Best Sleep Trackers to Buy in 2017

The importance of sleep trackers is increasing day by day. An efficient sleep tracker allows you to verify how well you are sleeping, your heart rate, respiratory rate and your sleeping pattern. It is essential equipment for those who are struggling with getting good quality and the right amount of sleep.

Benefits of Sleep Trackers

In a technology driven world, information is vital. Due to the importance given to information, the popularity of sleep trackers has increased over the last couple of years as it gives you important information regarding your vital signs and sleep. Today, there are a number of sleep trackers that offer various exciting features to track your sleep and help you improve your sleep pattern.

By tracking sleep, sleep trackers allow individuals to make a connection between good night’s sleep and overall health.

Sleep Trackers allow you to identify what leads to poor quality of sleep. Sleep Trackers identify sleep disorders and help to take necessary actions to rectify them.

Let us discuss the top five sleep trackers to buy in 2017. In addition to this, you must also ensure that you sleep on a good quality mattress to sleep better. You can read reviews in about the different varieties and brands of mattresses available.

Top 5 Sleep Trackers to Buy in 2017

S+ by ResMed Personal Sleep Solution: It is one of the first companies to introduce a sleep tracker that does not require any physical contact to keep track of how you sleep. You can keep this powerful sleep tracker on the table near to your mattress and it will simply measure your sleep pattern and bedroom environment. The main advantage of ‘S+ by ResMed Personal Sleep Solution’ is that the measurement is 100% accurate and compares your sleeping score with your age and gender.

This sleep tracker can also measure the light, temperature and noise present in your bedroom. It also provides personalized sleep coaching advice based on your sleeping pattern and the bedroom environment so that you can improve your sleep quality.

Fitbit Charge 2: Fitbit is a wearable sleep tracking system that provides accurate information about your sleeping pattern. This part activity monitor, part sleep monitor and part smart watch performs each role perfectly. Fitbit Charge 2 gives you a detailed report about your total sleeping time, the number of times you woke up and how long you were awake and restless. This information is vital for taking necessary actions to improve the quality of quality.

Jawbone UP3: If you are looking for an accurate and excellent sleep tracker, then Jawbone UP3 is the one for you. The simple and stylish looking sleep tracker is an advanced sleep tracker that is currently available in the market for sale. Jawbone UP3 reads your sleep patterns using advanced sensors like bioimpedance. Jawbone UP3 also measures your rate of breathing, heart rate, and body temperature. The automatic sleep monitoring device displays the most accurate data about the time you fell asleep, the time you woke up, how many times you woke up, amount of REM sleep, deep sleep and many other statistics.

Sleepace Reston: Sleepace Reston is one of the few dedicated sleep trackers that you can buy. Compared to other sleep trackers, Sleepace Reston monitors your sleep parameters more accurately and correctly. It also measures details such as the time taken for you to fall asleep, time you woke up, number of times you turned over or woke up from the bed, and the actual sleep time. It also measures your heart beat rates and breathing rates. You don’t have to put it on your wrist or anywhere on your body. It can be kept just near to your pillow or underneath your bed sheet.

Beddit 2.0 Smart Sleep Monitor: This sleep monitor is another dedicated sleep tracker that you can keep underneath the bed sheet. The Beddit 2.0 Smart Sleep Monitor device collects information that is necessary to know your sleep pattern. It also monitors the heart and respiratory movements. Hence, it is most suitable for those who want to keep track of their vital signs and overall health.

Get any one of the sleep trackers discussed above and monitor your sleep pattern so that you can make the necessary changes in life to make your nights longer, and mornings easier.

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