15+ Silly Yet Simple Ways To Promote Your Blog Offline

Writing at beachPromoting your blog is definitely the toughest part in blogging. All your time that you’ve spent in writing great content, proofreading, adding relevant images is just waste if you’ve no one to read it. Who wants to see a pool without fishes? So if you think you have all the things that attracts readers but still you aren’t getting any of ‘em, here I am to help you. Promoting your blog online is familiar to you. So now we’ll learn how to promote your blog offline.

Offline promotion is also a great way to try. Instead of spending lot of bucks in buying an ad space on a famous blog, you can put the same amount offline and get the same result; besides you’ll be the next big celeb of your area.

Offline Promotion Methods

1. Write on currency note : This will work for everyone. Write your blog URL on every currency note you’ve and I’m sure it’ll be in hands of hundreds and most of them will definitely see it. Now don’t ask me, how many of them actually visit. [Removed since it is illegal to write on currency notes in some countries]

2. Your Bluetooth Name : Put your blog URL as your Bluetooth display name and at least your friends will get to know that you’ve a blog.

3. T-Shirt prints : Get your blog logo and URL printed on a plain t-shirt with cool design and give them to your friends and neighbors. Easy and simple.

4. Beach time : Go to a beach on a crowdy Sunday and write your blog URL on wet sand instead of writing your name and ex.

5. Cyber Cafes : Visit public browsing points near you and replace the homepage with your blog address and you’re done.

6. Local meetings : Organize a local meeting for bloggers and geeks of your area and utilize this opportunity. Add yourself as sponsor to that event. (learn why you should attend Blogger Meetups)

7. Niche Hot-spots : This is simple, if you’ve a blog related to movie reviews, get some posters of your blog and leave them at movie theaters.

8. Bumper Stickers : Millions of drivers move thousands of kilometers every day. So stick your bumper sticker to every vehicle around you.

9. Lose your wallet : Make a bunch of cheap wallets and put nothing except a card with your blog details and leave them in sheep crowd places.

10. Yard Sale : So when you sell the items that you no longer want, just add a tag next to your banner – “Sponsored by ______.com”

11. Write on dusty window : You often find vehicles with dusty windows. Write your blog URL on them rather abusing them.

12. Bathroom tricks : Write your blog URL on bathrooms in public bars and restaurants. [Silly, but for fun]

13. Dog Band : Take your dog out and put a sign or sweater on it with your blog address.

14. Halloween candies : Add your URL to doors, candies and your costumes if possible.

15. Backpack patch : Make a sticker for your backpack and travel as you usually do.

16. Flyers : You can use UPrinting Flyer Printing for sticking a poster about your blog on your school/work notice boards. Make sure no one see you.

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41 thoughts on “15+ Silly Yet Simple Ways To Promote Your Blog Offline”

  1. These are good techniques to promote your blog but i think that these techniques are not much successful in ASIAN countries as compare to European countries.

  2. these are silly but good things to do

    first tip really cool one

    but Im afraid of writing on currency 

  3. Ha! I'm trying some of them! The one making your blog as the home page is really awesome. Haha! Thanks!

  4. I had once tried the Cyber Cafe trick and it had really boasted my traffic for a few weeks until the home page was removed by some one.

  5. Very funny! The list could go on, we need to be creative have fun, and get in touch with the good old-fashioned Guerrilla marketing tactics… 🙂

  6. really very very funny tips mate 🙂 there is no problem with writing on currency notes in our country 😛

  7. Try becoming an online partner of the event. The event managers will then print your website logo on their event details and sponsorship pages.

  8. I already changed my bluetooth and wifi hotspot names to my blog name…..and ur ideas are really nice and eager to try it once.

    Another method – I used to share my blog wallpaper to my friends phone's whenever they ask me to send songs via bluetooth!! this may be silly but it really works! 😉

  9. Marketing had always been part of the fun in doing business even when is a online one.
    thanks for sharing all the great idea. i personally like the Tee shirt one .
    cos i once done it with some of my older website .

  10. Hmm… interesting topic. I would say that unless my blog brand is really strong (or I intend to make it strong), I may not try these tips. However, I remember the crazy ways in which those millionaire bloggers have been promoting their brand. e.g. Shoemoney had his logo constructed on his swimming pool tiles so that even a helicopter flying above wouldn't miss his brand 🙂

  11. Great article. I liked T-Shirt prints, Cyber Cafes and Bumper Stickers techniques.

  12. These are really interest ways to promote our sites offline. Moreover its going to be fun when we do all this! 🙂

  13. These are really nice tips for promoting blog offline….simple and easiest way i have ever heard……
    thanks for it……..

  14. Just some whacky ideas that are intrusive and impractical, at least most of them. Do you think one can do all of them on an on-going basis? For e.g. do you think writing on the bathrooms of restaurants and bars is a decent way to promote one's blog and sticking bumper stickers on others' vehicles, aren't you making their walls dirty?. Do you think Cyber Cafes would keep our blogs as their homepage forever? There are millions of blogs and sites out there these days and no one would even care to go over and check them out if you just flash them on your T-Shirts or Backpacks unless their domain names are extraordinarily intriguing.There are more than enough online promo ideas that we are unable to harness to it's full potential, let alone these whacky methods. 😀

  15. Love this, very inspiring. Oy, I am going to see if I can add a few of my own to the list in a future blog post. Going to print this one out to remind me before I walk out the door.

  16. all points given above is useful. Stickers of site in car,bikes, pamplates in walls of site are also useful.

  17. Everything is ok, i made bumper sticker and " posted some design template in computer centers" also.

    But Writing in our Currency note may avoid. you know that for INDIA users ! other county i don't know

  18. Buddy you know what you are asking people to do. 😀 Well I guess writing matter on currency is a shameful act as we are not suppose to damage our currency. Also I think its a crime?

    Your Bluetooth Name: No matter how many times I format my phone but the one thing I never forget to do in is writing my blog's name as phone's Bluetooth name. Hence almost all my friends know the name of my blog.

    T-Shirt prints: This is what I had done in my first year of collage 😛

    Cyber Cafes: Bro you recalled my teenage mischief.

  19. This is seriously awesome one except for the first one(currency note) which I consider unethical as it takes the whole country on a loss. Overall great post 🙂

  20. I have already used a couple of these. In fact, I use to scribble my blog's name in my school's library books and notes! By the way, setting the blog's URL as the homepage in public cafes would prove to be worst possible option.

    People don't care to give a damn about the homepage and skip to their browsing. This will in turn increase the blog's bounce rate, right?

  21. 🙂 Funny Points. But Very Informative. I usually visit Cafe every sunday for promoting my Website and every Sunday i have to change the home page 😉 bcz of my competitor :P.

  22. Very informative article. I actually felt as if I got some value from it. Especially getting back to the seminars or as I used to do years ago… dinner workshops. Perhaps its time to get back to those. Thank you.

    • No-doubt it is very effective and informative post to learn about some new ways of marketing which can give us back a good response in the shape of traffic and business. In summer T-shirts and beach time both are very effective mediums of marketing.

  23. Haha, there's a bunch of crazy ideas to promote a blog, but I am sure they will work. Just that these will cost us some hard work and money…. let's try some of them. 🙂


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