Top 5 Ways to Increase your Facebook Page’s Real Likes

Looking for ways to get free real likes on Facebook? Then you are in the right place on the web. Used by over 1 billion users, Facebook is the ideal platform to reach potential customers irrespective of the fact whether you are a blogger, a marketer or an established business or a startup. Getting a sizeable amount of likes on your pages increases the traffic flow to your website, which further boosts the chance of conversion or profit depending on whether you are selling something or using Ads to earn money.

Top Ways To Increase Your Facebook Page’s Real Likes

At this stage, we are skipping the ways that beginners use initially. In this post we will talk about how to increase the Facebook likes on the page which is already all set and running.

Therefore, here we are assuming that you already have a page, have already invited your friends, have added your website URL to your page’s call to action button, and by far have followed or liked some similar great pages. So here are a few steps to further boost your real likes for Facebook Page.

1. Post when the time is RIGHT & ask the users to ‘like and share.’

Analyze your Facebook page’s insights and look for the time of the day when the majority of the users are online. Go to the Insight section of your page followed by the Post section’s ‘When your fans are online’; there you will see the data for every day of the week and the time when the majority of users use Facebook. Use this data to post engaging content – it will increase your chances of reaching more users. And since at that time the majority of users will be accessing Facebook chances of higher engagement will likely increase. Also, ask the users to ‘share & like’ your post – it will expand the probability of new followers & real likes.

However note that the most ideal time to post an update on Facebook is considered to be between noon and 1:00 pm, or around 3:00 pm. Also for better engagement always post on Thursdays and Fridays when the weekend is near & people are more active on Facebook.

2. Giveaways and contests

Giveaways and contests are a great way to improve your Facebook page followers and likes. When you giveaway something for free, page fans will definitely react & if they like what they see, the majority of them will spread the word by sending invites to their friends and family.

Keeping in mind that non–fans will also reach the post, you can benefit by adding something like this to the post – ‘Enter the Giveaway by liking our page”. So make sure that the contest idea or giveaway is great as it will be the main driving force.

3. Instead of a simple post use Images & Memes

It has been seen that images and memes get more organic reach than other posts; note that this is an observation which actually works for many, provided you have chosen the image/meme well. Moreover, these are also the things which get shared a lot with the huge amount of engagement, giving you ample chance to reach new real people.

4. Post valuable content & use keywords people are using to search

In the end, it all comes down to the quality of the content you are posting on your website. It is the thing that will retain your users, and they will only come back if they find the content useful. So, though for engagement you can do a lot of things as already stated, like contests and use of Memes, for actual retaining the readers on your website, content needs to be well written, useful, insightful, well structured and readable. This way you will be able to improve your conversion rate.

In your FB post use the keywords that people are using to search the product etc. that you are selling. It is also one of the many great ways to reach new users.

5. Use FB Advertising with a targeted audience

Whenever you are sharing a post for some special day or some national holiday in the US like Easter or Christmas, it is advised that you use FB’s advertising option. Decide a budget and the number of days you want the promotion to run. Through this method, you will be able to gain genuine likes and comments. And the people who like your post might visit your page and eventually your website through the link given in the ‘call to action’ button of your page.

So, why use

It is true that we can’t help you with the content or the choice of the image or video that you are using for the post (at the time of writing), but we can save you the effort that goes into marketing and promotion (that has been discussed in point 5). We can do this job for you, and unlike FB advertising, we offer lower rates for the same results (real likes that will help your business). Whatever the type of post & the content you are sharing, we will find the right page or group on Facebook for it and with 100% positive results. Using our services will save you money as well as time!

Keep coming back for more! Have a great time ‘social media denizens’!

An ardent reader and a sucker for all things fiction, Bhavna has been working as a web content writer for the past 3 years. She has worked on some topics from social media to Google Ad Words; she loves social media and never passes a chance to write about her new obsession – finding and sharing ‘new ways to increase likes and followers on FB and Instagram.’ Currently working as a guest blogger at, she splits his time between two loves of her life – reading and writing.

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