5 Smart Ways to Mix Blogging with Email Marketing

You know that blogging is an excellent way to connect with your audience and persuade them to give your products or services a try. And, you also know that email marketing can help you nurture that relationship and turn it into something profitable.

After all, the numbers paint an accurate picture. Websites with a blog have about 434% more indexed pages, and consumers tend to read five articles before making purchasing decisions. Moreover, personalized emails have a higher click-through rate than generic ones.

Smart Ways To Mix Blogging With Email Marketing

But, have you ever thought about combining the two and what it can do for your marketing goals? If not, here are five clever ways you can mix blogging with email marketing.

Integrate Blog Posts into Emails

Sharing your blog content with your email subscribers is one of the best ways to ensure they’re up to date with your latest articles. Be sure to consider various factors, such as your content calendar or your audience engagement before deciding the frequency of your emails. For some, a weekly newsletter might be too frequent while for others, a monthly one could feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you plan to cram everything into one message.

Find the right balance between your blog posts and your newsletter. You could even do a survey, and ask how often your audience would like to see new content and receive updates. Or, you could use this email marketing guide to get an idea of how you could leverage this medium and reap its benefits.

Share Your Guest Blog Posts

If you regularly write guest blog posts, then don’t keep them to yourself. Whether they approach different subjects or not, they still have your unique style and signature, and you might have many readers that would love to see your point of view on something else than usually. Feature these guest blog posts in an email and introduce your audience to different blogs – you might be surprised how much they’ll appreciate it!

Take Advantage of Social Media

You already know that social media has become a powerhouse when it comes to researching and engaging with brands, and it would be insane not to include it in your marketing strategy. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other platform relevant to your niche, social networks are essential to spreading the word about your blog and attracting more readers. Make sure to include social media buttons both on your blog and your emails so that your subscribers can easily check out your social media accounts, should they want to.

Answer FAQs through Email

You probably have a list of questions that your prospects tend to ask frequently. How do you go about addressing them? If you still respond individually to each person, then that’s a huge waste of time and resources.
Instead, you should create a list of some of the most common questions and use them as inspiration for future blog posts. Or, you can put the answers together in a series of articles.

After you make sure you have all the necessary information on your blog, you can then create an email autoresponder series – a sequence of email marketing messages your subscribers will get that will include links back to your blog.

Consistency Is Key

In this day and age, when we are bombarded with information from a multitude of sources, it can become a bit difficult to find the optimal solution to a problem. That’s why consistency is paramount if you want to reach out to a wide audience, increase subscriber numbers and build a meaningful relationship with them. Your purpose should be to inform and educate your audience, not confuse them.

Here’s an example. Let’s imagine that you’re running a photography blog and this month you plan to write about gadgets and talk about your favorite cameras, the best gadgets for different types of photography styles, and so on. You’ll need to make sure your newsletter stays on the same page and talks about the same topics you will feature in your blog posts. The goal here is to create one clear message for your audience that they can quickly understand and explore.

A blogging and email marketing mix can bring in excellent results if you find the right ratio between the two. Make sure you understand who your audience is and tailor the mix according to their needs and preferences. Also, don’t forget to use only the latest blogging and email marketing practices if you want to reach your goals and avoid any step backs in your effort.

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