7 Common Social Bookmarking Mistakes To Avoid

If you are all set and looking out to use Social Bookmarking for the promotion of your site, you need to know the best use of this tool and the standard social bookmarking mistakes that should be avoided at all cost. Here, in this article, I will be discussing some of the top mistakes that people commit when carrying out the social bookmarking campaign. Have a look at these errors and try to avoid them.

Social Bookmarking Mistakes

Common Social Bookmarking Mistakes To Avoid

1. Right title matters the most

A number of times, the webmasters select SEO companies to carry out social bookmarking for their site. And so in case the webmasters choose the SEO service providers that are not so professional or experienced, they face dire consequences.  The biggest mistake that the unprofessional submitters commit is of adding in irrelevant titles when doing the social bookmarking submissions. So, it is better to hire the SEO service providers who are experienced and skilled in creating and submitting only the search engine friendly titles.

2. Do not choose irrelevant keywords

Tags and keywords are which help you to get your website noticed on social bookmarking sites. So, if you wish to ensure that your site gets due attention, select the tags and keywords that are related to your site. Also, do not use the general keywords that others may also use. This will help a great deal in the detracting from the visibility of your website.

3. Never spam

It is recommended that you do not spam the sites. When you try to create or build the link power through social bookmarking, do not sell products in the messages. Placing the promotional or marketing messages in the sites is surely a big mistake and may ruin the reputation of your site and brand. So, you need to be cautious.

4. Use different pages of your site for bookmarking

A common mistake that is committed by most people is of bookmaking the mail page URL if their sites only. This needs to be avoided at all costs and try to bookmark other or inner pages of your site as well. This will make your social bookmarking campaign more efficient and useful.

5. Do not bookmark the pages having low-quality content

You may be having a page on your website that shows pictures and prices of the products. When it comes to social bookmarking, such a page is considered to be the no or low-quality page. You need to remember that people who look for the sites through social bookmarking platform want to get the sites that are pertinent to what they want. So, in case you add the no or low-quality content URL, people will not find any worth in your pages. This way, you may leave a negative impression on the people.

6. Do not use any software

It is advisable that you do not use any software or submission tool for the bookmarking. Not automating the process is very crucial and useful. Making all bookmarks manually surely makes the whole process search engine friendly and easy. This way, your bookmarks will not even face any approval problems.

7. Choose relevant category

If you have to choose the category while submitting the bookmarks, it is imperative that you select the right and most appropriate one. Also, do not make submissions on a random basis as when you select the right category, you will be able to get maximum possible benefits from the presentation. So, this way, when others see your social bookmarks in the sites that are not linked to your site, they may get frustrated and may not trust your brand/business.

Last but not least, social bookmarking is the useful option available to draw in the visitors to a site. The surfers that bookmark your site tend to be showing some interest in your site’s page and its content. You thus have the chance to present your stuff behind them and convert them into real time customers. Clearly understand the common mistakes mentioned above and avoid them at all costs to have an effective, useful and beneficial social bookmarking campaign.

Why You Need To Be Careful While Going For Cheap SEO Services

Everyone who tries to establish his/her career in blogging or is already into this field, must know the importance of SEO. It’s not just a term but performance of your blog highly depends on it. Being in the industry from quite some time now, with lots of different experiments and case studies I got to know about many facts which are proven. It is very important if you are working on SEO of your blog or website.

However the title says a bit different but I will tell you few key points for a successful SEO campaign before coming to my main point.

Points to Consider While Carrying Out Your SEO Plan

  • #1. Google doesn’t consider Meta Keywords anymore, they said it before itself. So don’t waste your time in adding meta keywords. It will only tell your competitors about your targeted keywords.
  • #2. On Page SEO is important but hyper linking 1 keyword so many times in content body won’t do any good, using it once in entire page is enough.
  • #3. Keyword Density is important but it should be natural. Stuffing keywords just for sake of keyword density will harm your site so don’t go for it blindly. 1% keyword density is enough to tell Google about the keyword you are targeting.

There are some more points for On Page SEO, but you might have already been aware of that so I didn’t repeat here.

Off Page SEO Techniques Which Works like Charm

I have handled at least 500+ SEO Projects and successfully completed them. With my experience I found a few things that I would like to share with you all.

  • #1. First of all everything which you do manually and at the right time, will never harm your site in any way. So the first and most important point, don’t ever go for automation it may not harm your site at once but eventually your site may suffer in the long run, so why taking unnecessary risk.
  • #2. Article Submission was the one of the most effective SEO Techniques before Google Panda hit the content farms last year, I achieved handsome ranking with it. If you pay a close look at its price tag it is still very useful but not as effective as it was before.
  • #3. You will see some attractive terms like Link Wheel, Article Prism, Link Tunnel etc, these names are given by SEO Firms to attract customers, they are nothing more than SEO Services. It doesn’t mean that these services won’t work but see what they are offering exactly. A Link Wheel is made of Unique Web 2.0 properties, interlinking your articles, with a similar URL of your targeted keyword, there is no point why it will not work and harm your site. It will work for sure until you post copied content, spun content, or make it with software etc. For me Links Wheel are very effective, I use it often for my sites time to time.
  • #4. Now a day’s everyone is focusing on Guest posting, let me tell you one thing, its gem in field of SEO, you are getting backlink from a Authority Blog which is not made for just link building (unlike Article Directories). Links from such sites are worth more than 100 or may be 1000’s of links. However few bloggers turned their blogs into content farms only as they don’t know how to write posts and they want to earn money from blogging so they open their blogs for all guest posts, no matter what’s the quality of post and provide backlinks, so choose blogs wisely for doing guest posts as well.

Things You Should Avoid During Link Building Service

I was informing from the very beginning that do not go for any automation and here is an example what happened with automation and preferring quantity over quality. This is my hands on experience that I would like to share.

Few days ago, I was just checking Warrior Forum (Warrior for Hire Section), found a good looking thread which was promising 1000’s of do-follow, wiki links, .edu backlinks, do follow blog posts and many more mouth watering offers for almost nothing. Package was starting from $20 and maximum of $50-60.

Seller was also providing review copies at discounted price, when I requested one, he was willing to provide me, he asked for 3 keywords and URLs for the review copy work.

As I never trust such services I decided to give him one of my dead site so even if it will harm I won’t be in much pain.

Due to my misfortune, I got busy somewhere and when I checked the PM, I sent URL and Keywords of one of my well performing site which was doing quite well and giving me decent revenue which was growing month by month.

As it was a review copy, sales person did not bother providing me updates and after 1 week when I asked

“Hey man!! I ordered a review copy, where it is?”

He replied,

I am sorry we were busy and we will do the work now.

I said ok.

After 2 days, I received a report and when I opened it, it had more than expected links. It had about 400 Wiki Posts, 200 mixed wiki posts, about 250 do follow blog posts, 10 .edu posts and about 250 social bookmarking site posts. All sites had all 3 of my keywords hyperlinked properly. I was quite astonished as for that many links we would have charged $1000 and I got that all for free.

Story Changed after 2 days

My site was ranking #2 for a main keyword on Google but suddenly I found a HUGE drop in ranking of all my keywords (not only the three I ordered but all the keywords). My main keyword was now ranking #23 which was ranking #2 before. I am attaching 2 screenshots of my site ranking before the work done and after the work done.

Before Work
Before the SEO Job Stared

The Result of Buying Automated Cheap Links

After Work
After SEO Job Done

I am sure you can see the results, my site was penalized by Google for the crap links and it has proved once again, it is Quality what Google is looking for. If you go for Quantity over Quality you will be in trouble sooner or later.

My Reaction After This Incident

I was so frustrated but I controlled my frustration, I emailed the seller to see the result of his Crap Links and requested him to remove these links for me. I also said, I have more than enough SEO Staffs, if you can even provide me the login details for the accounts I will ask them to remove the links.

I found Wiki Links can be edited by anyone so I asked my staff to leave all important works and delete all the so called crap do-follow wiki pages. It was around 800 pages and took 2 of my employees to remove those pages in 6 hours. As Pages on social sites and blog networks need login we could not remove them from our end.

I again emailed the seller and informed that we have removed all those pages you only need to remove the blog posts or you can provide login for that, we will do that as well. He told me some story and said he will get it done in couple of days, but did not remove a single link. I again asked for update and he said it will be done by Tuesday and again after 2 days not even a single link was removed. I am helpless as I don’t have login for those accounts and they don’t bother to do anything.

Lesson I learnt : Don’t just go after things that may seem lesser in price because they may leave you broken in the end. If an iPhone is available for the price of $10, you are not lucky, you’re being fooled.

In the end, I would like to say only one thing, if you think someone is offering something which is not possible with the manual work, don’t go for it. Automation will never take you on top. It can only harm you in future.