Alphateca: First Global Crypto Marketplace

Cryptocurrency market has grown rapidly in the past two years and now everyone wants to become a part of it. Despite being relatively new, this financial sector is developing quite fast, and it has already managed to form a completely international community around itself.

With the advancement of this sector and technology around it, the newest trend is a Global Crypto Marketplace, where anyone can buy or sell anything with cryptocurrency all around the world. And the first company to bring this blazing trend is Alphateca with its ICO platform.

A Cryptocurrency using global e-commerce platform

When two biggest trends of e-commerce and cryptocurrency were clubbed, Alphateca was created. Alphateca platform unites these areas and gives any Internet user the opportunity to buy and sell ordinary goods and services with cryptocurrency all over the world.


Alphateca is a global cryptomarket, where any user can act both as a buyer or seller, sell or purchase different services or goods using cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

That means doing the majority of your work online with the help of cryptocurrency. The platform has a huge customer base, which means tens of thousands of people see your items every day – somebody will definitely like it. And eventually, in some time, you are able to find a buyer, be paid on the cryptowallet, and safely buy the goods you need from hundreds of categories located on the cryptomarket.

You do not have to withdraw currency from the whole cryptosystem – you can pay for any product or service right from your cryptowallet.

Benefits of Global Crypto-market Place

Worldwide: The biggest feature is it’s available worldwide. And one from any part of the world can use cryptocurrency in their everyday life using this platform.

All-in-One: A great variety of goods and services are gathered at the Cryptomarket with a user-friendly interface. It contains a huge variety of deals in every niche. So, basically, you get everything under the sun at one place making it super convenient and hassle-free.

Garant service: Aphateca makes sure every deal is authentic and secure. It gives buyers the security of every product.

Hold service: The buyer has an option to put the payment on Hold for a while. This is a fully automatic system, which transfers the buyer’s cryptocurrency to a secure wallet and transfers it to the seller after some time (Hold period). The presence of Hold in the transaction prevents the buyer from cheating on the one hand and confirms his serious intentions for the seller on the other hand.

Fast and cheap transactions: The transactional cost of cryptocurrency is noticeably lower than most of the banks.

Advanced Support: Alphateca provides a great user support. They have a lot of FAQ’s, tutorials, guides, forum, and, most importantly, a direct user support, making it comfortable for people already having a knowledge of cryptocurrency trading and people who are completely new here.

Sell Better: You can hold an auction! And if you know someone who might be interested and have a group of potential buyers you can even hold a Private Auction! So you can use all the credibility from other social media to make money on this platform!

Alphateca ICO

Benefits for the participants of the ICO

ICO participants will receive ATEC tokens that can be used on the Alphateca platform. These tokens can be spent on buying paid services on Alphateca or goods at official Alphateca online store.

At this stage, Alphateca tokens are sold at the lowest price (1 ETH = 7000 ATEC), moreover, there is a special bonus of 25% during the first days of ICO. According to them, they will not change the cost of services in tokens throughout the existence of the project. That’s how they plan to support the value of the ATEC token. In the future, the cost of services of the Alphateca platform in tokens will not change and stay fixed throughout its existence.

Becoming an ICO participants gets you a lot of benefits. You can get mainly three types of benefits by participating in the ICO:

  • an ICO participant can use tokens to buy Alphateca services at minimal costs;
  • an ICO participant can resell tokens at any moment to other users on Alphateca platform;
  • an ICO participant can use tokens to start their own business in the framework of the platform; for example, purchase advertisement spots at a minimal price in the tokens and sell it for a higher price in cryptocurrency.

So, one and all I will summarize here. Alphateca’s tokens are a guarantee of getting the service at the best price during the ICO! Thus, the supporter does not invest in the conditional security, then to hope that it will be released on the exchange and will grow in price. The token exchange is already inside their platform! The cost of services will be systematically increased on the platform for all users, while additionally increasing the cost of the token! And with this, you are getting the ease of trading hassle-free at one place using the cryptocurrency. You can check out their White Paper and Bounty Campaign. Cryptocurrency is the new future!

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