HOW TO: Download HD YouTube Videos Online

The only issue regarding YouTube videos downloading is the quality. You would have encountered some popular YouTube videos or maybe for a change, most disliked videos and you want to download them in HD Quality.

Everyone wants to have HD quality videos rather than low quality dull videos and of course, YouTube provides HD videos too. The point is, how to download them, in that clarity. Now there is a new way for download HD quality YouTube videos. BTW, don’t forget to know that it requires no software for doing this. You can download the videos online itself. Interesting, isn’t it?

You can also download Facebook videos using another simple trick.

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KeepHD is what we are currently talking about. It is a tool that lets you download HD videos in YouTube. You can also change the formats of that video into .FLV , .MP4 and .3GP.

So how can I download HD quality videos from YouTube? Any ideas?

It is really simple. I prefer two methods for downloading the videos.

keephd-download1. URL Downloader :

Go to the homepage of KeepHD and you will see a textbox to paste the YouTube video link. You can paste there and click the download button.

2. Direct Downloader :

Whenever your watching a video on YouTube, just replace YouTube with KeepHD and it will automatically download the video!

For Example:

Just change


That’s all, simple isn’t it? Normally people use YouTube to download movie trailers, but you can also many sites for downloading movie trailers.

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