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Top 10 Tips For Aspiring Bloggers Who Want To Build A Blog That Makes A Lot Of Money


Are you a new blogger and don’t know where to start?

Are you an aspiring blogger who wants to build a blog that makes a lot of money?

How To Build A Blog That Makes A Lot Of Money?

Build A Blog That Makes A Lot Of Money

Well, building a profitable blog is NOT easy. It takes a lot of time, consistent struggling and more importantly hard work.


5 Profitable Ways To Monetize Your Blog Without Any Banner Ads

If you are looking for proven strategies to build and grow a better blog rapidly, you are in the right place. In this post, we’ll discuss top 10 ideas you can use to grow your online influence and build a money making blog.

Are you curious? Let’s get started.

1. Find Long Tail Keywords Before Writing Blog Posts

One of the most common mistakes majority of the bloggers make while creating content for their blogs is they don’t do keyword research.

Whether you know it or not, finding better keywords is the surefire way to increase your overall search traffic. It’s not about finding ANY keywords but long tail keywords. The below image will tell you the importance of using long tail keywords over short tail keywords. They not only increase your traffic but help you boost your overall conversions.

Long Tail seo

Long tail keywords can help you quickly boost your organic traffic when used properly within your content. Here are few tips to find better long tail keywords.

  • Always focus on finding 4 or 5 words long tail keywords. For instance, you can rank better and faster if you target 5-word long tail keywords such as “how to reduce belly fat”, “how to get a flat stomach” etc. instead of targeting short tail keywords like “reduce belly fat”.
  • Give a try to Long Tail Pro. It’s an expert recommended keyword research tool for finding really great long tail keywords really quickly.
  • Make a list of all the possible keywords you could rank for. Find out if they are covered elsewhere and think about how you can create that stands out and truly helpful for your audience. Supplement that epic content with appropriate long tail keywords.

2. Create Long Form Of Content

Did you know 2,000+ words articles get high rankings most of the times?

The long form of content always beats short articles (regarding both Google rankings and user experience). Not only you can add more value to your readers with your detailed content, but you can establish some authority for yourself.

You don’t ALWAYS have to write long and in-depth content though but make sure to create detailed content for highly competitive keywords for better rankings.

Here are few tips to create useful in-depth content that ranks well in Google.

  • Find out the questions your audience might have. Combine them and create a huge list post.
  • Do a lot of research.
  • Write case studies. They often help you create long form of content and always useful for your audience.

3. Promotion Is Everything

Forget about creating content day-in and day-out. You can’t make your blog successful by creating too much content.

It’s all about increasing your blog’s exposure. Even if you create one great piece of content each month and reach several thousand people, it’s enough for you to make more sales and increase your overall search rankings.

So how to promote your blog’s content to reach a wider audience?

Here are few incredible strategies to get more blog exposure.

  • Find a list of influencers in your niche. Get their email addresses (hint: subscribe to their email newsletter and respond to them whenever they send you an email) and start connecting with them. Email outreach is the most effective way to grow your online network.
  • Frequently link out to other bloggers. Let them know whenever you do so. Everyone likes links!
  • Always use Social Media for quick engagement. RT their stuff, reshare with your Facebook network and share their best posts on Google+.

#4. Build social proof

Social Proof in action

Social proof in action!

Why build social proof, you may ask?

The #1 difference between an authority blog and a blog that lacks sales is the authority. Authority comes from the social proof. How great your numbers (traffic, subscribers or sales) determine your overall conversion rates.

If you want to build a profitable blog from scratch, build social proof. Find out how you can increase your authority as a blogger or marketer. Give others to visit your blog again and again.

Here are some ways to establish authority and build some social proof online.

  • Write guest posts for top blogs. You can showcase them on your blog’s homepage. If people find out you have written for top blogs, they will definitely consider reading your posts or listen to you.
  • Interview experts in your niche. Interviews are the fastest ways to grow your blog’s exposure and authority rapidly.
  • Get testimonials for the products or services you offer. People love testimonials. And they increase your conversions almost instantly.

5. Create A Monetization Plan

Every blog is different. Every monetization plan is different. Every profitable blog needs a monetization plan.

If you don’t have a monetization strategy for your blog, you better create one now. Otherwise, you would be easily confused with what type of strategies to use to make money from your blogs.

If you are struggling to create a strategy, let me help you, follow these below tips.

  • Analyze how others are making money from their blogs? Is it from ads, product reviews or online coaching? Think about how can you repeat the same. If not, find out other ways that can help you make money from your blog’s traffic.
  • Affiliate marketing is the surefire way to make money if done right. Find out all the list of products you could promote to your blog’s audience. Make sure you are promoting the relevant and quality products.
  • Consider offering services. Services such as freelance writing, coding, design, SEO services always attract a lot of people to hire you. Offering services are the fastest to way to make money online.

6. Don’t Sell, But Recommend

Have you ever noticed how Pat Flynn recommends the products he loves?

If you are not aware of Pat, you should check out his income reports once. He shares almost everything and makes over 100,000 dollars every single month just by recommending the products he loves.

Successful online marketers NEVER hard sell products. They recommend.

If you give people enough reasons or benefits about the products you recommend, they will buy from you even if you are not using too many affiliate links.

Build trust with your audience and they will trust you. People only buy from those whom they trust, not from strangers.

7. Build Your Email List From Day 1

If you are new to blogging, here’s the #1 thing I highly recommend you to start doing it from day 1 – Build an email list.

No matter what your niche is, start building an email list.

Offer an incentive and ask your readers to subscribe to your list. Immediately after they sign up, make sure to send welcome emails and broadcast valuable emails that actually help them.

Instead of sending promotional emails to the people who sign up to your email list, by focusing on sending educating emails, you can build trust and increase your sales in the long run.

If you are wondering how to build and grow your email list from day 1, here are few killer tips for you.

  • Offer a freebie like eBook, plugin, tool or anything that creates curiosity among your audience.
  • Use sign up forms at the sidebar, below your post and footer to quickly grow your list.
  • Create dedicated landing pages if you want to boost quickly your list growth.
  • Write for top blogs and include links to your email opt-in landing pages. They convert like anything.

8. Break The Rules

Blog posting frequency is NOT important: You don’t need to post daily to get more traffic from Google. You don’t have to bother about blog posting frequency especially when you are starting out. Consistency is the key to blogging success. Publish contents regularly (weekly once or twice in a month) and you will be fine.

Writing long form of content every single time isn’t required: Yes, it’s true that long form of content always ranks well, but you don’t have to do that every time. If you are a beginner and writing is not your regular job, it kills your passion and curiosity. So don’t kill yourself. Go slow and you will be fine.

You don’t need to have a HUGE list to make money: Most beginners think they need 10,000 email subscribers to make $$$. But in reality, that’s not at all true. I know people with 1000 email subscribers are making thousands of dollars every single month. It’s not about the email list number; it’s all about creating loyal fans who are eager to buy your stuff.

9. Invest Money

It takes money to make money online. Most people struggle to make money blogging because they never invest a penny in anything. Here are three things where you must invest some money to build a profitable blog that makes money.

Invest money on getting a good design: So why do you need a better design for your blog? Not only a professionally looking design can help you increase your search rankings, but they help you quickly build a loyal user base. No one likes to subscribe to a blog that’s messy! You can consider using themes like Genesis, Thesis, Elegant themes, etc. if you are on a budget. They come with an affordable price tag and gives a stunning look to your blog’s design.

Get a reliable hosting: Don’t go for a free hosting no matter what. All they do is selling ads and owning your web space with unwanted stuff. You can never rely upon them, and you can’t trust with their downtime issues. You can check out BH Coupon Codes for updated Bluehost Web Hosting Discounts and Resources.

Have access to the right SEO tools: Long Tail Pro, SEMrush, WordPress SEO by Yoast – all are great SEO tools and help you increase your overall search traffic. I don’t say you should start using every SEO tool under the sun but having access to at least few of the essential tools can help you in the long run.

10. Building a profitable blog takes time

Last but not the least: it takes the time to build a blog that makes a lot of money and sales.

Observe any successful blog that makes huge profits such as Smart Passive Income, Problogger.net, I will teach you to be rich – you will notice they all have decades of experience.

I don’t say it takes a decade or two for you to build a profitable online business, but it takes, at least, a year or two to get your basics right.

If you are focused on long-term results, you will definitely succeed in building a better blog that makes money.

So What Are Your Thoughts?

Building a successful blog is just like building a profitable company. It requires a lot of efforts, time and money. If you don’t quit when you don’t see desired results, you will have more chances of winning at blogging game.


3 Rules You Should Follow Before You Make Money Blogging

Do you have any more tips that a beginner can use to build a successful blog from scratch? If you find these tips useful, don’t forget it shares it on social media. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


This guest post is written by Anil Agarwal who is the CEO of BloggersPassion.com blog where he blogs about blogging, SEO, latest web hosting offers and discounts and Wordpress related topics. You can follow him on Google Plus here.

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    • Mohan Desai

      Good Post Anil, this is really going to helpful to many new bloggers, I have also started using long tail keywords and it’s really worked for me.

      I have increased almost 315% traffic in last 1 Month using Long tail keyword.

      • Anil Agarwal

        Wow, that’s great to hear Mohan.

        Long tail keywords are really good to target for. They are easier to rank for and easily send you more search traffic because of the variety of keyword phrases.

        I also suggest you to try Long Tail Pro and SEMrush if you want to easily find low competitive keywords to boost your search traffic.

    • rahul

      As you have told about using long tail keywords. But using “How to” and anything is not recommended by SEO plugins, It shows stop keywords error, Then what to do ?

      i am very much confused.

      • Anil Agarwal

        You can just remove the word “How to” while searching for long tail keywords.

        Come up with the low competitive keywords and then add “how to” phrase while creating content for your sites with the keywords that you come up with.

        It’s as simple as that. Let me know if you have any questions.

    • Divya

      Very useful article! Thanks for sharing the tips.

    • Kavipriya

      Great points! Thanks for sharing!

    • MC.Naveen

      Nice article 🙂 Found a better idea. For choosing long tail Keywords.

    • Mounish Sai

      Hi Anil,

      Your post is just amazing! And it filled my heart with hope. I will truly follow all the steps.
      Thanks for writing such lovely post.

      • Anil Agarwal

        Hi Mounish,

        Thanks so much for the appreciation.

        Follow all the steps mentioned here and you will start noticing better results. Keep reading all the posts that get published here at HBB. You will learn a lot of quality stuff.

        Keep rocking.

    • Mithilesh kushwaha

      This article very useful and I really happy after read this article and I am beginner so please can you advise how and write any article 1000 +words and how can increase backlinks.

      • Anil Agarwal

        Hi buddy,

        Writing a detailed article with over 1000+ words require time, efforts and reading practice.

        The more you read the quality articles, the more easier it gets for you to write quality stuff.

        I highly recommend you to start reading posts from Neil Patel, Backlinko, Moz team and you will learn how to create detailed content pretty soon.

        All the best!

    • Aksara

      This article gave me a clear vision on how to improve my website! #Noob

      • Anil Agarwal

        Hehe, being a noob is a good thing.

        You can learn a lot more stuff when you are in the beginning. Just make sure to find all the quality stuff and start writing more.

        The more you focus on your audience the more better it is for you to build a profitable blog.

        Keep coming back for more info at HBB.

    • Robin Khokhar

      Hi Anil,
      I things these tips are really good and must be followed. And the use of long tail keywords has always worked for me, it has helped to bring some quicks results with more traffic.
      Thanks for the great share.

      • Anil Agarwal

        Hi Robin,

        Long tail keywords often give you huge traffic in quick time and more importantly sales. If done right, they also boost your ranking signals which increase your overall blog’s authority.

    • Nirmala

      Great post to construct a profitable blog, Anil. Nice to see you on HBB.

      I totally agree with all your viewpoints on building an excellent blog that makes huge money and almost following most of the strategies that you’ve listed here.

      As you said, LTP is a great tool to find out the long tail keywords and yes, we can drive a massive organic traffic with proper keyword research.

      In-depth content always rocks in search engines, and it helps to have killer Alexa ranks as well. Social promotion is a must, and I agree that the social signals are a kind of reputation that would boost our sales.

      Investing money is essential in blogging. Getting a reliable hosting and premium themes would assist us to create a memorable brand name for our blog.

      I have started a new blog on the WordPress niche to try making income with Affiliate marketing. As you suggested, I’ll choose the genuine products/services to promote the relevant products for my beloved audience.

      Thanks for contributing this great piece of content for the HBB readers, keep your good work. Have a good day, every day!

      • Anil Agarwal

        Hi Nirmala,

        Have you started using LTP for long tail keyword research? If yes, I’d love to know the results you are getting from the tool.

        I personally use and like Long Tail Pro very much. It’s an incredible tool for quickly finding great keywords which are less competitive.

        Coming to the point of creating long form of content, it always generates more buzz both in terms of search traffic and social media signals. Thanks so much for leaving a genuine comment and keep rocking.

    • Savithri

      All these years, I have not concentrated in the ‘keywords’ at all. From now onwards let me do that. Affiliate marketing is also new to me. If you have any elaborate lessons, please let me know.

      • Anil Agarwal

        Writing content without doing keyword research is the biggest reason why most bloggers don’t get any search traffic.

        If you are wondering how to do keyword research, I’d advice you to go through some keyword research tools like LongTailPro, SEMrush or Keyword Planner etc. They are easy to use and incredibly effective.

    • Palash

      Hi Anil Agarwal,
      I have read your blog post A-Z. It’s very awesome post for newbie bloggers. Anil recently I have started blogging from my passionate. My blog name is BlogMeHub. But I’m confusing about my blogging profession and writing. So would you check my blog for the better suggestion that will help me to drive blogging proper way.


      • Anil Agarwal

        Hi Palash

        Overall looks a nice design. Two quick things:

        – You need to work on your blog fonts.
        – Should deindex category and tag etc low quality pages

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