5 Basic Things To Remember Before Starting A Blog

Newbie BlogSome Bloggers, like me, before starting blogging don’t consider some things which are really important. When I started blogging I didn’t consider some facts, like taking a bad domain name etc…Some of the things to be considered while blogging:

1. Choose the domain name which suits your Niche

Domain is an integral part of blogging! I chose a domain name on my name (which doesn’t suit any niche). And now it’s hard for foreigners (visitors) to remember my name!! So, you should be very careful in choosing a domain. Choose a domain which has a keyword which suits your niche. There are many domain suggestion tools you can use for free.

2. Choose a Niche

When I stumbled an article and saw that it got many Views I thought of writing articles on that topic (which isn’t my niche). I thought of getting a large response when I stumble them, but I didn’t get even a little response. So, it’s no use for me to post  articles of the wrong niche! and it’s also a big time waste for me.

3. Get A Good Design

Starting a blog and publishing quality content in a bad design may reduce what you deserve (like traffic etc….) Investing on a good design is not as bad as people think. If you can’t invest for a good design then you can search for free Themes/Template and install the best of them.

USEFUL : Choosing A Top Grade Theme For Your Blog

4. Choose the Right Platform

Choosing the right platform is another important thing you’ve to consider before starting a blog. For example, if you choose Blogger and then if it seems that WordPress suits you, it’s difficult to move from blogger to WordPress (moving from blogger to WordPress is possible, but,there are some problems in this, like loosing backlinks etc… And if you want to switch to WordPress without loosing backlinks, Alexa, Page rank etc… you’ve to spend some money for this purpose!  ). So, first check whats suits you, This article will help you: Which Suits You Better? Blogger or WordPress?

8 thoughts on “5 Basic Things To Remember Before Starting A Blog”

  1. Thank God I have followed all the following steps .
    That's why I am being led as a good blogger

  2. I think many new bloggers don't want to spend money, they only want to spend if they earn some from blogging so they usually choose blogger at first place and later try to move on wordpress.

    • Even I don't want to spend money, because I've didn't earn even $1. I'll switch to WordPress when I start earning~!

  3. I guess we have to choose the niche first, only then we can select a domain that suits our niche. (point #2 should be in the first place).

    Nice article, thanks for sharing 🙂


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