Apple Files Patent To Disable Jailbroken/Unlocked iPhones [REPORT]

Just got the news in from a reliable source that the techno-Gaint Apple Inc has now applied for a patent[exclusive right to an invention] which covers almost every method for disabling the unauthorized use of it’s device which includes all jailbreaking/unlocking and other hacktivations of it’s ever popular electronic devices – Apple iPhones and iPads! The Government of United States had recently authorized Jailbreaking and unlocking (for educational purposes) of iPhones but I think Steve Jobs is looking forward to gain further more control on his company’s inventions!

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Jailbroken/Unlocked iPhones

The patent mainly focuses on measure that will be taken for protecting the privacy and other sensitive information of the user which includes credit card numbers and passwords, stolen devices. Apple has also decided to access and move user’s sensitive data to Apples remote storage servers if it is found that customer’s iPhone has been stolen!

The patent also covers ways and other methods that will help the officials in detecting devices that have been jailbroken, unlocked or hacktivated by monitoring the memory usage. Moreover, the conclusion that I’ve made is that this patent will allow Apple to completely kill all the jailbroken devices for the reason to maximize the customer’s data protection from theft!

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10 thoughts on “Apple Files Patent To Disable Jailbroken/Unlocked iPhones [REPORT]”

  1. This is a classic case of Steve Jobs trying to monopolize the market, when the government already clearly stated that it was legal for iphone users to jailbreak their phones. I highly doubt this will be allowed…Steve Jobs and his employees should focus on producing a phone that works and gets reception, instead of this legal jujitsu.

    • Recently had some strong reviews from the iphone users , they said , they will be moving to android phones

  2. Is the software used to jailbreak or unlock iphones made by Apple? I know it’s for security sake, that is good but the person who discovered the jailbreak program used should be the one filing for a patent. right?

  3. I used to love Steve Jobs. But a few of his recent takes, including disabling support for Flash on his devices, made me feel otherwise. As a businessman, he is getting revengeful and kinda greedy of his own product day by day.


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