Backing Up And Restoring phpBB Database

phpBBCurrently HBB Forums is powered by phpBB, a open source forum script. Below I mentioned some steps for backing up and restoring your phpBB Database.

I hope this article will be useful to all the newbies having phpBB forums. If you find this simple tutorial useful, share and tweet!

Backing Up Your phpBB Database

  1. Login to phpBB with your admin account.
  2. Click on “Go to Administration Control Panel” at the bottom of the page.

  3. Now go to “Maintenance” tab. [Top]

  4. [Sidebar] In the Database section, select “Backup”.

If you want to store the backup locally, then select Store file locally. If you want to download the backup, then select Download. Now select Submit. That’s all. The screenshot will be similar to this.

Backup phpBB Database
Maintenance | Backup

Restoring Your phpBB Database

If you want to restore your data, the Restore link is also listed under Database in your admin panel.

Click that and select the required file (backup). Select Start Restore.

Restoring phpBB
Maintenance | Restore

12 thoughts on “Backing Up And Restoring phpBB Database”

  1. Just wanted to take a second and say hi to everybody. Looking forward to your forum and what everyone has to say.

  2. Isn’t that the same way we backup a PHP database. Anyways would like to know if there is any plugin for this.

  3. Yes, it is useful. Moreover, phpBB is one of the best free forum script on the web today.

  4. actually the problem is that these built-in backup and restore does not works when the database becomes a bit big. once you will have a really busy forum with lots of threads/posts/members the database will grow really large. then you will find errors while downloading and restoring backups.

    the best way to backup is always from the phpmyadmin…

    • yes that can happen, so i keep atleast 3+ backups when it comes to changing hosts… its always safe to keep more than one backup during transfer πŸ™‚


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