How to Promote Your Instagram Content

When you want to get your business or blog out there, you need to market it to grow a strong following of customers who can relate to your brand, and eventually get paid. Instagram is a great marketing platform. With over 300 million monthly users, it creates an ideal space to interact and earn potential customers who keep coming back to your blog.
Instagram allows you to post and share photos and videos of anything you want. You may have heard that a picture speaks a thousand words. So, if you post an exclusive picture of your blog or a video of a product, chances are you could get a lot of followers within a short period.

How To Promote Your Instagram Blog

To help you achieve, the experts from dissertation formatting service have rounded up five proven tips to help you promote your blog on Instagram.

Post high-quality and compelling content

Before you even decide to post photos and share videos on Instagram, here is a great tip! Think high quality and relevant content. If you want to market your blog with content on a specific niche, ensure you create a list of the posts you can create in that niche.

Also, make sure the content you want to share with your readers is high quality. This means adding awesome pictures, adding cool filters to your photos and make sure your photos match the text.

Generate traffic from the right audience

It goes without saying that traffic is an important factor that determines the success or failure of a blog. To generate considerable traffic, you need a visible and clickable blog URL on your Instagram bio. So, every time you share a photo or video to promote your blog post, ensure you comment to alert your audience and direct them to click the link on your bio. Make it short and precise to capture their interest to visit your blog. If you have a trouble with wrting your own content, contact Thesis Rush experts for writing assistance.

Link your Instagram with other Social Media Networks

Connect your Instagram page with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networking sites. This will help promote your Instagram posts on other networks. Post links to your feed on these social networks to promote your blog and build a strong following.

Create excitement among your followers

The unique feature about social media is that it’s easier to create a buzz about anything. So, why don’t you take the chance to photo on the status of your blog and use it to promote your content to attract the interest of many users? Use this opportunity to showcase your personality.

Track your progress for success

It is important to know the progress you’re making with your promotion strategy on Instagram. So, it is important to track your growth. There are plenty of tools online to help you measure your success. Do your research and know the right time to add a post, a photo, use hashtags and track the performance of your post to help you grow.


Instagram continues to gain popularity and your blog can be part of this success. These tips will help you dominate the social scene and gain a huge audience on Instagram. Take action and start incorporating them into your marketing strategy.

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