5 Popular YouTube Channel Types

YouTube allows creators to upload videos for audience members to enjoy at their viewing pleasure. These videos can range greatly in material and length, so if you’re new to the platform–somehow, in 2021–and need guidance in finding the content that’s right for you, or perhaps you’re wanting to start your own channel and can’t decide on a theme, here are some of the most popular channel types people are currently watching.

Popular YouTube Channel Types

Beauty and Makeup

The beauty community is a prominent one on YouTube. There are hundreds upon thousands of makeup tutorials uploaded to the platform that can teach you everything from proper contouring techniques to unique hairstyles to try. They might also cover morning and evening skincare routines, as well as nail care and fashion. Interested? Consider checking out Yuya and SaraBeautyCorner, which are among the highest subscribed in the genre.

Health and Fitness

Need some guidance in reaching your peak physical form? There are plenty of fitness channels that explain the need for a good weightlifting form, how to track your calories and macros, how to meal prep, how much cardio you should do, and so on. Just remember that if you are doing a strenuous amount of physical activity that you are wearing the proper clothing, especially footwear. Wearing uncomfortable and tight shoes can eventually cause blisters and painful lumps to form on your feet. These lumps could be bunions, and you should visit northwestsurgerycenter.com for steps on curing them. If you’re looking for channels to start with, ATHLEAN-X and Yoga With Adriene are informative ones.


Who said video games were just for kids? Gaming channels, commonly known as “let’s plays,” are insanely popular on YouTube. Some channels provide tips and tricks for specific games, while others record gameplay and commentary so people can watch them play their way through games. If you love video games, these are worth a look, as there are endless channels dedicated to the topic. Some of the most popular channels include Markilpier, Pewdiepie, and GameGrumps.


Everyone likes to laugh, and luckily YouTube has plenty of content that does the job. Comedy channels on YouTube can cover skits, music, talk shows, animation, reaction videos, pranks, and countless other subjects! If you need something to tickle your funnybone, try watching some videos from Good Mythical Morning or Collegehumor.


Hopefully, some of these channel topics resonated with you and gave you an idea of what to center your own channel around, or maybe it just provided some quality content to check out in your free time. Regardless of if you lean towards learning channels–like beauty, lifestyle, or art–or those that aim to entertain–such as comedy, review channels, or gaming–YouTube is an excellent platform that stands out from other forms of social media. It offers something for everyone if they’re willing to dig deep enough. 

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