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Top Web Design Trends in 2018


As the digital marketing industry continues to grow at a rapid speed it is becoming increasingly important to make sure that your brand has its own voice online. There are so many businesses out there competing for attention that it’s essential for you to keep up with the latest developments if you want to stand out from the crowd. If that’s the case then you’ll want to check out these website design trends to look out for in 2018.

Top Web Design Trends

Typography that Stands out for

When everyone is competing for the attention of the same user, typography can be important in making your brand stand out. Designers are now branching out and exploring some of the less obvious typefaces available. Due to the rise of website visitors on mobile devices – it’s important that the font that is used is legible. There will be an increase in customized fonts, not only to stand out – but simply to look good too. The trend is also that the typefaces will be bigger than ever for added emphasis.

Maximum Importance on Mobile Optimisation

Google’s mobile-first index has set tongues wagging for quite some time now. It’s essential that you make sure your website is compatible with mobile devices for Google to look upon you favorably. There is nothing more off-putting than visiting a website via your mobile phone, and not being able to navigate your way around easily.

Designers are going to be looking for new ways to organize the content on your website to make sure that the information is laid out in such a way that the user experience is as it should be which will allow websites to convert better. To ensure you don’t miss out on this trend, you need to find website designers who offer it as part of their service. An example can be seen through the Website design Perth agency Alyka who specialize in user experience (UX) to make sure your website functions as it should. If you look at their website, you’ll see they have a dedicated page to this that explains the importance of UX and what they can do for you.

A Rise in E-Commerce

There are lots of different online sale marketing techniques that you can take advantage of such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday – that will see a massive rise in e-commerce. We are all a little lazy when it comes to searching for products, so if there is an opportunity to buy something online, most consumers will. Due to fantastic CRM software – you can now get a great idea as to who your customers are and personalize your marketing strategy to push not only customer acquisition but retention.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence used to be thought of as the stuff of science fiction, but that’s no longer the case – it’s evolving quickly and will be prominent in 2018. It will work its way into web design via functionality such as chatbots. You could actually already be an AI user without even knowing it!

Most of you may recognize AI as the likes of Siri, or Google Home – and it also runs across channels such as Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon as well as smart devices. Websites will also be designed in such a way that will look as if they are showing off greater intelligence – but in reality – there will be no AI.

More Illustrations

Personalised marketing is a trend that’s growing fast, and brands are placing more care and attention on adding personality to their website and marketing materials. Illustrations are a great way for you to do this. They are engaging and don’t get in the way of the usability or functionality of the website. You can use all sorts of shapes and styles to create a great dynamic approach. If you want people to buy from your website, you need the human touch. The best way to sell a product or service is to sell yourself. Put your own stamp on it.

Some Rule Breaking

Since the responsive design craze has kicked off in recent years, designers have become a little bit rebellious when it comes to classic web design principles. They see this as an opportunity to become more creative and break the rules. Although this works on some occasions, designers are approaching this new trend with caution. Spotify is a perfect example of a company that did it well. In 2015 – they launched an asymmetrical design for their “Year in Music” feature that went against convention but ended up being successful. You do need to be careful though. The balance is to follow web design rules but to find new ways to work within them to maximize creativity. This is something that is expected to continue in 2018.

Web design is something that is ever-changing and ever-evolving. 2018 is set to see some of these trends kick in, and to give your brand its own digital voice that cuts through the online noise, it’s essential that you keep up to date and implement them wherever possible.



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