15+ Silly Yet Simple Ways To Promote Your Blog Offline

Writing at beachPromoting your blog is definitely the toughest part in blogging. All your time that you’ve spent in writing great content, proofreading, adding relevant images is just waste if you’ve no one to read it. Who wants to see a pool without fishes? So if you think you have all the things that attracts readers but still you aren’t getting any of ‘em, here I am to help you. Promoting your blog online is familiar to you. So now we’ll learn how to promote your blog offline.

Offline promotion is also a great way to try. Instead of spending lot of bucks in buying an ad space on a famous blog, you can put the same amount offline and get the same result; besides you’ll be the next big celeb of your area.

Offline Promotion Methods

1. Write on currency note : This will work for everyone. Write your blog URL on every currency note you’ve and I’m sure it’ll be in hands of hundreds and most of them will definitely see it. Now don’t ask me, how many of them actually visit. [Removed since it is illegal to write on currency notes in some countries]

2. Your Bluetooth Name : Put your blog URL as your Bluetooth display name and at least your friends will get to know that you’ve a blog.

3. T-Shirt prints : Get your blog logo and URL printed on a plain t-shirt with cool design and give them to your friends and neighbors. Easy and simple.

4. Beach time : Go to a beach on a crowdy Sunday and write your blog URL on wet sand instead of writing your name and ex.

5. Cyber Cafes : Visit public browsing points near you and replace the homepage with your blog address and you’re done.

6. Local meetings : Organize a local meeting for bloggers and geeks of your area and utilize this opportunity. Add yourself as sponsor to that event. (learn why you should attend Blogger Meetups)

7. Niche Hot-spots : This is simple, if you’ve a blog related to movie reviews, get some posters of your blog and leave them at movie theaters.

8. Bumper Stickers : Millions of drivers move thousands of kilometers every day. So stick your bumper sticker to every vehicle around you.

9. Lose your wallet : Make a bunch of cheap wallets and put nothing except a card with your blog details and leave them in sheep crowd places.

10. Yard Sale : So when you sell the items that you no longer want, just add a tag next to your banner – “Sponsored by ______.com”

11. Write on dusty window : You often find vehicles with dusty windows. Write your blog URL on them rather abusing them.

12. Bathroom tricks : Write your blog URL on bathrooms in public bars and restaurants. [Silly, but for fun]

13. Dog Band : Take your dog out and put a sign or sweater on it with your blog address.

14. Halloween candies : Add your URL to doors, candies and your costumes if possible.

15. Backpack patch : Make a sticker for your backpack and travel as you usually do.

16. Flyers : You can use UPrinting Flyer Printing for sticking a poster about your blog on your school/work notice boards. Make sure no one see you.

IMAGE CREDIT : LaVidaMeSorprende