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3 Valuable Secrets of On Page Optimization in SEO


On Page OptimizationIf your site has a captivating personality with a power to bewitch every visitor it gets, wouldn’t it work remarkably well? But can you really do that?

Yes, you can change the entire site into a charismatic debonair admired by all your visitors. And the magical portion that will make it happen includes two most important ingredients namely, on page SEO handling and a little web-designing touch up.

While the designing part will need you to learn the designing or hire some professional designer, you can surely learn some of the valuable secrets of On Page Optimization in SEO and implement them quite easily to make your site perform no less than a charismatic model on the cover of a fashion magazine!

#1 What you shouldn’t forget while dealing with your Title Tags and Meta Descriptions?

It’s true that search engines do not run after the keywords like hunter dogs running after the rabbits, but this isn’t a very valid reason for not including any of your keywords there. Only thing that you shouldn’t forget here is the actual use of the keywords the one for which they came into being.

If you’ll try to understand how and why keywords came into being you’ll only find that these aren’t any made up word but are natural ones used quite naturally by the searchers to reach what they want. Now if you’ll not include the keywords at all how will the search engines ever come to know what your site is about? You’ll just have to include them in quite natural way for simply telling what your site is about and nothing more than that means no extra addition of the keywords like the cheese dripping from an extra cheese pizza!

Second thing you need to remember is that your Meta Description should be unique and not copy pasted once. So don’t try to copy it from anywhere, create a unique one, which best describes your site and keep it short and sweet in other words not exceeding the optimum number of characters.

And finally, use different Title tags for all the pages of your site. Don’t try using the one and only for all the pages, this will give wrong information to the search engines bots and poor innocent bots will not index your pages thinking them to be the same because of the same Title tags.

#2 What the images on your site should be like?

Well nothing much, but still quite a bit! Images are liked by the readers a lot, fully agreed, but this liking will not have the real business done, if it doesn’t match with your content. Let’s say your page has images of some clothes of latest fashion but your content talk about complicated mathematical concepts and the tricks to solve them out. Surely, those who got attracted to the picture will not read the stuff for they weren’t your genuine readers; they landed on your page because they searched you through the Google’s image search. This will only increase the bounce rate and hinder your real business.

So, it is better you use appropriate picture and also add appropriate keywords to the Alt Tags and Alt text so that they make the subject and theme of your page clearer to the search engine bots and searchers. This way only those will have searched you through image search who will use your keywords.

#3 Are you missing out some important pages on your site?

You must have heard how even some of the most popular sites got kicked out by Google Panda? Any idea why it happened? You’ll say, the content on these sites were messed up, spammy, irrelevant, blah, blah, blah… you’re right, all these points were the reasons. However, one important thing that these sites were missing out was the professional personality, or you can say they didn’t look authentic.

So, how you are going to make your site look authentic, authoritative, branded, professional…?

Simple, you’ll have to focus on some of the pages which some sites miss out thinking that they aren’t very important. These are the pages offering your Privacy policy, TOS, Contact details, and other types of brand signals.

Just ask yourself, will you trust any unknown site on the internet and give it your credit card details when it misses out even the essential things like contact details etc. Treat your visitors as you want to be treated.

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Ask yourself all these related questions to on page optimization in SEO before starting up your campaign, for sure, you’ll do well.

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    • sai@dailyblogtools

      i never forgot to insert a keyword on image alt tags.other points also very nice.

    • Kavya Hari

      On page optimization is easily to make your web site perform and it should be like professional look on here. Really, great to know about three valuable secrets on page optimization in SEO on here 🙂

    • learningnews24

      I always want to get such vauable tips for search engine optimization.

    • sam @ goa carnival


      Nice we can't say no to this because off page optimization and on page optimization both are important in SEO works but from my point of view we are doing on page optimization then we should do it very carefully and we shouldn't just copy paste it on our site. We should add originality in that then definitely it will give to us good response.

    • Alan Tay

      I've got SEOPressor installed in my site given by HBB in the previous giveaway. It's awesome and had done a good job for me in the on-page SEO side.

    • Extreme John

      Totally awesome post. I've learned quite a lot on optimizing my page in SEO. Thank you very much for sharing this information. It helped me big time.

    • Phanindra

      As Rick has rightly said, keyword density is one of the most important on-page SEO optimization.

    • Lance Negron

      Don't forget that the most important SEO is the quality of your content … content quality is more important then all the SEO in the world because yeah you might be first on the google search list but if your content sucks you will be last on the returning readers list.

    • Mix Twist

      On Page Seo is one of the great aspect of search engine ranking as a newbie sometimes I missed in starting but now I am trying to manage each and every point carefully. One point is really countable as pages I really missed it but reading this one giving me Idea to enhance my blog reader experience.

    • Rick@Cheap Website Visitors

      Nice article. 2 additional tips: In my opinion, keyword density should be 2-4%. That means your keyword phrase should be repeated at least 2 times pr 100 words you write. Also an anchor to one of your key phrases to an authority external link, for instance wikipedia.

      • zahid

        Agree with you, there are few who tried to go for 3 ti 5% but for quality work I think still 2 to 3% is enough and we should go with the Google web master guide line as well

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