7 Common Social Bookmarking Mistakes To Avoid

If you are all set and looking out to use Social Bookmarking for the promotion of your site, you need to know the best use of this tool and the standard social bookmarking mistakes that should be avoided at all cost. Here, in this article, I will be discussing some of the top mistakes that people commit when carrying out the social bookmarking campaign. Have a look at these errors and try to avoid them.

Social Bookmarking Mistakes

Common Social Bookmarking Mistakes To Avoid

1. Right title matters the most

A number of times, the webmasters select SEO companies to carry out social bookmarking for their site. And so in case the webmasters choose the SEO service providers that are not so professional or experienced, they face dire consequences.  The biggest mistake that the unprofessional submitters commit is of adding in irrelevant titles when doing the social bookmarking submissions. So, it is better to hire the SEO service providers who are experienced and skilled in creating and submitting only the search engine friendly titles.

2. Do not choose irrelevant keywords

Tags and keywords are which help you to get your website noticed on social bookmarking sites. So, if you wish to ensure that your site gets due attention, select the tags and keywords that are related to your site. Also, do not use the general keywords that others may also use. This will help a great deal in the detracting from the visibility of your website.

3. Never spam

It is recommended that you do not spam the sites. When you try to create or build the link power through social bookmarking, do not sell products in the messages. Placing the promotional or marketing messages in the sites is surely a big mistake and may ruin the reputation of your site and brand. So, you need to be cautious.

4. Use different pages of your site for bookmarking

A common mistake that is committed by most people is of bookmaking the mail page URL if their sites only. This needs to be avoided at all costs and try to bookmark other or inner pages of your site as well. This will make your social bookmarking campaign more efficient and useful.

5. Do not bookmark the pages having low-quality content

You may be having a page on your website that shows pictures and prices of the products. When it comes to social bookmarking, such a page is considered to be the no or low-quality page. You need to remember that people who look for the sites through social bookmarking platform want to get the sites that are pertinent to what they want. So, in case you add the no or low-quality content URL, people will not find any worth in your pages. This way, you may leave a negative impression on the people.

6. Do not use any software

It is advisable that you do not use any software or submission tool for the bookmarking. Not automating the process is very crucial and useful. Making all bookmarks manually surely makes the whole process search engine friendly and easy. This way, your bookmarks will not even face any approval problems.

7. Choose relevant category

If you have to choose the category while submitting the bookmarks, it is imperative that you select the right and most appropriate one. Also, do not make submissions on a random basis as when you select the right category, you will be able to get maximum possible benefits from the presentation. So, this way, when others see your social bookmarks in the sites that are not linked to your site, they may get frustrated and may not trust your brand/business.

Last but not least, social bookmarking is the useful option available to draw in the visitors to a site. The surfers that bookmark your site tend to be showing some interest in your site’s page and its content. You thus have the chance to present your stuff behind them and convert them into real time customers. Clearly understand the common mistakes mentioned above and avoid them at all costs to have an effective, useful and beneficial social bookmarking campaign.

24 thoughts on “7 Common Social Bookmarking Mistakes To Avoid”

  1. The idea about not bookmarking your main site is so important and we should bookmark the inner sites instead as this article rightly explains.We have to follow this idea because people search content relative to their use and so it is not always feasible to reach the main site.Thanks for sharing these important points.

  2. It is rightly outlined that title matters because selecting irrelevant title can be a big problem.Hence it should be done properly otherwise it will directly hamper your progress.The title should be selected taking into consideration the search engine.Thanks for sharing this article and it was really nice reading it.

  3. I have a good read, Ankit. Social bookmarking is a very good source for traffic these days, but you need to make sure you do it properly. Do not spam and do not use any automated software for the work. Thanks for your tips!

  4. Thanks for sharing this post.I believe that selecting the proper keyword is something very important and it directly helps to reflect your success.Also titles are something very important that helps your post to get noticed by others if kept properly.

  5. The seven points mentioned about the common social bookmarking mistake are quite useful to me. Even I often use social bookmarking to increase the traffic of by site. Yes, never bookmark the pages having low quality content. Useful post, thanks alot for sharing.

  6. Spamming is becoming so common these days and it is really getting difficult to handle this in the online business. However, thanks to certain wordpress plugins that it can be controlled. Coming to the mistakes done in relation to social bookmarking sites, it is necessary to control spamming.

  7. The seven points mentioned about the common social bookmarking mistake are quite useful to me. Even I often use social bookmarking to increase the traffic of by site. Yes, never bookmark the pages having low quality content. Useful post, thanks for sharing.

  8. I agree with all the points. In fact I have been guilty of almost 6 of them myself. The key message would be make it easy on your readers!:)

  9. Nice tips, even i often use social bookmarking to increase the traffic of by site. Thanks for sharing it.

  10. Choosing the right keyword and adding the content to the right category works the best. It’s easy peasy and a basic practice in SEO. Sometimes I do stumble across several mistakes but I find that basic practices always beats even the most complex strategies, no?

  11. Nice post.The seven points mentioned about the common social bookmarking mistake are quite useful to me.I agree that using the right title is so important and it forms an important way for your blog post to be read.The title should be striking enough and should be able to grab the desired attention required.Also the title should not be kept very long.

  12. Most of the people just choose the wrong category while submitting their posts to popular social bookmarking websites. Above all, they try to submit their entries multiple times which makes them as spam.

  13. Hi Ankit,
    I am glad I went to this site, these are great ideas you suggested. I belong to a few Article, but someone I never thought or heard of. I will join some of what you suggested. Thanks.

  14. Hi Ankit,
    Yes you are true these social bookmarking mistakes often do happen and we must avoid this. All the tips are absolutely perfect including the one of using a right title for your content while bookmarking your site because title do matters a lot. Secondly, saying a no to spam. Thanks for sharing this valuable information!!

  15. Hello Ankit
    Awesome post. your brand or business in jeopardy or lose out on an opportunity by making mistakes with your content strategy. Learn what problems to watch out for and how to avoid them.
    Thanks for share this important post.

  16. It seems obvious, but I didn’t even think about the fact that it is important to bookmark a site with useful content NOT low quality or nonexistent content.

  17. Hi Ankit, exactly. You have mentioned all the important points while do bookmarking. I want to add another point is never do submit same snippet again and again. As the snippet will be duplicate, so it might be bad effect on your website.

  18. Hello Ankit!

    Your post is really valuable for people who are serious about bookmarking and want to get some real targetted traffic to their websites! I believe that the more important factor in bookmarking is not to spam and not to use automated softwares!! The more natural you are the better for your business…!!

    Thank you,


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