time. Be it manual or automation, but following these steps can turn the tables for you. So get going and reach your customers before anyone else!

8 Tools That Will Help You Boost Your Instagram Account

Instagram is not only a popular social media site, but it’s also one of the top-visited sites around the globe. The social media network is known for being the place to go for photos, short videos, and of course hashtags.

Using Instagram can help increase sales, drive traffic to your website, or simply increase brand awareness. But managing Instagram on a daily basis can be. Thankfully there are a variety of tools that you can use to meet all of your Instagram business goals.

Here are 8 tools that will optimize your Instagram success.

Tools That Will Help You Boost Your Instagram Account

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media tools. It offers a free and paid version and is designed to boost engagement between brands and their target audience.

Using Hootsuite, you can see various aspects of each social media network that you use. With the tool, you can view your entire social presence from a single dashboard. This means you can see Instagram, Facebook, and other profiles without having to log in to each of them on their native websites.

The tool offers app integration, scheduled posts, analytics, and much more.

2. Magic Social

Magic Social is a tool that’s 100% designed for Instagram. To use the tool, simply set up an account and then answer a few quick questions. After that, the tool does the rest.

While the tool isn’t free, it’s well worth its weight in gold, and the return on investment pays for itself over time. The tool is designed to help you get Instagram followers without the use of fake accounts. Instead, the tool hones in on location data and using the best hashtags.

Magic Social allows your profile to be connected with real quality users that are likely to be interested in what your business is offering.

3. Woobox

Instagram is more than showing off photos and marketing your brand. To get the most out of this social media network, you need to focus on engaging your target audience. Woobox provides all of the features you need to deliver engaging content.

Using Woobox you can run contests, post quizzes, and allow your audience to interact with polls. You can even post content that’s targeted towards a certain age group. This ensures that you interact with your audience as much as possible.

4. Boomerang

Using Boomerang, you can create mini-videos. The tool compiles a burst of 10 snapshots and turns them into a video. The end result of a video that looks like a GIF.

If you like getting creative and want to post unique content on your Instagram profile, Boomerang can help you do just that.

5. Social Captain

If you’re having a hard time generating real followers, likes, and comments, Social Captain is the tool for you. This tool offers targeted marketing that is backed by artificial intelligence. Say goodbye to manually growing your followers and instead enjoy automated techniques that produce optimal results.

With Social Captain, you can create a dashboard with certain user demographics, post age, and other details.

6. Combin

Combin is another tool that’s specifically designed for Instagram. It offers a free version where you can play around with all of the major features that are available. You get much more with the paid version, especially if engagement is at the top of your to-do list.

Using Combin you can:

  • Target specific users
  • Research what your target audience finds most engaging
  • Keep an eye on competitors

The tool also enables you to see comments across multiple accounts, which makes it much easier to interact with your followers. Aside from engagement Combin offers statistics, metrics, and other must-have features.

7. Iconosquare

Not only do you need to focus on your Instagram performance, but you also need to keep a close eye on your competition. Iconosquare allows you to do just that. Using this tool you can see how your business stacks up to competitors.

Iconosquare also allows you to schedule content to be posted on a set date and time. With the monitoring feature, you can track and monitor hashtags so that you can see what people are saying about your brand.

8. Boost

If you run an e-commerce business, Boost is an app you want to use. The tool allows followers to quickly and easily buy products through Instagram comments. All you have to do is create a unique hashtag for each product that you’re selling.

With Boost, your Instagram profile becomes an extension of your online store. It’s free to use for buyers and the tool offers a simplistic UX for making a purchase.


With the right tools at your disposal, you can turn your Instagram profile into much more than a social network page. Consider using these tools so that you can increase your business’s reach, increase visibility, and better engage with followers.

Why is Instagram Becoming the Most Relevant Social Media Platform?

More and more people are starting to realize the vital role Instagram plays when building a brand today. In fact, it is not surprising that all these users care so much about getting as much reach in the platform as possible. Except for Youtube, Instagram created more famous people than any other platform. It’s massive; it’s the hottest social network in terms of scale and impact. 

Why Is Instagram Becoming Most Relevant Social Media Platform

Some would say today that it is getting harder to get noticed now that it is crowded. However, there are several strategies you can use to increase your brand awareness such as hashtags, collaborations, ads, and tagging that expert artists, photographers, and designers can enjoy. Many have wondered when is the best time to post on Instagram. It pays to do a little research.

How To Create A Successful Instagram Page

Even if you reach millions, only a tiny fraction of people you reach out to will respond. That’s all you need. Every successful contact will increase your visibility. When doing it enough times, the effect will snowball and, before you know it, you’ll be the brand that people and businesses start reaching out to!

Become an engaged user

As a social media platform, its purpose is connecting people. When you start building your brand on Instagram, you start with a small following and almost no content.

What makes you skyrocket is when your Instagram is becoming an active user. That means following people and brands that post similar content and interact with their posts and images.

Especially in a platform as crowded as Instagram, everybody tries to get famous by focusing on themselves, updating the coolest pictures, and promoting their brand. However, visitors love it when they are listened to. It makes them more loyal to your personal brand, they understand you better, and they share with people they hang around with.

This is why top influencers spend hours every day reading and responding to messages their followers leave.

Post Creative Content

What is the reasons people follow other people’s brands on Instagram? There are a few reasons. They want to be entertained. Maybe your stories and photos are very valuable for them. Maybe they only follow you so you follow them back.

Even though having hundreds of thousands of followers is a great headstart, it is not the factor that makes you expand—engagement does. The moment someone follows you, they will start seeing content in their news feed. When people use this section, they are using the emotional part of their brain to select what is relevant, interesting, funny, or worth watching.

By being creative and different, you catch people’s attention and make them curious about your profile. On top of that, you can learn to identify what keeps people engaged and your brand could scale to the moon.

Minor Tips

You may be valuable and different from anyone else, but if no one can see you it is worthless! When you are an Instagram beginner, it is common to expect hundreds of people interacting. A lot of times poor engagement has a lot to do with the posting time.

Don’t expect to have hundreds of comments if you post at 4 AM!  When you program your content strategically, you can reach way more people than usual.

The second factor to care about is the usage of hashtags to promote your content. Every time you label people or topics related to your picture, it is more likely to get viral. This is the power of deciding what type of audience is most appropriate for your content. The more likely it is for them to be of interest, the more successful your post will become.

When influencers use all these techniques they have mastered,  they could easily reach thousands of people with every post in a few hours, even if they lost their brand, followers, or content.

How do the best influencers in the world use Instagram?

Finally, Instagram experts like creating stories, events, contests, and surveys to interact with their fans. They can also use the same following to retarget to another social platform or their own website.

Instagram is a long-term game. It is so beneficial for the brand that not doing it is a very high opportunity cost. However, there are options like hiring social media agencies to save time with it.

How to Promote Your Instagram Content

When you want to get your business or blog out there, you need to market it to grow a strong following of customers who can relate to your brand, and eventually get paid. Instagram is a great marketing platform. With over 300 million monthly users, it creates an ideal space to interact and earn potential customers who keep coming back to your blog.
Instagram allows you to post and share photos and videos of anything you want. You may have heard that a picture speaks a thousand words. So, if you post an exclusive picture of your blog or a video of a product, chances are you could get a lot of followers within a short period.

How To Promote Your Instagram Blog

To help you achieve, the experts from dissertation formatting service have rounded up five proven tips to help you promote your blog on Instagram.

Post high-quality and compelling content

Before you even decide to post photos and share videos on Instagram, here is a great tip! Think high quality and relevant content. If you want to market your blog with content on a specific niche, ensure you create a list of the posts you can create in that niche.

Also, make sure the content you want to share with your readers is high quality. This means adding awesome pictures, adding cool filters to your photos and make sure your photos match the text.

Generate traffic from the right audience

It goes without saying that traffic is an important factor that determines the success or failure of a blog. To generate considerable traffic, you need a visible and clickable blog URL on your Instagram bio. So, every time you share a photo or video to promote your blog post, ensure you comment to alert your audience and direct them to click the link on your bio. Make it short and precise to capture their interest to visit your blog. If you have a trouble with wrting your own content, contact Thesis Rush experts for writing assistance.

Link your Instagram with other Social Media Networks

Connect your Instagram page with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networking sites. This will help promote your Instagram posts on other networks. Post links to your feed on these social networks to promote your blog and build a strong following.

Create excitement among your followers

The unique feature about social media is that it’s easier to create a buzz about anything. So, why don’t you take the chance to photo on the status of your blog and use it to promote your content to attract the interest of many users? Use this opportunity to showcase your personality.

Track your progress for success

It is important to know the progress you’re making with your promotion strategy on Instagram. So, it is important to track your growth. There are plenty of tools online to help you measure your success. Do your research and know the right time to add a post, a photo, use hashtags and track the performance of your post to help you grow.


Instagram continues to gain popularity and your blog can be part of this success. These tips will help you dominate the social scene and gain a huge audience on Instagram. Take action and start incorporating them into your marketing strategy.

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