Importance Of Blogging

Today blogging has become more than a way to express someone’s feeling, it has taken a turn towards social media and marketing. Nowadays Blogging has become a source of not only expressing one’s thoughts but it has also become a source of income and it also has enabled people throughout the world to come in contact with each other thus building itself to a social media. People use blogs to sell their products and offer services that in turn provide them money, thus making blogging a profitable source of income.

Importance of Blogging

Below are  some of the advantages and importance of blogging:


Blogs are one of the best place to socialize with different people. Through blogs one gets connected to different people over the world through web. Blogs are nowadays acting like a social marketplace where people interact with each other and share their thoughts on daily basis which leads to socializing.


It has been noted that people who write articles on regular basis improve their writing skills. Yes it’s 100% true and a real fact, people who engage themselves in these types of activities are known to improve their writing skills to a great level.


Blogs have become a real source of income, today people earn handsome amount of money through blogging it may be through selling products or ads or even offering services for money. There are many other ways through which blogs can be used to make money.


Blogs have become a rich source of knowledge nowadays. There are so many blogs available today on web that you can find almost anything of your interest in minutes. Blogs provide information about latest technologies or latest movies/songs or on latest gadgets available in markets and also on various computing and security techniques and many more.


Blogging has become a source of helping each other. Bloggers are always ready to help out others by providing them with all the information they might need, and the help is  given instantly without much delay.


Blogs are the best way to get popular these days, if you work hard on your blog and take it to a high level then it’s quite obvious that you will be popular among the bloggers worldwide through your blog and it will give you a great sense of  achievement.


If you feel bored and there is nothing to do, then start blogging as a part time hobby. You can create a personal blog and that also for free and express your thoughts on various topics that you like. This way you will keep yourself engaged in something instead of just getting bored.

These are the some of the importance and advantages that are provided through blogging. If you have some points of yours, do let me know through your comments.

25 thoughts on “Importance Of Blogging”

  1. Reading such post inspires me more to work on creating a blog. Blogging is the only way through which one can share and interact with millions of people across the world. Blogs are a source of information and inspiration which enriches the lives of other people.

  2. Blogging is one type of interest to share things with people, as well as it offer free platform to any business to create online presence of their business

  3. The number 1 reason to blog: You can show off your skills. I really enjoy all of these points in this post, especially the part on increasing your knowledge and learning about others. I recently wrote a blog post on blogging and why it is so important in social marketing. Check it out here:

  4. Blogging really a big help to market your business. But we should always remember that blogging will be effective if you always post a better content in your blog..Writing good content is your best way of bringing life to your blog through traffic and visitors.

  5. I previously have not been so good to write and is now gradually I began to write better than ever. Blogging also make me have many friends..

  6. Blogging is an activity which has many advantages and can be used almost by anyone. I think this is the greatest advantage – blogging is easy, and as long as you have a pc/laptop and an internet connection things get started.

  7. In fact, blogging is one of the correct place to socialize with different social net works. And, it will get high traffic on here 🙂 Thanks a lot for given up here 🙂

  8. Seems like everyone is blogging these days. From business to personal. I can't remember the last time a day went by that I didn't hear mention of a blog of some kind. Unless you are someone famous I think it can take a bit of work to make your blog popular. Not impossible though.

    • Yeah buddy you are absolutely correct,it does take time to make your blog popular but it's not impossible.

  9. Blogging is great way to interact with thousands of people who are interested in same topic or niche. But people will follow your blog when they find something interested and informative to read on all the time.

  10. Blogging for money might work just 1% but not in the remaining 99% of the cases. Blogging should always be in terms of sharing knowledge to the user. The best thing is to do blogging is to let out your creativity in your writings and it obviously takes care of traffic & money. I knew so many people who started their blogs just as a hobby but now their blogs have been turned out as cash machines for them 🙂

  11. Many successful bloggers started their blogs for sharing information with others and later they are earning income from them.

    Now-a-days many people consider blogging as a business and a source to income, which is not a good idea.

  12. If you take your blogging positive then you can use it to enhance your self confidence by offering some help to others, you can create your own personal identity online which helps you to become famous and money of course. 😉


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