ISkysoft iMusic: Download, Transfer And Manage Music

Music drastically changes the way we function. A boring chore can become an energizing task given the right playlist is on. But, where does one find the right stuff? With numerous smartphones and computers in the same household, it can be difficult to manage music.

Nowadays, it is difficult to even find and download music online for free. However, there is one tool, which lets you do all that and a lot more.

iMusic by iSkysoft is an all-round music downloader and manager

It allows you to find your favorite songs, record audio, share it with the people you want to, make playlists and a lot more. It is one shop tool, which aims at solving all your music needs at once.

Find your favorite songs and download them freely

IMusic Find Favourite Songs And Download

It has an in-built music library of its own which covers the most popular singers, artists and songs across all genres from which you can chose and download instantly and start listening to them.

What’s awesome is that you can download songs and even entire playlists from across the Internet for free. Isn’t that great?

iMusic allows you to download music from over 3000 websites

IMusic Download Music From Over 3000 Websites

With this tool iSkysoft connects you to over 3000 music download sites from where you can downloads songs and videos like YouTube, Spotify, Pandora,, Vimeo, DailyMotion and Facebook.

With a click of a button all this stuff gets downloaded into your computer. If you have a MAC, they will directly be saved to your iTunes library. In case of Windows they will be saved as MP3s or any other format you want them in. This way you incur much less hassle.

Record Songs and Playlists On Demand with iSkysoft’s iMusic

IMusic Record Songs & Playlists

You can play all your songs online but as and when you feel the urge to download a song or playlist you can simply just hit record and it will be done. All the relevant tags and IDs your songs require will add automatically.

iTunes Alternative: Transfer seamlessly to apple devices and iTunes

IMusic ITunes Alternative

With this tool you can transfer music, playlists, podcasts and even TV shows between your iPhones, iPad and iPod freely. There are no limitations at all.

You can even transfer music between android phones and iTunes

IMusic Transfer Songs Android And ITunes

Moving music and entertainment formats between android and iTunes can be demanding and irritating. However, with iSkysoft’s iMusic you can totally control this element.

You can easily sync music from iTunes library to Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony, ZTE and all other devices that use android. They all will be connected. You can easily add songs from these devices to your iTunes library.

iMusic provides comprehensive iTunes backup

IMusic ITunes Backup

Moving songs and playlists can be tough while switching from one system to another. However, with iSkysoft’s awesome tool you can just connect your device and transfer the needed songs easily to iTunes libraries.

Fix your iTunes library with iMusic

IMusic ITunes Library

With this all in one music manager, you can update your entire iTunes library. You can clean up dead tracks, fix mislabeled songs and add missing covers automatically. Duplicate tracks will also be deleted.

iMusic comes with a toolbox for central management

IMusic Toolbox

From this toolbox, you can manage all the above-mentioned features. It is a central panel from where you can undertake any action like downloading a song or convert your music to another format. Tools in this toolbox allow you to recover iTunes Library, backup iTunes, fix iTunes Library music tags and covers, remove music DRM protection, transfer music to USB drive to enjoy in car, and even burn selected songs and playlists to CDs.


With a 30-day money back guarantee, I think iMusic is worth trying. Why pay every time you download an iTunes. Pay once, stay updated and download and play your favorite songs for life.

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