Spread About Mozilla Firefox And Earn Rewards

FirefoxRecently I came to know about this affiliate stuff from Spread Firefox. They offer ten rewards each quarter to ten individual Affiliates with incentives such as a Flip Video Camera, an iPod Touch, an iPod Nano, Amazon Gift Certificates and exclusive Top Fox T-shirts! All you have to do is, promote Firefox on your webspace and earn points.

This simple Affiliate program allows you to easily spread the word about Firefox. Refer people to download Firefox, earn points and a chance to be rewarded with some very cool stuff! Anyone can join this affiliate program and get rewards.

Once you have been chosen to receive a reward, not including t-shirts, you will then be ineligible to receive another reward for a full year. I won’t compel you guys to use Firefox, but yet, it is one of the best browsers out there. So no wrong in trying it. So go ahead.. 8)

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Pradeep Kumar

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20 thoughts on “Spread About Mozilla Firefox And Earn Rewards”

  1. How many points/ clicks we need before we get any reward like camera or gift card? Any one has received anything from Firefox?

  2. Those flip cameras are really sweet. It be nice to win one for sure. I didn’t know Firefox still gave out any kind of reward for promotion of their browser.

  3. Firefox is best browser i have used.I don’t know that we can earn from it.thanks for info…

  4. Humm attractive offer from Mozilla in order to attract Chrome lovers. But, Mozilla is the best browser for designing and other stuff which is accepted by everyone.
    This is really a great news for blogger who loves Mozilla 🙂

  5. I am also big fan of mozilla, I only use mozilla firefox browser. I also recommend other to use firefox.

  6. After making the swap to FireFox over five years ago already, I haven't looked back. Admittedly I had a brief and discreet affair with Chrome, but Internet Explorer will never see me again!

  7. wow that’s good news thanks for sharing it bro,Mozilla is my first choice and i love it for many reason.

  8. I think all the webmaster on the web knows that Mozilla Firefox is the best, it is fast with lot addon that can makes your work very easy.

  9. I generally like Firefox much, and i use to spreadFirefox earlier too. But i don't know there is such a thing behind this. Thank you pradeep. Will check it..

  10. one of the best? mozila firefox is THE best browser available… good to see an affiliate offer still available for it, will give it a try, thanks.

    this actually re-called some of my memories back from 2005 – 06 when i used to promote firefox heavely, because adsense used to give incentives for promoting firefox referrals and google pack referrals. it was cool till it lasted, later google discounted the referral thing.

    1. yep, am also using the latest version, so could not help Pradeep in this. Am sure though, many IE users will download this and for good 🙂

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