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5 Effective Ways To Save Time While Writing Blog Posts


save timeEver since Blogging has transformed into a source of revenue, it has become a really tedious activity, with bloggers having to do a lot more than just writing content for their blog. The multitude of tasks that each blogger has to manage on a day to day basis nowadays can end up eating a large chunk of time, so it’s imperative for us to look for ways that can help us save time while writing blog posts.

While writing shorter articles is one way of doing it, there are much better ways that you can make use of to ensure that you finish writing articles sooner. Here are some tips that will help you out with that:

1. Remove All Distractions

Well, this is a no-brainer, yet most bloggers tend to ignore it and continue writing despite distractions of all kinds, which ultimately leads to a delay in the writing time as well as compromise on the quality of the article.

If you want to write your blog posts faster and more effectively, then you need to remove these distractions and just focus on the task at hand. Stop multitasking – switch off your TV, close that Facebook tab and log out from your email account. Now you will feel the difference while writing since you would be able to fully concentrate one one and only one thing, i.e. writing.

2. Prepare Your Topic Beforehand

Just like in essay writing, you should prepare your topic in advance to write more effectively and quickly. If you suddenly decide to start writing an article for your blog, you would spend a few minutes just to think about which topic to write on, and then a lot more time to think of the content to be written on the topic you’ve chosen.

This means you’ve already lost precious time even before you’ve started. A much better way is to research and decide the topic of your posts beforehand so that when you start writing you would already have a number of ideas in your subconscious mind which you make it much easier for you to write the post since the ideas would naturally flow.

3. Jot down the points first

We learned this in school yet we always try to rush while writing, ignoring this highly effective method of improving our speeds and presenting our ideas coherently. Before starting to write the post, spend a couple of minutes jotting down the points on which you would expand upon in your article.

Doing this will help you increase your speed while writing as you won’t have to think about what to write when you are half way through the article. Your points would also be structured in a much better manner, and you will be able to write in one go, rather than writing in parts and compromising on the flow of ideas in your article.

4. Set a Time Limit

Whenever I start procrastinating, I make it a point to set a time limit (usually around 30 minutes) in which to complete the article. This generally puts me in the action mode and I end up finishing the post much sooner than I intended to.

This also helps me avoid the so called “writer’s block” as my mind is entirely committed to writing the post in the specified time limit and not worrying about any other things that would have normally diverted my attention while writing.

5. Don’t Worry about the Introduction

The biggest advantage of writing posts on your computer is that you can edit them as many times as you want. This can help you save time as you can start by writing the points first, then expanding on them and then finishing the introduction at last.

Though this method is usually not encouraged by most people, the reason I recommended is that this works really wonderful for saving time as writing the introduction can be a big stumbling block for most of us. So why not finish the rest of the post first and then come up with an appropriate introduction based on the content of the article!

TIP: You can also Save Time by Improving Your Typing Speed.


Harshit Singhal is a blogger, tech enthusiast and freelance writer. He gives blogging tips on his blog Exceptional Blogger and also owns a finance blog called SmartMoneyJunction.com.

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    • Nelson

      Great post.The points described will definitely help every blogger to write his blog posts faster.I think it is important to jot down the points first and this gives some idea about what has to be written and how it has to be written.I think social media sites and the mobile phone can be distracting and it should be avoid during work hours to concentrate properly and to increase our productivity.

    • Mike Reeson

      These are GREAT tips! I personally hated outlining assignments and essays when I was in college, but it sounds like it would be very useful when writing a blog post. Also, your comment to not worry about an introduction was great too…this will help me to just START writing, and then to come back and edit/update an introduction later.

    • fussedblogger

      Removing distractions must include mainly the social networking and other entertainments like television. Mainly the social networking sites disturbs us a lot while writing a blog post.

    • Hassaan Khan

      Making a great post is an art. I must say! I am blogger and I know how much it is difficult to keep reader engage on your blog till the end of the post. Interesting Article! By the way, Harshit!

    • Localism

      I think preparing your topic before hand is one of the best tips. Once you know what you are writing about your mind works in that direction. Your thoughts become more organized and you write a well structured article.

    • Joseph

      Great list Harshit. I think this is one of those posts where everyone knows a lot and yet have to admit they make the same mistakes. It is possible to do all of the above. All it take is a little determination from our end.

    • mack collier

      a good way to validate #4 is to look at the percentage of new visitors to your blog. Mine is over 70% now. That’s a LOT of people that have never seen my blog before, so all my content is new to them. I think we sometimes lose sight of the big picture when it comes to our traffic, our regular readership is probably a small fraction of our actual traffic.

    • Thomas

      Already having a concept in mind is a good idea. One must note down all the important ideas and thoughts that come to your mind and later develop it further when you actually sit down to write the post. This helps save a lot of time and generates better posts.

    • Alex

      Hi Harshit, Great list. We do need time to time reminders about such things. I bet whenever someone reads this, they say I know that. But in spite of knowing we tend to get laid back and forget the basic requirements for writing a great article. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • Harry

      Hey I think it is a great list you have compiled here. These thing often skip our mind and we tend to write amidst all distraction. No wonder then, we end up spending more time on an article than needed.

    • Smith

      Hi Harshit, thank you for sharing this with us. These things do make a difference in the way our article turns out. Following the tips that you have shared often helps us churn out articles that are more structured, linear and well thought of as compared to the haphazard trash that we write when we are distracted by a dozen other things.

    • Jack

      Great post. These are simple things that we all know. And as is the case with most simple things, we tend to overlook it. I guess it is good to have a reminder like this. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • Thomas

      I think we learn in school that we should jot down key points and then start writing our article. However, we tend to forget and overlook such minute things. It is these things that make a great article. Most of your points are relevant and simple. It’s just that we tend to forget these things.

    • James

      I think the most important thing to do before writing an article is to move away from the distractions provided by social networking sites. Then make sure you know what you want to write and go about it that way. Any additional thought can be jotted down for later perusal. Once you finish writing the article, you can add whatever point occurred to you at a suitable place that doesn’t disturb the flow of the article. Great share. Thanks.

    • Kenneth Lee

      Facebook is the worst distraction and you said Youtube could be distracting too

    • Christopher | SparkWiz.com

      FB and Mobile distracts a lot when I sit to blog… I hope I should stop multitasking!

    • Andreas Fairnie

      We dont realize how the idiot box can easily distract our attention. Facebook and mobile for me has been a constant source of distraction. Thanks for the useful tips.

    • desirokrzz

      surely this will save your time and you will be able to earn quick money great message to all fellow bloggers

    • Tom

      I think the first point is the very basic thing that we need to do before setting off for any work why only blogging. Its very difficult to concentrate only with your mind running after so many things. And yes the rest of the points do help in saving your time. I found the last point helpful, as we waste most of our time on our introductions which anyways gets changed after the article is ready.

    • Mahesh Verma

      Awesome information About Articles Writing thanks for sharing valuable And Useful Post For Every blogger and Writer 🙂

    • Pranay Patel

      Well explained. Thanks for the share.

    • Harry

      I have been using the method of setting a time limit to write an article and yes, it does work well for me. I have glossed over jotting down points and that is probably the cause of the many changes that I make to the article every time I review it. I’ll definitely start jotting my key points to give a structured flow to my article. Thank you for sharing.

    • Alicia

      Good pointers, Harshit. I do use some of these techniques when I am writing blog posts and I assure you they are really effective. On times when there are distractions, I can’t even product a good post in a whole day, but if I really sit down and write without any distractions on, I can usually do 4-5 posts in half a day!

      Come visit me on my blog.

    • Kulwinder Singh @TheTechShell

      Very nice post, closing Facebook tab is useful, because when we open browser most of user’s use Facebook.

    • Geek Dashboard

      Facebook and Mobiles always disturbs me while writing articles on my blog. I always prefer avoiding FB while writing

    • Avi Jit (@skyhitblog)

      Removing all distractions like TV and FB then concentrating only on work are great points. Setting a time limit is another cool tip to complete a job in time. Nice article Harshit. 🙂

      • Alicia

        Good idea, the TV is an idiot box, haha… But make sure you don’t browse over to YouTube, otherwise you will be wasting hours there. I know because I always fell victim to YouTube, hehe.

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