5 Insanely Productive Blogging Tools You Should Have

productive blogging-tools‘1,500 years ago, everybody knew that the Earth was the center of the universe. 500 years ago, everybody knew that the Earth was flat. And 15 minutes ago, you knew that humans were alone on this planet. Imagine what you’ll know tomorrow.’

Yes, we are talking about the Men-in-Black.

But, what if I tell you a little secret? A secret that not everybody knew until now, just brought to you exclusive?

How about doing the same KICKASS thing in blogging like MIB?

“WHOAA! Blogging and Kickassness?”

First, let me ask : What is it that makes MIB so freaking awesome? GADGETS! The gadgets are what make us go ROCK & ROLL. The way, Agent J timely takes out his puny remote and flash the ray beam over the folks; people just love to go over and over for that. So, do you have had the right gadgets to be the next ‘MIB of Blogging’?

I recently read in a book that – “Man is judged by the Tools he has”.

Same principle applies to blogging counterpart too! Yes, it does matters. Almost 50% of your Job is done by choosing your right weapon for your job. For example, if you take a scissor for cutting a tree, will it be a sensible choice? Certainly not. But on the other hand, if you take a chainsaw, the same work will be done efficiently. The line we want to draw out here is that resources are what it matters the most. The Men in Blacks are assigned the work to defend the earth; gadgets are what make them the cool guys. Similarly, all of us are just regular writers assigned the work to write, Tools are what makes one best-from-the-rest.

Considering that, we have created a list of some of the most helpful resources over the web to assist you to be the next ‘MIB’ of blogosphere.

Insanely Productive Blogging Tools

1. Windows Live Writer

If you are an intense and determined blogger, then this tool must fall into your kitty. This service has already been online for many years, debuting in 2009. But call it lack of marketing or other glitch, this awesome tool has been unknown for the masses. Even I got to know about this tool, just 4-5 months back. But, the wondrous thing is that since then I haven’t logged in to my WordPress account once for writing any post. You must be looking why it is so. The answer is simple.

It’s your own Notepad with WordPress functionality. You have got options to safe draft on PC or directly publish it onto your website. You can check your word count, and also it has an offline spelling checker which ensures that your post gets enough out of it. On the other hand, you can have a preview of the post on the tool by emulating the website. There are tons and tons of tools and never-ending features which I can’t name it all here.

Overall, it’s the must have tool for every blogger. Especially, if you are in a remote area where Internet connection is scarce.


It’s a no-nonsense thing that Backlinks are one of the major stuff every blogger strives for. Especially, it’s best if you get backlinks from an authority blog. But, as a new blog, getting backlinks might be a nightmare. This is when this tool steps in.

The Ping-O-Matic is an online pinging tool that allows you to ping your blog URL and Feed Link on different search engine and other crawling agents. It also assists you to tell search engines that your blog has been updated with some fresh content. Making Backlinks were never so easy, but with Ping-O-Matic you can just change those words.


What if you toil 3-4 hours writing on a new awesome post only to find out that your content has been stolen? Quite annoying, right? With Copyscape, you can checkout for online Plagiarism: check for duplicate and copied content from your blog on the internet. After figuring out on internet plagiarism,

I have figured out the theorem that:- For any post, the rate of popularity is directly proportional to the rate of plagiarism. Look it from any angle, but it is the truth. Every blogger has a major problem with time. Almost many of us lose to others when it comes to time. So, what to do? While to save time many folks use the golden rule of ‘Copy & Paste’. But do take care, that copying might help you in present.

But not in the future. So if you just want to ensure that your precious work is not in right hands or stolen then it’s the best of anti-plagiarism tool for the best of you.
Though there are many great alternatives to Copyscape and also many of them are free too. But, if you want the best premium one, then Copyscape is the best!


To put it simple, it’s the free version of Copyscape with some advanced tools to keep track record of your blog. You can use to check for per post word count, page power, title, broken links, XML Sitemap and even duplicate content. And the best part is that it’s a Google product; so I don’t need to explain anything about it anymore.


Of all the tools mentioned above, Google Analytics is the most essential above all. To represent in ratio – HUMAN : OXYGEN :: BLOGGER : GOOGLE ANALYTICS.

You might be wondering what’s so special in it that makes it so important and essential. Often monitoring stats via your WordPress account is not enough. But not like that Google analytics helps you to track every single webpage of your blog. It can show you who came to your website, from where he exactly came, his country and everything. You can checkout visitor distribution chart of you blog.
And, the best part of it that it helps one in making some of the great strategies.

Strategies! How?

Take that your blog has many visitors from France, or you have got many Frenchmen as your visitors. Rather than focusing on other subjects more, you can try to focus on writing more on French society. Or otherwise, if you want visitors from UK more, you can try to write posts associated with United Kingdom. Also, as it’s a Google product. You just need a valid Gmail account and a blog you can add up at Google analytics.

Well, by now you have got almost 5 of the most important ‘Gadgets’ to go Rock & Roll in Blogging. So where’s the another 1/2 ?

Let us stick to MIB and gadgets. So well you are a MIB now with all the awesome gadgets in your kitty. But if you don’t know how to use the gadgets, are the gadgets important anymore?

So what’s the important of these essential productive blogging tools if you don’t know how to assemble them and use them?

Therefore, our 1/2 accounts for your smart brain. Though I should have gone for +2 for it, but as it’s compilation of tools, brain doesn’t suits in it. Using the right tool at the right time, optimizing the tools to it’s greatest extent, Sequencing the tools. You have got the brains, just try to spend some time on thoughts and try to figure out your own strategy.

Are you using any other tools other than the above 5? Do let us know in comments.

9 thoughts on “5 Insanely Productive Blogging Tools You Should Have”

  1. Thanks Sayantan Mahato for Sharing this Article. Like this Article but there are no New or Unique Tools If you have some unique tool then share with us.

  2. Love Google Analytics! Not only does it tell me what posts/topics are generating the most traffic, it’s also a great way to find out what keywords are driving topic to the site and I can plan our blog posts around those keywords.

  3. Thank you so much for these fantastic resources. It’s exactly what I need right now because I’m planning to update my blog .Highly organized,easy to follow and understandable, even for a newbie to blogging and writing and terminology, like myself. It’s and encyclopedia of tools for success. Thank you for your work and generosity.

  4. It’s quite right, the success of a blog and blogging as a whole largely depend on the tool used by the blog owners.

    Tools ease the blogging stress and reduce time spent. The tools mentioned are gtreat most especially, the copyscape. The effect of plagiarism and contents scrapping is long term and should be monitored.

    I haven’t used windows live writer. Though having access to fast speed internet on mobile and desktop, it is worth given a trial.

    I used WordPress app on my smart. It makes writing contents on the go easy. I used market keyword eyes among others for keyword research.

  5. Also add to this post tools like Bufferapp etc. which help us in social media automation and ease our blogging experience! 😀

  6. I would also like to add Google Webmaster tools in the list, after all its an important tool from Google which let you know about website errors and suggestions to correct it.


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