Top Commentators Award For May 2010

Once again I’m glad to announce the winners of Top Commentators For May 2010.

Last month we published more articles and thus helped us to improve our posting frequency and get lot of active commentators.

Hope we continue this kind of frequency every month.

The Top Commentator of May is Dev | Technshare. The second Top Commentator is Directory Sieve.

TC May 2010
TC - May 2010
Total Comments :

1. Dev | Technshare – 31 Comments

2. Directory Sieve – 30 Comments

My best wishes and congratulations to them and for all who participated eagerly. Kudos.

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20 thoughts on “Top Commentators Award For May 2010”

  1. @Josiah, i have tried time management, but it did not worked out. when you got several hundred blogs to run, (including clients and own blogs) time management fails. I do what i can do, and when i can. So, its all random basically. I know i have to make comments, posts, approve links on the directory and do pretty much everything that falls under seo, which includes read/learn new tactics… you know the world of seo keeps changing, for example the latest google “mayday update” etc.

    So, just do it and don’t worry about managing and allocating time to it. It will all work out nicely if you can give a good amount of time daily for your online activities.

  2. Nicely done guys, now that’s dedication! I’d love to lend that much content to a site but i just don’t find the time. If you two or anyone else have any tips to manage time, let me know!

  3. Hey Congrats to both of you guys, Dev | Technshare and Directory Sieve. btw your comments were very helping and a sometimes new start to many good discussions..

    p.s. good to see myself in that pic too πŸ™‚ at 6th number πŸ˜›

  4. Well done Dev! You sure deserve the ad slot, seeing you really worked hard for it man! I hope it brings you some good traffic.

  5. Cheers for the winners!!
    My best wishes and congratulations for the two top commentators who grabbed the ad slot for this month..

    • @samuel, am 2nd this time, had to go out in a party on the 31st of may… could not comment on time, else would have taken the top slot.

      @Dev | Technshare, congrats πŸ™‚

      @Pradeep, you already have my banner, just keep it running for another month πŸ™‚

      lets see who wins it for the month of June, this is turning out to be real fun,

      • And I see you're out the marks with a quick seven comments while everybody else still has one or two only. Second place just isn't good enough. It take it you want the ad spot on the left? LOL!

        • @netage, lol those 7 comments were a desperate attempt to get the top slot πŸ˜›

          on 31st may, late night i returned from a party and was late though, i knew that it was past 12 midnight and those comments will go to the next months tally, but i still desperately commented hoping that i could beat the 1st position guy…

          but never mind, its June now, another month awaits us, full of comments and cool posts to reads, thanks to Pradeep ofcource πŸ™‚


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