Group Conferencing – Save Your Legs and Your Travel Costs

group conferencing

Thanks to the rise of the internet and high speed reliable broadband connections, web-conferencing, once the preserve of big business, is now available to small and medium firms. Working from home has become more common in recent years and the recession has seen a large number of individuals forced to rely on their own skills, setting up small businesses or working remotely. The costs involved with video conferencing have come down in recent years, making it a simple, feasible option for businesses to utilise. Apart from the obvious benefits of web conferencing in terms of cutting costs, it’s also an excellent way in which to connect teams working in different locations and allow for collaborative working whatever the location of your employees.

Serious Savings

Staying in touch with colleagues – be that remote workers or those in different branches around the country – is made much simpler with group video conferencing. Travel costs are on the increase almost faster than utility bills and online conferencing is a great way to cut those costs. For small firms they offer financial benefits but for medium and larger firms, the savings can be significant. Getting a team together for project meetings from around the country – or even from different parts of the world – in the past involved travel costs and, potentially, accommodation costs. With this type of conferencing however, all of these are cut to zero. With increasing focus on corporate responsibility and a willingness on the part of many firms to cut their carbon footprint, video conferencing offers an ideal and socially responsible way to meet these aims. Web conferencing can also be used to conduct meetings with clients with all the cost saving advantages previously mentioned. While some meetings may be necessary on a face-to-face basis the number can be cut to significant, high profile ones.

The Right Person, The Wrong Place?

Finding the best employees and retaining the best you already have is a constant struggle for some firms. Family commitments can take employees away from the workplace for long periods of time, while the need to relocate can lose them permanently. Many firms invest heavily in training their staff and retaining these individuals can be an important part of your success. Web conferencing and video conferencing open several attractive options on this front. You can offer more employees the flexibility to be based at home; useful for those who need to balance work and family commitments. This can make all the difference, in some cases, between losing that highly skilled worker or keeping them. In addition, geographical restrictions to finding the best person for the job can be overcome. If the hottest talent in your field is at the opposite side of the globe and intends to stay there, the possibility for them to join your team can be real.

Non-Verbal Communication

Communication is not all about words; while a conference call can be a cost-effective solution for many firms, humans communicate on both a visual and verbal level. Body language can often say a lot more than the words we speak, and video conferencing offers a more genuine, transparent way of communicating with colleagues and clients. It can create trust and help to cement working relationships in a way that an email, phone call or conference call simply cannot.

Time and Energy Saving

For small business owners web conferencing can offer a number of specific advantages. The cost savings are the obvious ones but in addition the time savings are incredibly important. Most small, or solo, business owners will be well aware of the ‘jack of all trades’ approach that is required to owning and managing your own firm. Using web conferencing allows you to connect with clients without having to find the time, the money, or spend hours on the road. The most important point here is that burning out can be easy when you are in charge of your own firm, the time saving and efficiency of web conferencing can be a useful tool to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Cost Effective Online Tools

Finding the right conferencing software is also easier than in the past. Web based software offers by far the most cost effective solution for most firms. Easy to use – requiring little or no experience – many providers offer an online solution that also means no software downloads are required. You, and your employees, can have instant access to all the benefits that conferencing can offer, without the need for expensive travel or accommodation.

Smart Money Decisions and Management with Personal Capital

Personal CapitalWhen was the last time when your old school planner ditched you with confusion, time waste and lots of search and find before you got your investment records straight or knew your next tax-due. Now keeping up with all your financial needs with an absolutely FREE app is an utter delight in this consumptive world where time matters as much as money. Available on iPhone, iPad and Android, this app allows you to access all your financial accounts in one aggregated view. Mutual funds, stocks, money market accounts, checking/savings- everything presented in an absolute format and in concise manner to make it as easy as your pie.

Personal Capital helps you manage your money by giving you a holistic view of all of your accounts. so, its an easy ride for a beginner out of management school too. Tracking your income, spending, savings and
investment performance is a cinch. Apart from this, you can ask for advice as much as you can increase your greenery by saving money by identifying mutual fund fees.

Functions of Personal Capital

1. Portfolio Performance – You can track your investments by account, asset class or individual security. The indices as well as your make up in the market can be easily displayed in the most apparent way possible.

2. Asset Allocation – from international stocks to bonds, from alternatives to cash- you can see and know where to invest and how! And the app additionally helps you to track this function down on the portfolio. Voila!

3. Mobile App opportunities – download this app on mobile and no matter where you are, your investments will be right under your nose and your assets under your constant surveillance though the most useful function of Personal Capital

4. Investment Check Up – after investing what? This doesn’t end here. In seconds from electronically pinpointing potential investment risks within your portfolio to Identifying mutual fund fees to see if you’re on par with your financial goals, this is it!

5. 401k Free Organizer – Find out if you’re paying too much in 401k fees. We’ll benchmark your 401k against our own 0.5% plan and determine whether your plan is Red (over 2%), Yellow (1.01%-2%); or Green (1% and below). Then we’ll help you do something about it.

6. Mutual Fund Fee Calculator – Mutual Fund Fee Calculator shows you just how much investment fees could cost you over time. With an ultimate attribute like this, you can earn while you save too.

7. Universal Check Up – now you can transact money from anywhere to everywhere. Track your income and spending, see your largest expenses, and easily view your transactions with Personal
Capital Cash Manager.

So, sign up now! For if you need this awesome app on the roll to manage and improve your finance, than
download this app and with the new android-app delight too, you can try this out and tell us your views.

HOW TO: Find The Right Job For You Without Difficulties

It’s hard to track newest jobs and vacancies, especially in growing country like India. We are about to review a complete job search and careers portal to easily search for new jobs and vacancies available all over the India.

Renego is an internet job search engine. With Renego you can find quickly and simply your dream job. Renego sets value on quickness, lucidity and handling. is your online employment market for India.

Renego Logo

Using Renego you can job search in India, USA, UK, Spain, Poland, Germany and other respected countries. With Renego you have already found the right partner for your professional future. Renego searches for you through job boards, company websites and recruitment agencies and finds for you the suitable employment opportunity. This site also has options for seeing the top searches and top cities.

Renego Job Search

Suppose if you are about to find a job in one of the top cities in India, let’s say Delhi and for the post of Web Analyst. Now all you need to do is to type the city as Delhi in ‘where?’ column and in the ‘what?’ column type the keyword ‘Web Analyst’, you will now get the results. You can also use lots of keywords and other top cities to get different results. The search results are quick and smooth.

You can also use this site to find permanent or part-time position, jobs for students and industrial placements. Renego easily helps you to find the real job type you need.

HOW TO: Put Multiple Links Into One Small Link

LinkBunchYou might have found several awesome links on the web that you want to share on services such as Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger or microblogging platforms such as Twitter and Pownce.

Using LinkBunch you can take all those links and put them into one “bunch”, which is just one single link. LinkBunch lets you put multiple links into one small link which you can share over IM, Twitter, email or even a mobile phone SMS. Simply put in a list of links in the box below and click ‘Bunch’ to get your small LinkBunch link! You can share all the common links through one single link using this awesome tool. Personally I found this URL shortener tool really useful, now I can keep multiple links on my blog posts.

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AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter 3.0.0 – Edit & Reuse PDF Contents

AnyBizSoft PDF to Word ConvertorAnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter 3.0.0 is the easiest solution to edit and reuse PDF contents. This wonderful software is available for both Windows and Mac users.

Some reasons why you should move on and check this product :

#1 – Standalone, don’t require Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat.
#2 – Support encrypted PDF files conversion.
#3 – Preserve text, layouts, images, tables and hyperlinks in an editable Word document.
#4 – Support Batch conversion of 200 PDF files, Partial, and Right-click conversion modes.


AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter is an efficient application to convert Adobe PDF files to well-formatted Microsoft Word documents. Perfect tool to convert PDF to Word. You can use the tool even without installing Microsoft Word. The original text, layouts, images, tables and hyperlinks can be exactly retained in the generated Word documents. Modifying or reusing the contents becomes easy after converting PDF to Word.

Specifications – Key Features

Key Features

Supported Formats

  • Support importing Adobe PDF 1.0—1.7 formats (.pdf)
  • Support encrypted PDF files conversion

Convert PDF to Word Accurately

PDF to Word Converter preserves the original layouts of text, columns, tables, graphics and hyperlinks of PDF files to Ms Word documents. There’s no need to retype or reformat the converted documents

3 Efficient Conversion modes

  • Batch conversion—Convert 200 PDF files at one time
  • Partial conversion—Select any pages from the PDF file to convert
  • Right-click conversion—Right click on a PDF file and convert it into a Word document without launching the program


  • Extremely easy to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Doesn’t need Adobe Reader or Acrobat to be installed
  • Doesn’t require Microsoft Word
  • Support PDF files in 9 languages: English, Turkish, Thai, Latin, Korean, Greek, Cyrillic, Japanese, Chinese

How To Use AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter?

Just 3 steps to show you how to use AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter:

Step 1. Launch PDF to Word Converter

Launch PDF to Word Converter by double click PDF to Word icon on your desktop.

Step 2. Import PDF files

Click Add and browse your computer files to locate the PDF files to be converted. You can import as many as 200 files in this program. After the files are imported, the file information will be shown in the panel.

pdf to word

Step 3. Convert PDF files

Just click the Convert button, and wait for a little while, you will get the Word files as you want.
During the conversion, you can terminate converting the files by clicking the Cancel button where the Convert button is.

pdf to word

After the conversion is completed, a dialogue box will pop up, informing you the conversion is finished. You could click Open to go to the destination folder.

In a nutshell, this is a great product. Do share your opinions as comments below.