How to Reduce the Effect of Social Media on Your Sleep?

There are many things that contribute to fatigue and low energy levels. Some of those factors come from our habits and routine activities such as the way we sleep, the way we eat etc. It’s important to pay attention to those negative factors and overcome them so that there’s no hindrance in your sleep. This guide will brief you about such factors and will advise you some ways to get proper sleep.

Habits Which Don’t Let You Sleep

No physical Activity

Trying to be productive and efficient for 24*7 can make you emotionally and physically drained. It’s imperial to take tiny breaks between the works and go out for physical activities. During your break, you can read newspapers or magazines, can play with kids, can pass on jokes with friends or can talk to your colleagues. Such small breaks will rejuvenate your energy and will make you more productive.

Using Electronic Devices Till Late Night

The advent of laptops and smartphones has led to the addiction of social media among many of them. It has been found by a research that most of the people lie on their bed with smartphones in hand till 12: 00 AM or so. Such a practice tends to make us tired and sleepy the next day.

Mental engagement with laptop and smartphone prevents us from sleeping on time. Hence, it’s imperial to stop addiction of social media and make limited use of laptops and smartphones during bedtime.

Uncomfortable Mattress

Mattress is an imperial part of your sleep and an uncomfortable mattress can bring you pain and aches, stiffness or numbness the following day. Hence, it’s important to see if your mattress is dented, lumpy or worn, in case it is, it’s right time to go for mattress shopping. You can visit, if you want to buy high quality mattresses at reasonable price.

Besides this, with time, there are few physical changes, which occur in our body meaning that the mattress that was supporting you at the age of 18 is no longer comfortable. Therefore, if you have changed your activity level or you have problems like back ache then it’s high time to buy a suitable mattress.

Clutter on Your Workstation

It has been found by a study that if your workstation is cluttered and is untidy, you feel more tired than usual. This is because clutter on your desk has negative effect on your productivity, which leads to disbursement of focus and mental energy, thereby making you feel more exhausted and stressed.

Irregular Routine

If you don’t have a fixed time for sleeping, eating, waking up in the morning among other activities, you’re likely to feel more tired in comparison to people, who sleep and wake up on time. Hence, it’s important that you fix a sleeping routine and try adhering to the same.

How to Get Good Sleep?

Firstly, it’s important to find out the reasons that are preventing you from a good sleep. In case, it’s an uncomfortable mattress, you can replace your current mattress and can get a new one. Besides this, you can take hot water bath, which lowers your body temperature, thereby allowing you to sleep properly.

Additionally, you can take hot oil massage, which promotes sleep and gives relief to your scalp. Above all, it’s important to stop using smartphone and laptop during bedtime since such a practice disrupts your sleep.


Good health plays a key role in a person’s well-being and happiness. If you’re not healthy, you won’t be able to give your best to any activity. Hence, it’s imperative to sleep properly and stay fit.

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