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Microsoft ResearchMicrosoft Research always comes up with cool concepts, prototypes. Two Researchers from MSR’s Redmond Lab have come up with this cool concept of LightSpace taking surface computing to next level. Here is the description from MSR’s Projects Page. I tried to embed Silverlight Smooth Streaming player to show the video, but it didn’t work. Combining Multiple Depth Cameras and Projectors for Interactions On, Above, and Between Surfaces.

Instrumented with multiple depth cameras and projectors, LightSpace is a small room installation designed to explore a variety of interactions and computational strategies related to interactive displays and the space that they inhabit. LightSpace cameras and projectors are calibrated to 3D real world coordinates, allowing for projection of graphics correctly onto any surface visible by both camera and projector.

Selective projection of the depth camera data enables emulation of interactive displays on un-instrumented surfaces (such as a standard table or office desk), as well as facilitates mid-air interactions between and around these displays.

For example, after performing multi-touch interactions on a virtual object on the tabletop, the user may transfer the object to another display by simultaneously touching the object and the destination display. Or the user may “pick up” the object by sweeping it into their hand, see it sitting in their hand as they walk over to an interactive wall display, and “drop” the object onto the wall by touching it with their other hand. We detail the interactions and algorithms unique to LightSpace, discuss some initial observations of use and suggest future directions.

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    1. Came across this quote on web, "The LightSpace prototype projects slides, documents, photographs or video onto any surface, from a table to a door. Presenters can then touch and literally pick up a virtual item from a display and carry it across the room as a spot of light in the palm of their hand."

  1. All these things we saw in science fiction movies are now becoming reality. Kinda scary but a very cool product and I hope they do well with it. It makes me wonder where we are headed and how much further we can go with technology. It sure can't get too much smaller 🙂

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