Optimizing Your Blog To Get Organic Traffic

Irrespective of whether you prefer to undertake SEO on your own or hire a professional to do it, it is absolutely imperative to make the website successful. So what are all the things that you need to do to optimize your website to rank better on top search engines? Here are some tips to guarantee you constant organic traffic and hence boosted sales eventually.

Keyword Research

Search engines can get readers to your blog through the keyword phrases they type on the search bar. If your blog post is optimized for that keyword, then it will be ranked higher of search engine results pages (SERPs). The more visible your content is, the more people will find you.

It is, therefore, necessary that you optimize your blog posts for specific keywords. The best practice is to choose one keyword and optimize your post for it; you may use some variants of it. Make sure you use the main keyword in the blog title and at least in one of the h2 or h3 tags.

If you try to optimize your posts for too many keywords it is hard to get ranked easily.

Organic Traffic

Website Optimization

One should try to optimize all the pages on the website with proper HTML tagging like giving importance to keywords in the title and the description of the purpose of the website. This way the crawlers of the search engines will be able to find your content easily and get them higher rankings as well.

For instance, when I search for “HellBoundBloggers” this is what I see in Google’s SERP.


From what I see, I can say that Pradeep wants HBB to be branded as a “technology blog”. That is why he uses the word “technology both in the blog’s title and in the description:

Title: HellBound Bloggers (HBB) – The International Source For Technology ….

Description: HellBound Bloggers (HBB) is a Technology Blog and Web Community about Social Media, Blogging, Softwares, Reviews, and Tutorials created by Pradeep Kumar.

Also, make sure that your website is structured well with neat HTML tree. For blogs with premium themes, or for blogs that are custom designed by a reputable designer, this should not be a problem.

Unique Rich Content

It is needless to say that visitors are out there looking for quality and original information that is not duplicated in any way with other websites. The content on the website has to be one that offers the reader a need to stay on and holds his interest compelling them to come back for more.

Since the Google Panda, unique content is much valued by the search engines and they will drive people to your website if they find that you are offering quality content – not a joke.

Article Marketing

One of the most easiest and affordable options these days to use SEO is by writing articles and publishing them into various article directories. After the Panda update, many thought that article marketing is dead. It is not dead but has undergone a massive change.

When you submit good quality articles, quality traffic pours into your website apart from getting backlinks that boost the ranking of the website on major search engines.

Social Bookmarking

This is the latest thing in the world of blogging. Any website can now make use of all the sharing widgets along with the content which offers umpteen opportunities to reach out to as many people as possible.

Try to share the web content on as many social media sites as possible every day in order to generate unimaginable volumes of free traffic to your website. This helps one to actively participate on other websites which in turn bring a lot of visitors and co-website owners to visit your website for quality information. Also, this helps your website get good back links that again will help you to rank better on search engines.

It certainly pays to pay heed to all the important SEO tips that have been discussed here and be sure of getting successful results for your website very soon. But I must insist that simply reading won’t help; you must be willing to implement these tips to see the results.

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  1. These are definitely good tips to optimize one's blog to get more organic traffic. I am not too good with codes actually, but can you take a look at my blog and advice if there is any optimization

  2. From here, i gathered a lot of points to increase high traffic to the web site.Thank you so much for sharing your valuable points on here. It's really great effort 🙂

  3. Here are great tips to optimize blogs for search engine.Yeah keyword phrase are important for search, it should be carefully optimized for better SERP. But I think Unique content is the master of all Jacks.

  4. All are general concepts, not new………. but in a simple and unique way that is why I like them very much and again refreshed my SEO techniques. Thanks a lot Jane & Pradeep.

  5. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for sharing this article. Organic traffic is very important so is promoting the article.

  6. Hi Jane,

    Can you tell me few social bookmarking sites from where I can get backlinks as well? I've been using stumbleupon very much but don't see any backlink. Your help will be appreciated.

  7. Awesome. These are definitely good tips to optimize one's blog to get more organic traffic. I am not too good with codes actually, but can you take a look at my blog and advice if there is any optimization I should do? Thanks a tonne! 🙂


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