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Give Me 5 Minutes, I’ll Tell You The Adsense Secret


Hundreds of popular tips are available on internet about Google Adsense, but nobody will tell you the secret of Adsense. Just give me 5 minutes I will tell you how you can earn good amount from Adsense. Remember to read the full article to understand. So lets go,

Earn mobey

The most important factor

The most important part of Adsense earning is your primary source from where you earn. You can start earning through Adsense by creating a website and offering free service. This is the biggest way to earn through Adsense. Let me tell you why, for example if you have a site which offers free logo designing service, then obviously people turn to you. This is human nature, people really love words such as free, offer, discount and so on. So people will come up to you for getting free logo and other services. In the beginning it will be easy because you might get less order but after that you can hire someone. But at the same time your Adsense earning will also be increased. HOW? You know the users who visit will come for free logo, after serving the adsense they find some “FREE LOGO DESIGN” fortunately they will love to click the adsense ad and you will get bucks from those clicks.

Target your audience first

You should target your base audience first, because many people are well aware of Adsense, and really they don’t like to waste their time on clicking such ads. Create a website which is comfortable for normal basic people. List of niche you can use to earn more through Adsense:

  • Daily used topics site
  • Learning site
  • How to tips site
  • Free classified site
  • Free SMS site
  • Exams tips and tricks site
  • Government scheme info site

And many more…

Patience required in this job

Any business whether online or offline required patience. Nothing in this world can start generating money the day you started and online business has been lots of competition, so it is really hard to earn early. Be patient keep doing hard work.

Some legal tricks to use for Adsense

Yes this will pull your income little bit upward. There are lots of tips and tricks available on Adsense placement, like CTR, color and ad unit, you can Google for it. Normally I recommend for unit ads, use the large rectangle below the post, medium on the sidebar and horizontal at the bottom of the post. Many Adsense gurus said that blending adsense ads with the content gives you more money, but let me tell you this is not for all the blogs. This depends on the theme you are using. One more trick you can use is, use default Adsense after the post title and use one more same unit at the same place with the theme color. When people look at the first ad unit they might ignore that ad, now they move to the blended ad and they might possibly click on that.


Hello This is Ifham khan, a Logo designer from Mumbai India.Currently I am working with MashinMedia, a company which provides Guest Posting services , also I share my designing tips on MashDesigning

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