3 Simple Steps To Find Your Online Job

I would say that, the only Industry which was not hit by the recent recession is the Online Industry, hope you all will acknowledge me in this regard. I was also one of the victims of Recession which terribly made a blow on my head when I finished the graduation but I got hands from the online jobs. There are loads of freelancing opportunities these days and I have seen many working full time online as well. Blogging has also become a good way to make money these days. I have seen so many people getting struck with the same online job for months and years together. When I inquired them about this most of the answers was “we are not sure of what to do next”. This sounded strange to me so then I decided to post an article about how to proceed to the next online job from the current position.

#1 – Network

This is the most needed one whether you search online of an offline job. Make a network and make it as much as huge it is possible. Social Networking can make the things happen for you actively participate in big social networks like LinkedIn. Try to use this type of social networking sites more and more drink the juices that they give. Search the employers in the sites and post your online resume. (Check out the 3rd point for resume).

#2 Cover Letter

Next step is creating a good cover letter which will speak more to your employer than you. Do not leave building up your network when you prepare a cover letter for you. I know creating a cover letter will be a tough job but you can refer source or ask experts to craft a beautiful one for you.

Here are some things which you must look when creating a cover letter,

Alignment : This is important as an unaligned cover letter gives you a better chance of rejection. Use a good professional font, Arial will do. Do not forget to maintain the size of the font as anything above than 12 can make your cover letter look ugly.

Grammar & Spelling : This is vital as well. Make sure you have written everything in perfect grammar with 0% spelling mistakes. People never ever tolerate spelling mistakes, this will also project you as a lethargic candidate.

Length : Always have an eye on this as a long cover letter is bad. Make sure to tell all the information needed but not too long.
Content: This is the most important of all as always content is the king. Try to express your creativity in creating it as most people love creativity. Do not copy others content as it may lose your uniqueness. Try to say your positive points and why they want to hire you.

#3 Resume

This is the most important part that you need to focus on. Your resume should speak everything what you intend to do. As I said already do not copy things from other resumes as it will decrease your uniqueness and the confidence on you as well. I have heard from experts that a creative resume will always help in getting jobs so make it creative. Creative can be like changing the old fashioned resume, the way it is written, things mentioned in the resume or anything which you feel is creative. Try to convince the employer with all your positive points but make sure the length is not too much.

Hope you all like it!!

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18 thoughts on “3 Simple Steps To Find Your Online Job”

  1. These are great things to start… I want also to add that you need a simple, solid and repeatable formula. One that can put you into positive cash flow very quickly and repeat again and again according to how much money you wish to earn.

  2. Linked In is a great place to join specific groups for finding employment or for recruiting job seekers.

    I also recommend freelance work from the many freelance sites that can make finding online work that much easier.


  3. Hola Pradeep!

    I took time with grammatical error and the systematic of the writing too. I have never applied for a formal job with formal resumes, but I prepared one anyway. See many friends just copy-paste the sections and do it ordinarily. I think it’s better to keep it simple and within the expected length, but show off all your skills and potencies.

  4. I’ve read that social networking can be decisive for employers to hire a person. But the most important are I believe, the cover letter and resumé. These traditional ways of looking into an applicant’s competency are still on the top of it.

    • Completely agree with yo mate ! impressive and innovative cover letters is one of the tricks to get job


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