2 Simple Steps To Download Online Videos For Free

When was the last time you downloaded a video online, and enjoyed it offline? Of course those online streaming sites give the best video quality. But when you download the video and view it offline, the quality decreases so does the enthusiastic feeling for watching that video. Now here is a chance for you to bring that HD Quality again.

People mostly worry about two things when they download videos online/offline. They are Video Quality and Grabbing/downloading speed. Now I’m going to review about Video Grabber, which offers both good video quality and grabbing speed.

Video Grabber is one of the best free online video grabbing application which helps you grab videos from YouTube, vimeo, dailymotion, break and other online video sites. It will automatically detect and find the real video file for you, you only need to save video to your PC. So that’s the process: Copy Video URL, Paste URL, Download video, easy as 1, 2, and 3.

Video Sites Supported:

They support almost 1000+ sites including YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Google Video, USTREAM, CollegeHumor.com, and so on.

Below I have mentioned few steps to download YouTube videos, both by online and offline method. You can use this tool to download from 1000+ video sites and you don’t even have to register for downloading.


Online method is pretty simple, just visit Video Grabber and follow these 2 simple steps.

1. Paste the URL of your desired YouTube Video

Go to VideoGrabber.net and paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to download. Then click the button, “Grab it”. The video will be automatically detected and downloaded.

Paste URL - Video Grabber

2. Choose Video Quality

After you click on the “Grab it” button you’ll get the preview thumbnail of the YouTube video you are going to download. Below that you can see the list of Quality options for downloading. Normally if you are going to download a HD video you’ll get many options like HD1080P, HD720P, 480P, 360P, and 240P.

Choose Quality - Video Grabber

I would suggest you to go with HD1080P, since that provides the best YouTube HD Clarity.


If you want to make this process offline you can download Video Download Capture software from Video Grabber. It is as simple as the online method.

Video Download Capture from Video Grabber

Video Grabber Software

After downloading and installing the software, open it and enter the URL of the online streaming video. Select the Streaming Video site like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. After that click the “Add to Download” button and the download process will be started instantly.

Video Download Capture also has the features to record screen and convert video formats.

So do visit Video Grabber and tell us how you feel about the site in the comments below.

HOW TO: Encrypt Your Pendrive Within Few Steps

Your pendrive matters, but what matters the most is the content inside your pendrive. I have a HP V-250 W 32 GB Pen Drive and I want to make it secure, because I have my personal as well as blogging related data inside it. I don’t mind losing the pendrive, but I want the data inside it to be secure. I want to encrypt it and at the same time I don’t want to make it complicated, so I picked idoo USB Encryption software for that, and yes your pendrive deserves it. I didn’t mind about the cost of this software because my data was more important to me.

idoo USB Encryption software helps you to password protect USB drives, Thumb drives, Memory sticks, Pen drives, Jump drives and Flash drives. It is speciallly designed for USB key encryption. It creates encrypted USB areas that is necessary to enter password to access the content inside. Data are encrypted by 256-bit AES encryption. Encrypted USB data are fully autonomous and does not need other special USB disk security software installed on the computer.

Below I have mentioned few steps to encrypt your pendrive using this awesome software.

Note: Before creating encryption area, you should backup your important files on your USB stick to hard drive or any other devices. Because this software will format your USB stick before USB encryption.

You can download the free trial version to see how it works. After installing idoo encryption software kindly follow the steps below.

1. Now insert your pendrive (that you want to password protect) into the USB port of your computer. Choose the drive (here (G:)) and set the size of encryption area to be allocated.

USB Encryption

2. Now click the “install” button for proceeding with the encryption process.

Install - USB Encryption Software

3. After entering your desired password, click on “Yes” button to start creating encyption area to protect USB drive. You can change the password afterwards too.

4. After that click “Ok” button for creating protected area in the USB drive. That’s all for now. You have created.

idoo USB encryption software will divide your USB drive into two areas respectively:

  • 1. Public Area
  • 2. Password Encryption Area

In the public area you can store all your normal files. Whereas in your password encryption area, you can keep all your sensitive and personal data which you want to encrypt. No one can access this area without a password. If you want to learn more, check out their official password protect USB drive guide.

Accessing your USB Protection Area on your Pendrive

To access your USB write protect data you just need to plug-in your USB drive into your computer and run the program “agent.exe” on your USB drive.

Enter Password - USB Encrypt

Now enter the USB password of encryption area to decrypt write protection.

If you want to have more information, you can check this page.

Convert Your Video To 170+ Media Formats

Not every video converter gives you the option to convert your video into 170+ Media formats. Recently I came across this useful software which has that ability, but yes, it comes with a price.

Movavi.com is what we are talking about, it is the ultimate solution for all kinds of video and audio conversion needs that enables you to forget about media format incompatibilities and simply enjoy your video or audio any time, any place, on any device.


Movavi is a comprehensive range of products that can be used in many areas of multimedia, with a strong focus on video and audio conversion (coding/encoding). Additionally, Movavi offers video editing software, CD/DVD recording software and online video applications.

With the help of Movavi video converter you can get support for the bleeding-edge portable devices. It will not work as a typical video converter, you can also perform basic editing tasks: crop, rotate, add watermark, automatically enhance video quality by adjusting the brightness/contrast and using artistic effects, apply professional filters. Split files by size and duration into smaller sized files for smooth playing on mobile devices or for burning to DVD.

Movavi Video Converter gives you support for the leading edge portable devices. The predefined settings allow to convert video and audio for 180+ mobile devices with one click: Apple iPod®, iPad®, iPhone™, Sony PSP™, BlackBerry™, Nokia™, HTC™ etc. Import converted media to iTunes right inside the video file converter. Prepare video for burning to DVD and uploading to the Web. With Movavi Converter, you can not only convert video and audio files but also perform basic editing tasks: crop, rotate, add watermark, automatically enhance video quality by adjusting the brightness/contrast and using artistic effects, apply professional filters. Split files by size and duration into smaller sized files for smooth playing on mobile devices or for burning to DVD.

Convert Videos Online Using Movavi

You have another surprise. Movavi also has a free online video convertor, you can check that out here. You don’t have to install anything and you won’t any interrupting advertisements here.

You can add up to 5 files limited to 10 min each and 100 Mb total size supported formats. You also have the option to merge all videos into one large movie. You can convert it into any popular video format. But don’t forget Movavi Video Converter is the easiest way to convert video, DVD and audio. Movavi Video Suite enables you to convert, rip, edit and capture video, burn DVD.

Overall Movavi is a cool service to try out. Do tell us your views about this software and service in the comments below.

How Infosys Is Contributing To India’s Growth Story?

Infoscions, did we actually realize that Infosys, more commonly referred as IT giant in India, is a prime “Economic backbone of India” and has a veto power to move the government.

Infoscions contribute about 8.36% to the GDP of the country and 8.89% to the total tax kitty of the Indian government however this contribution is considering the cyclic effect of Infoscions spending on real estate needs and respective impact on entire GDP and tax collection as explained below. Infoscions along with their families and friends form a huge and intelligent voting block controlling around 0.55% of the country’s votes. Goes without saying, India’s biggest political elections are won or lost by a shift of 1% of the total votes.

Image Credit : Businessweek

Infoscions have emerged as the new age ‘Influencers,’ playing a dominant role in the social, economic, cultural and political life of the country.

Read along for a systematic, non-exaggerated, and a clear demonstration of how Infoscions (as the Infosys employees are known) are a part of India’s growth story by all means. Also become a part of the conversation on How Infosys is contributing to India’s growth.

Contribution to India’s GDP

Infosys, an enterprise of approx. 122,468 employees, contribute 8.36% to the total GDP of India. This has been scientifically calculated as follows in terms of the real estate sector.

How does the real estate sector contribute to the entire GDP? The holistic view to understand the impact of the money flow on the GDP is to break the economic chain and see the direct and indirect contribution of the employees to the entire GDP. The best practice is to “cut” the economic cycle of the Indian economy and segregate the money contributed by the real estate industry. This can be done in two ways.

Direct contribution to GDP: This is about 5%, if we go by the economics stats. This indicates that out of the total country’s turnover, 5% is the real estate turnover.

Indirect contribution to the GDP: This is where the main catch is. The real estate money goes to multiple outlets and circulates multiple times- for e.g. 

  1. Money being paid to the financial institutions for loan, goes out to add to the financial institution’s contribution to GDP
  2. Money invested in construction, steel, cement, etc. gets further added to the respective industry’s contribution to GDP.
  3. Money being paid out as wages is further spent on consumer goods, which becomes a part of the consumer industry’s contribution to GDP.
  4. Then there is a cyclic multiplier impact of every chain further spending the same thereby giving a multiple 20 times assuming 5% is the contribution of real estate to GDP.

Thereby, if an Infoscion requires 100 sq ft as his commercial space, valued at Rs.4000 per square feet, on an average, in today’s pan Indian market; and another 500 sq ft for his residential requirements valued at Rs.3500 per sq ft on an average on shared basis, then the total contribution of an individual employee to the real estate is Rs.21.5 lacs and together all Infosys employees contribute 26.3K crore directly to real estate.

To estimate the above cyclic effect, if Infosys’ direct contribution to real estate is 26.3K crores, which is 5% of the GDP, then its indirect contribution to the entire GDP considering the above multiplier effect of twenty times can be calculated as 5.26 lacs crores.

The amount is huge and the calculation cannot be challenged. It’s just that we are seeing for the first time a dissected view of the economic cycle, which makes us realize that we are really playing a major role in the growth of our country. This also describes why a slowdown in the IT market had shaken the Indian economy to a great extent.

Though the contribution of IT or real estate individually is not much to the GDP, but their indirect contribution is way higher and that makes Infoscions proud as they are one of the biggest contributors to the Indian GDP. 

Infoscions contribution to the National Vote Bank

Infosys controls 0.55% of the voting rights including its own employees and their relatives. This can influence the entire polling scenario as it goes without saying- India’s biggest political elections are won or lost by a shift of 1% of the total votes.

This is again calculated systematically as follows.

Considering an average employee family size of five and about 20 kith and kin who can be influenced by an Infoscions in terms of their voting decision, 122,468 Infoscions nearly influence 30.6 lac voters which is 0.55% of the total vote bank (56 crores>).

In the year 1998, the voting shift of 0.8% effected a change in the government. Similarly, in the year 2004, a less than one percent of voting shift changed the fate of the Congress that was the party in power.

Infoscions, “Jaago re”- we have a veto power; it’s time to execute in favor of the larger cause.

Direct and Indirect contribution to India’s treasury

The direct and indirect taxes are calculated in the form of income tax, excise, service tax, professional tax, etc. An employee’s aggregate contribution to the India’s tax collection can be worked out by taking a top down approach; considering his contribution to the GDP and reversely work out the tax to GDP ratio which is 13%, in India.

The total employees thereby contribute 68.4K crore to India’s tax money, which is 9% of the total tax money (Rs.7.7 lacs crores) collected from direct and indirect taxes. Do we Infoscions realize that the money, that is being misused at times due to the corruption in the political system, we are the ones sourcing it big time?

The above scenario clearly explains as to how the Infoscions are contributing to the Indian economy and politics of the country. We are the money generators, dear Infoscions! We should ideally stand strong to the cause of the money being inappropriately used by our politicians- because we are providing it- it’s our hard earned money- directly or indirectly. Let our hard earned money not be wasted away to meet the interest of only few in the society!

Infoscions, if you agree and/or disagree that Infosys has a bigger role to India’s growing story- write your views on Facebook – How Infosys is contributing to India’s growth.

This guest article is written by Aditya. He is actually quite shy about writing about himself. Actually he has nothing worthy enough to write; so shy may be an excuse. He blogs at Ityaadi. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

Securing WiFi Connection – Basic Things

The benefits of the Internet are well known and people are now owning more than a single computer connected to the internet in their houses. This allows the entire family to stay online at the same time using laptops and desktops, but there are certain risks involved as well. The WiFi connection has to be secured from the very moment you set it up, otherwise people could hack into it and there are several detrimental effects associated with this situation.

Wifi security tips

1. Analyzing The Problem First

The problem is that when you first purchase the router you will be tempted to rush through the installation process and you could commit several errors. Even if the connection works smoothly for you, in the absence of certain security measures, the WiFi connection will be easy to hack even by people who don’t have an advanced knowledge in this field. It is important to know that securing your connection is a very easy operation if you follow some simple steps and you shouldn’t let the lack of experience have a deterring effect.

An unsecured connection will lead to extra charges and a decrease in speed, so the few minutes spent securing the connections are worthwhile. The first thing that you should do is to change the default name and password, because these are known by those people who would try to break into your WiFi connection. It is the first line of defense and one of the most effective ones for the little effort it requires.

2. Secure your WiFi connection

Modern routers are fitted with their own firewall which should always be activated to increase security and even used in conjunction to the ones available on your computer. These two actions are going to make the hackers’ mission increasingly difficult and it won’t take a lot of effort on your part. If your modem allows the WPA/WEP encryption don’t hesitate to make full use of it and the stronger the encryption you choose, the better secured the WiFi connection will be.

MAC addresses are the physical address of the computer and it pays off to activate the MAC address filter if you are using the same computers to connect to the WiFi. The MAC address is static and it can’t be changed, and as a result the router will only connect to the computers whose MAC addresses match. In this way, nobody else but the home devices will be able to connect to it which greatly increases the safety of the WiFi connection.

3. Other WiFi Connection Security Tips

Beside these rather technical safety measures, there are a few other ways to keep your connection secured and one of these is a smart positioning of the router. By placing it in the middle of the house rather than close to a window, the amount of signal that is lost to the outdoors is considerably less.

This has a two pronged effect, one being a faster connection thanks to the improved WiFi signal and the second is that you greatly reduce signal leakage to the outside.
Just as important and simple to apply is shutting down the network during the time you are not using it, which also translates in less energy consumption. Beside the cheaper bill, this action will give hackers considerably less time to attack your connection, which is pretty much a win-win situation.

This article is written by Loretta F. Austin. She writes also for slow-computer-solutions.org. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

Movie Monkey – Organize Movies Easily Now

Are you a Movie freak? Having tonnes of movies clogging up your hard-drive? Are you tried of opening IMDb to find the rating and description? We have Movie Monkey to the rescue – Dial M for Monkey – that lets you do all these tasks with ease.

Movie Monkey is a super-simple, light-weight movie manager. It automatically identifies and classifies your movies according to the genres, downloads poster image, plot-line IMDb rating etc. Not just that, its lets you do more. Below you can see some of the features.

Identifies Movies Automatically Automagically

Movie Monkey identifies all your movies automagically. You just have to import a folder, sit back and watch the movies getting added magically.

MM - Movies

Classifies Movies according to their Genres

Movie Monkey classifies all your movies according to their genres. You can easily get a view of different genres movies.

MM - Classify

Keeping track of the Movies you’ve watched

One of the chores of managing movies is keeping track of the movies you’ve watched. Movie Monkey does it for you, in style.

MM - Watched

Get Instant IMDB Rating and Description

What kinda Movie buff does not open IMDb before watching a movie? Now, you’ll be of that kind, for it’s all there in Movie Monkey. Movie Monkey automatically – oops, automagically – gets the IMBb plot-line and rating for all the movies.

Monkey Monkey - IMDB

Easily Search by Title, Director, Actor etc

Movie Monkey lets you search the movies by title, director, actor, etc.

MM - Search

Being a movie buff, this software really saves my time. Appreciate the developer(s) for creating this. 🙂 As of now, only Windows version is available, but the developer promised to provide Linux and Mac versions soon.

Exclusive Movie Monkey Preview For HBB Readers

The public access for this awesome software is still a while away, however the guys behind this created an invite code for HBB readers.

Enter the invite code - hellboundbloggers

You can use the invite code hellboundbloggers to get an exclusive preview. So why are you waiting? Go and grab Movie Monkey now! For more updates, you can connect with Movie Monkey on Facebook.

Are you are movie freak, so how was your experience with this awesome movie software? Feel free to share your opinions below.

3 Professional Tools To Design And Edit PDF eBooks

eBook publishing is a great way to earn money online and if you are a good writer or you want to print your experienced work, you can make a good amount of money by designing and publishing an eBook. Here I have collected 3 best tools to create eBooks in PDF format based on my own experience. These tools are easy to use and very helpful for eBook designers as well as a non eBook designer who want to create his eBook himself. You can also try these online tools for doing stuffs with PDF.

#1 – Serif PagePlus X5

Serif PagePlus

It is my favorite software to design PDF eBooks due to incredible design options. Designing and editing an eBook using PagePlus is easiest for me and it allows users to build a high quality and professional looking eBooks. Personally I love PagePlus as I am designing my own personal eBook using it.

Main advantage: Incredible designing options,inbuilt Logo creator and graphic designing tools,convert web page to PDF and more.

Product Homepage

#2 – Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF editor is the lightest and easy application to design and edit an eBook. With Foxit PDF editor we can create PDF page layouts,insert images,resize and position images and can also design graphics. Summarily we can design a professional eBook without any special skill.

Main advantage : Light,easy to use and professional PDF designing

Product Homepage

#3 – Adobe Acrobat Suite

It is the most popular tool and widely used to create PDF and for many other works. After all, this Adobe application does not need any reference as it is a complete desktop publishing software. Personally I have observed that it works awesome but it is a little bit more expensive than others.

Product Homepage

Note: These three tools are efficacious in the purpose of  creation of professional or amateur PDF eBooks and flawlessly used to create professional PDF eBooks.

No one is a perfect geek so don’t forget to share any other PDF designer and editor tool which would be capable to create a professional PDF document.

Retweet & Win WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Worth 45$ [HBB Giveaway]

This is the first HBB Giveaway of 2011 and we would like to offer some useful software to you guys this time. Last time we had iSkysoft SyncPod For Mac Giveaway and I’m glad it helped some Mac users. This time we are giving away 15 License keys for WinX DVD Ripper Platinum worth 45$. Below you can see the software review and contest details.

WinX DB Ripper PlatinumWinX DVD Ripper Platinum is an ultimate DVD ripper software capable of ripping the content of DVDs to a wide range of mainstream video formats, such as AVI, MP4, MPEG, WMV, MOV, FLV, 3GP, etc. Users can also painlessly rip DVD (including encrypted DVD) to iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTouch, Apple TV, Zune, Mobile phone, Sony PSP, Zen, etc.

This DVD ripping software brings you the fastest DVD ripping solution in market thanks to the cutting-edge technology to support Multi-core CPU (maximally 8-core processor), Hyper-threading and the newest CUDA. Moreover, the built in revolutionary backup feature enables you to directly copy DVD to hard drive and USB with original Video, original 5.1 Channel AC3/DTS Dolby Audio within 5 minutes (the processing time also depends on your CPU and DVD driver speed).

Features — WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Overview

#1 – Feature-rich DVD Ripping Software :

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum offers worry-free conversion of DVD to AVI (DivX, Xvid), MP4, MPEG, WMV, 3GP, MOV, FLV, which makes DVD compatible with all popular Windows media players, Apple iPhone (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4), iPad, iPod, Sony PSP, Zune, Mobile phone, etc.

#2 – Bypass all Copy Protections & Region Locks :

It provides breakthrough performance to access all DVD encryption technologies, including DVD CSS, region code, RCE, Sony ArccOS, UOPs, Disney X-project DRM. Besides, it is being continuously updated so as to handle all your DVD backup requirements for any new protected DVDs.

#3 – Backup DVD to PC & USB within 5 Minutes :

It also works as a DVD backup software which allows you to copy DVD video to hard disk and USB as single MPEG-2 file with lossless video quality and 5.1 Channel AC3/DTS Dolby audio. The built in ultra-fast “DVD Stream Copy” method makes everything done within about 5 minutes!

Steps To Enter HBB Giveaway — WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

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Tweet URL

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We will be conducting more Giveaways this year, to get quick updates about Contests and Giveaways, you can subscribe to our RSS Feeds.

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Update : The winners for the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum have been contacted via Email. Hope they got the Key/License from the Sales Team. Cheers & thanks for participation.