7 Essential Tips To Produce Creative Quality Content

Creative Quality ContentProducing quality content for your blog is essential. Content is king, is a true axiom that resounds especially over the Internet. The quality of your blog’s content, whether it’s an article, a video or a podcast interview, eventually determines your success as a blogger.

Unfortunately, many bloggers remain clueless when it comes to producing quality content. That is the main reason why only 1 or 2 percent of all blogs on the Internet can be considered financially successful.

In order to help bloggers produce quality content, the following are seven tried and tested tips on how to provide our readers quality and informative content.

1. Set up a weekly writing schedule

Haste makes waste and do this regularly and you end up with posting garbage. Setting up a weekly writing schedule is the main starting point of every successful blogger. Writing is a tedious task and proper planning is required. For that reason, it’s imperative to set up a regular writing schedule. For instance, devote at least one or two hours a day for researching topics and producing quality content.

2. Keep a running list of future topics

Keeping a running list of future topics is a genuine way of preparing yourself from writer’s block. Every conversation you had, every book you read, every story you heard, every video you watched – basically, almost everything is worthy of being turned into a blog post.

3. Don’t be afraid of covering controversial topics

Best-selling author and real estate guru Robert Kiyosaki isn’t afraid of being controversial and it literally paid off. Kiyosaki says that he doesn’t mind being controversial if that is the way to get more people to read his books. His first book, you may ask? It’s titled “If you want to be rich and happy, don’t go to school.”

4. Write articles about successful people within your industry

Writing feel-good stories about successful people within your industry is another simple and effective way of getting noticed in today’s competitive world of blogging. People love heroes; they always seek for one.

Satisfy their thirst for motivation by interviewing people they admire most – it could be a local politician, a rags-to-riches businessman, an entrepreneur who skip college or even a freelance writer who left his job and took the self-employment plunge.

5. Write in a friendly, conversational tone

While most writing gurus advice writing in a professional third person voice, it might not be applicable on the Internet. Internet readers are average people who aren’t familiar with jargons and other industry-related terms – always remember Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

6. Start writing your thoughts – proofread later

Writing is different from proofreading. With that said, you should write your thoughts when you’re writing and at least for the meantime forget about proofreading. Writing your thoughts help you keep the words flowing.

7. Proofread your draft at least one day after it’s written

Proofreading should be done at least one day after your draft is written – why? Firstly, it allows you to scan over your draft with fresher eyes. Secondly, it helps you clear your mind and provides you with a fresher perspective.

This article is written by Kim Willis. He is an SEO Consultant and works with online businesses. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

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  1. Content is also an excellent engagement vehicle. Furthermore, creating good content for your website, blog, and newsletter is key if you want to continue to attract customers to your digital assets. Its useful post. Thanks for sharing

  2. controversial topics should be discussed and they can be the sure reason to give creativity to your content

  3. All the point you mentioned here are important but when I'm going to write a blog post these points disappears for my brain

  4. Proofreading is really important and gives you much more idea on what your post looks like ?????????

  5. I always like the point #3. Try to get some controversial news, thereby getting attention of even some big shots in industry and also gaining lot of traffic to the blog.

    Point #7 definitely gives you fruitful results.

  6. Hi Kim Willis, I Love your article. And i agree with all the points you mentioned above. all this Information will Prove very useful for me in improving the ranking of my website. Thanks for the post.

  7. Thanks for the feedback. The important part is we understand how we work. Some of us may not agree with setting a schedule for example but understanding the importance of quality content writing is definitely one of the first steps in producing one.

  8. well, the first one is tough enough for me.
    I am a part time blogger who has other job beside written on my blog.
    sometimes it's hard to maintaining the schedule that you had made.

  9. These are really great writing and blogging tips. Although I do not use all the above tips, but I do have a writing schedule and I also keep notes of what to write for future reference.

  10. Hi,

    We all know very well what is the importance of content in blog post/site now duplicate content have no place after google panda updated.

  11. I just loved it Kim. Excellent tips for generating a regular supply of quality content, but implementing it is the most difficult part , which takes a whole lot of commitment and hard work 😀


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