Have You Reigned In The Queen Of Blogging?

Content might be ‘KING’, but who’s the ‘QUEEN’?

You may produce stellar content everyday but if no one reads it, how do you build a blog?

You have the KING, now you need the QUEEN. The Queen of Blogging is TRAFFIC. Without this, the King has no value, at all.

3 Difficult Ways to Reign in the Queen of Blogging

queen of bloggingIt’s not easy to get everlastingly repeated traffic. A Social Media share here and there will give you 20-30 visits daily, but are you satisfied? A real blogger won’t be. Therefore, here I am giving you 3 difficult ways to reign in the Queen of Blogging and make her stick with you.

Mind you, these are all time consuming methods and if you value your blog, it will be worth it.

1. Create a Case Study & Do NOT Share on Your Blog

People love case studies. Why? A case study represents a real experiment based on a hypothetical concept that is proven or not along the way. An example could be the case studies which Zac Johnson of BloggingTips.com undertakes every year and gives ‘real-time’ reports to his readers.

Readers love this and stick to him, giving the blog a regular dose of high traffic. A case study could be about anything worthwhile, you decide. You can publish the case study as a complete piece or keep on publishing as and when you get results, but do NOT share on your blog.


If you blog already had 1000+ traffic daily, you wouldn’t be trying so hard. Moreover, when your blog is not popular with readers, who the hell is going to take interest in your case study?

Therefore, the best way to do this is to publish the case study on some high reputed platforms like TrafficGenerationCafe.com, Hongkiat.com, ProBlogger.net, SEOmoz.org, SearchEngineJournal.com and others. Such blogs are always on the lookout of stellar content and they would love to publish your material. You can either publish it as one piece or become one of their regular contributors.

The moot point is that this will give you 100% leverage and drive traffic to your blog, for months to come.

2. Get Influential Bloggers to Collaborate with You

I love the way Mauro D’Andrea of Blog-Growth.com and Enstine Muki of EmFastIncome. com is working to create everlasting traffic and high readership engagement.

Again, this is not the work of an hour or two. It will take weeks and months to build this kind of pillar post and publish on your blog. Personally, I believe that this kind of exclusive content is much better than ‘Top 10’ or ‘How to’ blog posts because:

(a) You are collaborating with other influential bloggers and promoting yourself.

(b) You get to maximize traffic because the featured bloggers will do their best to gain you attention from their readers.

(c) You position yourself as a ‘team player’, a ‘learner’ and ‘a promising future influential blogger’.

(d) You get to rub shoulders with the high-end bloggers.

(e) You get to create loads of back links from just one post.

3. Develop Visual Content

I wouldn’t be surprised if you are just skimming this content and filing it to read fully later, if that time ever comes! Everyone does, including me.

The attention span of visitors is decreasing drastically and there is no time to read through endless blog posts. The only alternative is to create visually engaging content like PowerPoint presentations, Infographics, Videos and Podcasts. Share the visual content on your blog/s and community platforms like SlideShare, YouTube and Vimeo. If you can optimize visual content with white-hat SEO practices, you will most definitely get tons of recurring traffic.

The optimization part may require you to shell out some money but it will be worth in terms of ROI.

Apart from these difficult and time consuming methods, there are the easier ones like social media sharing, bookmarking, sponsored posts, offering free eBooks and others. But, I feel, these methods can only give short-term benefits.

Now is the time to really reign in the queen of blogging aka traffic. What do you think?

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15 thoughts on “Have You Reigned In The Queen Of Blogging?”

  1. If you want to viral your content then you should have inforgrahic and content as well because people like images rather than only content.

  2. Chitraparna, your shared points are very important but the most important thing is in blogging is content. Now after back to back updates of Google Panda and Penguin its importance is more higher then before. So every blogger should concentrate on their shared content on blogs.

    • Right Shenoa but worth the hardship….that why we are among 97% of casual bloggers and not the premium 3% 😛

  3. I think if your case study is interesting you can feed it to your blog also so that atleast few bloggers will stick to it . No doubt about that the post is well researched and informative

    • Yes, you can but the point is how much traction will it receive? This applies to intermediate bloggers. Like I said in the article, Zac shares the case study on his blog because well, he is Zac Johnson. We are not! 😛

    • Couldn’t really understand the meaning of your comment in the article’s context Disha…care to enlighten?


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