12 WordPress Plugins To Enhance Your Blog’s Performance

Are you not happy with the loading time of your WordPress Blog? Do you think it’s time to reduce the bandwidth usage of your blog without affecting its performance? Do you want to provide a much better experience to your visitors? Then, please keep on reading because this article would cover the 12 WordPress Plugins that will help you to enhance the performance of your blog.

WordPress Plugins

1. WP-DBManager: – This is one of the Plugins that will save you whenever the database of your blog is destroyed or becomes corrupt. WP-DBManager allows you to optimize, repair and backup your database with one click. You can also automatically schedule backup of your databases and can configure it to email. To download this Plugin click here.

2. WP Security Scan: – This Plugin will scan your WordPress blog for all kinds of security vulnerabilities on your blog and will save your site from all kind of hackers. To download this Plugin click here.

3. WP Super Cache: – This Plugin will improve the performance of your blog by generating static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog. After creation of static html files, your web server will show light static files instead of heavy PHP files. This Plugin will speed up the performance of your blog and saves a lot of your bandwidth. To download this Plugin click here.

4. WP Minify: – This is another blog performance optimization Plugin which will compress CSS files and the  JavaScript code of your blog by removing the redundant code which will improve your page load time and save bandwidth. To download this Plugin click here.

5. Redirection: – This Plugin will help you to manage 301 redirections and to keep track of 404 errors on your blog. You can use this Plugin to add 301 redirects to any post when its URL changes or on pages with identical content but different URL extensions like index.php and without it. You can also use to Plugin when you are migrating posts from one blog to another. To download this Plugin click here.

6. Broken Link Checker: – This Plugin once activated will monitor your blog for broken links and will notify you by showing a message on your blog dashboard if found. The time this Plugin will take to parse all your posts depends on the size of your site. To download this Plugin click here.

7. WP-Ban: – This Plugin will help you to ban an IP address, IP range, Specific Host name, referral URL with one click.  You can also show a custom message to people whenever somebody from your banned list tries to access your blog. To download this Plugin click here.

8. One Click Plugin Updater: – As the name says, this Plugin will allow you to install or update any new Plugin and theme with one click and save you lots of time. To download this Plugin click here.

9. Google XML Sitemaps: – This Plugin will create XML sitemaps for search engines so that the spiders can easily find the posts on your blog. In addition to that, this Plugin will also notify search engines every time you create a new post on your blog so that your post can indexed by search engines quickly. To download this Plugin click here.

10. Theme Test Drive: – This Plugin will allow you to test any new theme on your blog at the backend and your visitors in time will see the old theme of your blog only without noticing any difference on your blog. To download this Plugin click here.

11. SEO Friendly Images: – This Plugin will automatically add the Alt and Title attributes to images, if they don’t have those attributes already. In addition to that, this Plugin will make the post W3C/xHTML valid as well. To download this Plugin click here.

12. Platinum SEO Pack: – If you are already using All-in-One SEO Plugin then you should try this Plugin for sure. This Plugin provides much more features than All-in-One SEO. This Plugin will automatically generate Meta data for your posts, manage redirects, and insert canonical tags on pages with duplicate content and a lot more. To download this Plugin click here.

This article is written by Raz Barr. He is a Web Designer at Go-gulf, a web design company in Beirut that provides high quality website development and logo designing services in various areas of Middle-East.

50 thoughts on “12 WordPress Plugins To Enhance Your Blog’s Performance”

  1. Hi, I am new to blogging. But I wanted to start blogging after reading your blog.
    I want to start a mobile review site. Is it a good option (I am familiar with mobile models and specs).
    Can you suggest me a plugin to add filter widget on my website to filter the product by its some specs (like brand, price, launched year, ram, etc). If you suggest me plugin it is very helpful to me. Please. (I will start wesite in couple of days

    • Hi Sarath,

      “I want to start a mobile review site. Is it a good option”

      Regardless which niche you pick, it’s entirely up to your passion, which decides whether it’s a good option or not. Mobiles are trending and we get plenty of information every day.

      “Can you suggest me a plugin to add filter widget on my website to filter the product by its some specs”

      As of now, there isn’t any specific plugin for this purpose, but it’s possible on WordPress(.org) platform, you can hire a developer for that. 🙂

  2. This list seems to very different than I thought, you have mentioned that we can achieve most of the functionalities by coding – could you guide me to any one blog or website where I can find those tutorials or codes as I am new to this optimizing WordPress.

    By the way, Thanks for the awesome post.

  3. I am using All in One SEO on my site http://www.gadgetandprice.com but every blogger says that Yoast is the best one but I never tried it so want to go for it in my new blog what you say should I go for Yoast or Platinum SEO Pack that you mentioned above.

  4. I highly recommend using W3 Total Cache over WP Super Cache. I use it on all my blogs and it really helps with speed. Its a little hard to get your head around at first but its well worth persevering with it though and learn what all the options do.

  5. These small plugin are very crucial in speeding up blog upload time. buddy can you tell me that these plugins will or will not require any adjustment in wordpress coding?
    Because sometime installing plugins raises some problems and need hosting a/c adjustments.

  6. Some very good plugins in there, I have noticed you did not give wp-optimize a slot in that list. I tried it out recently and it allowed me to 1-click delete 1000’s of old spam comment and posts revisions. Its truly a must for any blog. Its the first time I hear about the WP ban plugin, sounds like a useful plugin to fight spammers with. Thanks for the post, much appreciated!

  7. can u plz suggest a plugin that can automatically ban ip address if the site/blog gets more than x no of click in a given period of time or if an ip address visits too often. but before the ip is blocked i want to set the above statistics.

  8. I’ll second the nomination for W3 Total Cache. It contains more options than WP Super Cache. It can do the work of WP Super Cache and WP Minify as well as many other tweaks to improve the performance of your blog.

    Other than that, I have used, or currently use many of the plugins you listed above.

  9. these are really nice collection of plugins… i didnt know about most of them plugins previously..thanks or making us aware about such useful plugins…

  10. Nice list!
    I'm already using a few of them. Some I've never heard about before.
    Time to try them 🙂

  11. Those who aren’t afraid of tricky plug-in configurations should take a look @ W3 Total Cache. With it’s CDN functionality, it’s a piece of wonder cache plug-in. Loves it! 😉

  12. easy adsenser plugin is best suitable for adsense purpose, it displaying ads inside the post bottom and top, also widget support,, i installed on my blog, much satisfied with that plugin

  13. Wp – minify with CSS optimizer works really great, They are must use plugins, if you consider to reduce the load time of the website.

  14. I always like these lists and end up finding some plugin I had never used before, headed to get the broken link checker now!

  15. I have tried a number of these but there are several on your list that I haven’t tried. Thanks for the recommendations.

  16. I love the Broken Link Checker and I use it on all my blogs, but I am not sure if I am going to use the one Click plugin updater!

    nice list!

    • One click plugin updater is not quite required because the default updater is really efficient and fast without much hassles.

      Broken link checker is really good to help maintain a good image in the Google’s eye..

  17. Try this plugins also bcoz its very much usefull from iframe attack from server side
    AskApache Password Protect

    great and usefull list buddy….


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