HOW TO: Create An Affiliate Program For Your Event

Earlier we discussed about creating events on Twitter, and about the fact that online events are getting more popular than offline. Anyone can create and publish an Event successfully, but he/she might not be able to promote it successfully.

Why You Need Affiliate Program For Your Event Basically?

Simple. You need one to easily promote your event across the oceans, well at least across your network. 😐 So keeping an Affiliate program for your paid events will be damn useful here.

Now, I’m going to use Eventbrite to demonstrate how to create an Affiliate Program.

Eventbrite is an online event registration service that allows you to create, publish and promote your event for free (if the tickets are free). Earlier we discussed about similar sites like DoAttend, Eventzilla and some others.

Creating Affiliate Program – Eventbrite

#1 – Sign up if you don’t have an account. Now create & publish an event. Basic step is over.

#2 – After publishing your event, go to ‘My Events’ tab > Manage.

Now on your left side, go to ‘Create Affiliate Program’ under ‘Sell’ section.

Sell - Affiliate

#3 – Now here is the big part, where you will decide how much commission Affiliates should get. 😛

Here enter the name of your affiliate program, the amount you would like to offer to affiliates for referring attendees to your event, and any additional notes you would like to include in the program details.

Event Affiliate

And make sure the ‘Make Public’ box is checked if you want your program to be open to the public.

Useful Tip : If you are creating multiple affiliate programs for your event, then you can make use of the ‘Quick Actions’ menu located next to each affiliate program.

Using this you can track the affiliates who are promoting your event, invite affiliates to your program, and manage payments made to affiliates.

#4 – In this step, we are going to promote your event (along with affiliate program).

Just select ‘Invite Affiliates’ from the Quick Actions menu. You’ll then be able to customize an email invite which will send the link to potential affiliates to sign up for your program.

Note: Affiliate program owners (you!) are responsible for making payments to your affiliates, unless otherwise indicated in the affiliate program invitation. They will leave the management of your program up to you.

Spread About Mozilla Firefox And Earn Rewards

FirefoxRecently I came to know about this affiliate stuff from Spread Firefox. They offer ten rewards each quarter to ten individual Affiliates with incentives such as a Flip Video Camera, an iPod Touch, an iPod Nano, Amazon Gift Certificates and exclusive Top Fox T-shirts! All you have to do is, promote Firefox on your webspace and earn points.

This simple Affiliate program allows you to easily spread the word about Firefox. Refer people to download Firefox, earn points and a chance to be rewarded with some very cool stuff! Anyone can join this affiliate program and get rewards.

Once you have been chosen to receive a reward, not including t-shirts, you will then be ineligible to receive another reward for a full year. I won’t compel you guys to use Firefox, but yet, it is one of the best browsers out there. So no wrong in trying it. So go ahead.. 8)

3 Ways To Hide Your Affiliate Links For Better Sales

Hiding affiliate links helps you to make more sales in your affiliate program, which enables you to make more money. One of the most popular ways of monetizing is through affiliate marketing. When visitors click on the link, it will then redirect them through the affiliate URL, thus increasing your CTR.

Hide Affiliate LinksWe have to make those links look natural rather than affiliate links. Most of the visitors won’t click the affiliate links because they look so weird.

Below I mentioned three ways for changing or hiding your affiliate links. They will help you to rewrite the affiliate links and make them look more user friendly. You can choose any method. The choice is yours. It is largely a matter of preference.

1. GoCodes (WP Plugin) : GoCodes let’s you create short URLs to anywhere on the internet. You can do all this right from your WordPress admin panel. The plugin is also useful for masking affiliate program URLs. It will convert any URL into this format : Here  ‘afflink’ is the key and the keys should contain only alphanumeric characters. To mange the redirects, Go To Manage -> GoCodes menu. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Here are some URLs I made using GoCodes WP plugin : – Original Affiliate URL – Hidden Affiliate URL

The second one looks more professional than the first one.

2. Google Short Links : Google Short Links allows users to easily create descriptive shortcuts to web URLs. You can easily integrate this with Google Apps control panel. It makes users to easily remember the URLs. This is also useful for masking or hiding the affiliate program URLs.

I also made some URLs I made using Google Short Links : – My Orkut Profile

3. Online URL Shorteners : This is not a famous and common one, but still it can be useful and comes handy. There are many URL short services out there, some of the common ones are, and so on. The main problem with URL shortening services is that, if they close their service in future, then all your links become broken and creates 404 errors. You can also try 301 URL redirection for affiliate links.