An easier way to process GoPro 4K videos with full hardware acceleration

GoPro HERO camera will provide you with dazzling video recordings if one is setting the recording goals to 4K. However, what pursues is the immense document size.

Apart from taking excessive space, a huge document will also bring about rough playback and edit, increase in transferring timings, and inability to send video to Whatsapp, Snapchat, Email and another different medium which have strict confinements on record size and length.


To enable you to illuminate transferring, playback, altering, and capacity issues caused by cumbersome 4K video records, next we will disclose how to resize GoPro 4K video without quality misfortune. This is a selective arrangement manage on compacting GoPro 4K recordings on Windows PC and Mac.

Why you should use VideoProc to process GoPro (4K) videos?

VideoProc is a new 4K video processing tool released by Digiarty Software, which is a long-standing brand in DVD/video software industry since 2006. VideoProc offers one multiple ways to resize GoPro iPhone 4K videos on PC as well as Mac.

  1. You can Reduce GoPro iPhone 4K video length by cutting, trimming, splitting.
  2. You can reduce the file sizes by at least 50% by converting GoPro 4K video codec from H.264 to HEVC

  3. It also allows you to compress video files by adjusting resolution (e.g. 4K to 1080p), bit rate, frame rate, GOP etc.

Few additional features you can see in VideoProc for the GoPro videos include – crop, deshake, denoise, adjust fisheye, add effect, merge split files, rotate, flip, slow down (10x) and speed up (16x) footages, fix choppy videos and fix GoPro out-of-sync video audio etc.

Main features and the “How to” Tutorial:

Below is the tutorial of the VideoProc tool that helps end users in the easy utilization of VideoProc.

The initial screen of VideoProc shows 4 options

Option 1: Video Processing

Option 2: DVD Conversion and Backup

Option 3: Downloader for Videos and

Option 4: Video Recorder

In each option, we can see the Hardware acceleration that is used to guarantee the video processing speed. A test is provided that VideoProc with GUP hardware acceleration is 47X real-time faster.

VideoProc With GUP Hardware Acceleration

Option 1: Video Processing

On VideoProc, the most outstanding feature is the 4K video processing. For some large videos, especially the 4K videos recorded by GoPro, iPhone, DJI, and other sports camera, the video sharing and editing is always a headache. So a video processing tool that offers a fast speed and easy to use is necessary.

Using this option at VideoProc, you can drag the GoPro 4K file you want to process or using + button to load the video.

VideoProc Video Processing

Once that is done, choose the target format from the options listed at the bottom of the screen. There is a list of target formats available that are displayed as seen at the bottom of the screen.

Choose one of them and click on “Run” to start 4K video compressing at VideoProc.

Before the GoPro 4K video processing, you can first get a full license in VideoProc Giveaway.

VideoProc Video Processing 2

More, once the 4K video is uploaded you can do some basic editing on 4K videos. And in the uploaded videos, you can also see some frequently used options like Effect, Watermark, Cut, Crop, Rotate, and subtitle. All the options are available in the “Toolbox” that enables your to Deshake, merge, trim, split, GIF, Snapshot 4K video and more.

Effect: This option lets one see both the original and effect applied video parallel.

There are multiple options available with effects like – black and white, noise, mirror, lens correction etc. One could select the option and meanwhile adjust the brightness, contrast, hue etc. options available on the right side.

Subtitle: Click on the subtitle tab to include subtitles for the video chosen. You could add a subtitle using the subtitle flag or look for one using “search subtitle” option.

Cut: The cut options allow you to cut a selected part of the 4K video from the whole file. Use the arrow button to adjust the start and end position of the video and click the Cut button to proceed

Crop: Crop could be used to crop and highlight a particular portion/area of the video. The option wouldn’t be enabled by default. If one wants to crop video, click the “Enable Crop” option.

You can enter the coordinates in the text box or once the option enables you could see a rectangular box available for a crop on the video, you can move around the box freely to choose the part we want to have in the cropped video.

Watermark: The tab allows you to add a watermark for your business or personal use to prevent others from using without credits. Click on “Enable Watermark” to start adding a watermark to your video

3 options: The watermark could be a text or an image or timing

Click on the “Text” option to enter the text you want to add in the watermark. The arrow symbol near the text field provides different font types, color options, and size choices. Select the suitable text and click Done to add the changes made. The transparency could be adjusted using the “Transparency” bar

However if the requirement is such that you want to add an image, Enable the “image” checkbox and using “Add Image” button choose the file locally.

If you want to just add the timing alone throughout the video, enable the “Timecode” checkbox and can choose the format in which you want to display it- Only Time, Time and DDYYMM etc. and choose font styles.

VideoProc Target Formats

Target Formats:

As seen the bottom of the screen at VideoProc, the target formats are available for various options. There are different video formats such as mp4, avi, wmv, mov etc. And music (audio) formats such as mp3, m4a, wav, ac3, aac etc. Also, there are formats for different types of devices (iPhone, Android, PS4, Xbox, Mi, Oppo, Vivo etc). Based on your requirement you can choose the destined format.

Option 2: DVD conversion and Backup

VideoProc DVD Conversion And Backup

DVD ripping is always necessary for our family. VideoProc also integrated with DVD conversion and backup. With only three steps, you can rip your DVD into any digital video file for playback. Some DVD ripper in the market claimed to support Hardware acceleration, but only Digiarty (VideoProc and WinX DVD Ripper) fully utilize our GUP hardware acceleration in DVD conversion progress. For the DVD to MP4 ripping, it only takes 5 minutes.

Option 3: Downloader

VideoProc Downloader

If you ever come across interesting YouTube or videos from other sites which you would like to download you can simply use VideoProc to extract the video from the URL. You can download videos, music, playlists, and channels from 1000+ UGC websites. More VideoProc enables you to download Watch Later List after you sign in your YouTube account. The GPU Hardware Acceleration can guarantee the ultra-fast 4K video downloading speed.

Option 4: Recorder

VideoProc GoPro Giveaway

On the top screen of VideoProc, you see three options Screen, Webcam, Screen & Webcam that asks whether you would like to record video from your screen or you would want to record from webcam or both.

GoPro and VideoProc Full License Giveaway

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