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The Pitfall of Overindulging To “Blogging Pitfall Articles”


Blogging PitfallsI understand why some of my fellow bloggers devote their time writing about countless harrowing stories of blogging pitfalls. I know that their goal is simply to remind readers about the things that may hurt their blogging strategies. Of course, these bloggers are not there to scare readers or to prohibit bloggers to continue what they love to do. We all know that they have good intentions as well, like any other bloggers out there on the Web.

However, overindulging with these “pitfall articles” can create and impose fear and hesitation. It may sound a bit immature, but I have heard, known and met young readers and bloggers (who consider these blogs as guidelines and manuals for their blogging careers) who admitted that reading these types of blog articles has changed their blogging lifestyle for the worse. Instead of improving from what they have learned from these blogs, they ended up boxed, limited and suppressed as bloggers, perhaps because of the rules and reminders these articles imply. Reading tons of Blogging pitfalls articles such as “Blogging Do not’s”, “Things to Avoid in Blogging”, and “Or 100 No-Nos in Blogging” can affect the reader’s attitude and behavior toward his craft, especially those who are still young to balance the things they read from Web and the things they experience in the reality.

On my blog, I keep on receiving e-mailed comments regarding these pitfalls. One reader just recently asked me about a certain blog that writes about the dangers of link building in social networking sites. This high school boy told me that as a result of confusion, he just dropped his linkbuilding on his Facebook account to focus more on blog link building. It’s just one of the examples, but as of this writing, I still get loads of comment and queries whether following and believing these kind of Web writers is good or not.

For us adults, this would be just a simple issue. We can just easily ignore it and move on to other blogs. Or we can say that we are mature enough to differentiate what’s wrong or not, or to determine what may confuse us or not. The thing is, these types of blogs have affected many young bloggers and readers.

Straightening out the creases

Let us admit it, writing about pitfalls is like presenting an artwork full of folds and creases— beautiful but damaged. There is also a big chance that readers might focus on the folds and creases instead on the artwork itself; it is like giving a map without labels, legend, and map keys—misleading.

There is nothing wrong with writing about pitfalls. However, as blog writers, and to cater to young readers that are still vulnerable, writing straight to point topics will be better. Or, we can use-less alarming words that may scare or jolt the young readers. The problem with most bogging pitfalls articles today is they tend to scare the young readers, as if committing a mistake in blogging is a crime.

We know how vulnerable kids are, and we, as bloggers have the obligation to be accountable on whatever we write and post on our blogs. We should keep in mind that we are not just bloggers that make money on the Web. Yes, blogging may be our bread and butter, our business, or our life, but we carry a heavy and serious responsibility as well. It is our duty to protect the readers, especially the young and vulnerable ones.

This article is written by Warner Carter. He enjoys writing about SEO, Marketing, and Website Development. He works with Endless Rise who provides SEO Reseller Packages as Private Label SEO exclusively for resellers. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.


Warner is a guy who likes the net and tech stuff, especially SEO. I work at an SEO Reseller company Endless Rise.

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    • kavya Hari

      In fact, blogging is one of the best directions to share our own thoughts, information in the blog and its one of the serious responsibility too 🙂 So, i would like to say thanks for given up there 🙂

    • Mark @ Organic SEO Services

      How funny. I don't think I have ever actually written a "pitfalls" style post.

      You make some interesting points, Warner.

      I would imagine that any pitfall could in some way-shape-or-form be trace back to "method of execution" because, as we all know, there is a right way and a wrong way to do pretty much everything.

      Maybe the pitfalls being written about we only experienced as such because of poor execution.


    • sam @ goa carnival

      Nice post to understand what the young readers actually want. From my point of view you mentioned very well in your post we shouldn't post our blog every time for make money we should put many other things in that which are prove some beneficial for all readers specially for young readers.

      Beside that we should do reply of all comments this option will help for us lots because if we will do reply of every comment then readers will show more interest to leave a comment on our blog post.

    • Warner Carter

      Attitude is everything and when someone writes forward with confidence his own writing can surprise in quality as words pour forth from the flow of writing.

    • Raj

      That's so true, but a little dose of 'do not' articles will help the young readers to set their expectations right. Over dose, might kill their blogging interest and Bloggers ought to show more responsibility by not writing too much of such negative articles, as you mention.

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