3 Best On Page Optimization Tips For Your SEO Success

On Page SEOThe process of search engine optimization works perfectly well only when you combine the on page and off page optimization process together. This makes is quite clear-cut that your SEO campaign will not work well, if you’ll neglect any of these optimization techniques.

You can imagine it with the help of a baker’s example. It is true that a baker will need to advertise its bakery for doing better business, but the first and foremost thing that he’ll have to do is to bake delicious cakes by adding the most liked and asked for ingredients. Similarly, if your site is missing your major keywords, and all that is being searched after in your business niche, there won’t be any benefit of handling the off page part.

Here you have 3 of the best on page optimization tips to help you rank well and do well!

1. Your Domain Name

Haven’t you seen some of the movies bringing in really lots of audience just because of its fascinating name and the names of its popular stars? This works the same for the websites. They get displayed at the topmost positions of the search engine result pages when they include the most sought after terms, or in the SEO appropriate language, they include the keywords in your niche.

It has been found that many small and medium sites have done miraculously well when optimized well and most importantly when their keywords were placed in their domain names. Indeed, in many cases, the sites did so wonderfully well that they left even the most famous sites like Wikipedia and Amazon behind in the SERP positioning. So this makes it pretty important to place your keywords in your domain name.

2. Your Title Tags

Your Title Tags are the next most important things. These are second to be seen things after your domain name. Searchers use your Title Tag to decide whether or not your page is really made for them. And if you add inappropriate words in them, surely your targeted searchers won’t stay on your page for long.

Here are few essential things that you need to consider while working with your Title Tags.

First, keep them short and sweet, the current limit placed by Google on them is 70 characters, but if you can keep them a little lesser, it’ll be better. Second, use pipe (|), arrows (< or >), dash (-), or colon (:) in separating your words. The best among these is a colon as it takes least space. Third, remove out the articles like “a”, “am”, “the”, if possible. Fourth, don’t forget to place your major keywords. Fifth and final, for your home page, pick up the major keywords in your niche whereas for the other pages pick up the ones relevant with the products or services on that particular page, picking up your brand name is also a good way.

3. Meta Description Tags

What does your Meta Description Tags do for you? Straight forwardly, they don’t do much. But you still can’t deny their importance. They may not get you better ranking but can surely bring the most targeted audiences to your site. So, you’ll have to write the most relevant Meta Description for your site. Choose the most appropriate words, don’t forget your major keywords, and be sure to include your brand. It should be written in such a way that it gives the gist of your site to the readers. Though the search engines prefer to have the Meta Description to be in less than 250 characters, it is best to keep it in about 150 to 200 characters. If possible keep them below 200 characters, say up to 180 or 170.

The above mentioned 3 best On Page Optimization tips will help you optimize your site well and be successful in your SEO campaign.

This article is written by Sunny Makkar. He is from SEOCommunity which provides a platform to all Indian SEO Professionals, Webmasters, Bloggers and Internet Marketers.

28 thoughts on “3 Best On Page Optimization Tips For Your SEO Success”

  1. If you want better CTR then your Article must be genuine and unique. Your title should be eye catchy and mustr include all your targeted keyword. Try to write genuine description as well to get better traffic than your competitors.

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  3. I agree about the meta tags description. I came to know about the importance of meta tags after reading some posts. I feel that meta tag is that short description in which we have to write in such a way that it compels the reader to find more about our site.

  4. Ofcourse,These 3 steps are very important in SEO.However to get domain name on targeted keyword is difficult.But we can use our targeted keywords on inner folders.Meta title is strongest part if ON page.When title tag have no space to put targeted keywords then placing that keywords in meta description tag is another best policy.
    Simply I can say,this blog post is like a best guide for those who are beginners in ON page SEO.

  5. Some people just too focus on build backlink but they forget the most important part of onsite SEO.

    Even you rank good in SERP, but you have a wrong and unrelated meta title , meta description and domain name . You will get traffic but yet high bounce rate.

    So every landing page must have relate meta title and description.

    Domain with keywords, mostly people will click on it like buydomain.com. Because they understand what they will get in the content. So make sure it content keyword in domain which related.

  6. Selecting a good domain name is always an important task to do.It attract many users if the name is appealing itself

  7. I totally agree with Nicholas. It is important to optimize your internal & external outbound links for search engines as well as to give your visitors a better navigation. One more technique can be used called image optimization. If your site has lot of images, you need to optimize them too as they can’t be read by the search engines. It’s very easy for a human reader to interpret the image into its meaning. However for a Web crawler the whole interpreting process is completely different. Search Engine spiders can only read text but not images. So you need to use some special tags for your images in order to give them some meaning.

  8. Very nice point put by you, Sunny.

    I totally agree with you on the importance of the domain name – and liked the example you have taken (movies) 😉

    One more point for on page optimization would be to give an alt attribute to your images. I have tried it on my blog and it works. It feels awesome when sometime, for targeted keywords, I rank above Wikipedia 😉

  9. I am having a hard time with the meta description tag in my blogs. Majority of my blogs is built in Blogger platform and whenever I put meta description in my homepage, it will be duplicated to all of my pages. And I know it will be treated as duplicated by Google. I've been searching for solution for this problem but until now, none of them actually work.

    • Hi Allen,

      I faced this same issue around 2 years back when I started my blogging journey with Blogger.

      There is a solution to this problem which can be easily applied 🙂

      I tried this on my blog and it worked (This is as per the experience I had when I was on blogger; all my blogs are hosted on WordPress now.)

      Please check out the below tutorials and you will get rid of this meta data duplication issue.



      Please feel free to let me know here, if you are stuck anywhere 🙂

        • The changes that you make will be effective instantly but it may take 1-2 weeks for Google and other search engines to index these changes… Also, it would be beneficial if you submit your sitemap to Search Engines… if not already done so…

  10. I like your tips. That's why the first thing you think to consider when you are doing a website is its domain name. If you can get a good domain name, you are almost there. Hehe… not easy to find a good domain name these days.

  11. No doubt in that these 3 options are very useful to make our site best on the web. But for this we need work carefully with these options.

    Beside that i like some lines too much in your blog post which you mentioned like that ""remove out the articles like “a”, “am”, “the”, if possible and don’t forget to place your major keywords."" these are really very important words to keep in mind when anybody working on make a site for their business.

  12. Choosing a domain name adhering to exact niche is very difficult with the present rate of domains getting booked, but is definitely a win case in terms of SEO or traffic with exact relevent domain. Title tags and even bolding the words appropriately holds good in terms of crawlers. Nice article , Sunny 🙂

  13. Even though meta tags have been written off by many people, I have had a positive referral due to them, with certain posts. Of course the significance of exact domain names cannot be underestimated, and certain keyword rich domains cost a lot of money. But one can build a website without the keywords as well…

  14. Although off-page optimization appears to be important, there is no reason to neglect the on-page optimization. Both are equally important in SEO

  15. Hey Sunny,

    That's right, you have to combine the perfect harmony between on page and off page optimization. I focus mainly on these three things and also keyword density and external links. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Optimizing a blog for targeted reader is very important. Post should have a fascinating title with strong keywords is the key. BTW nice tips


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