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The Soul Of Young Bloggers — Restrictions They Face


Young BloggersBlogging is one among the passions and hobbies of millions around the world. At least 10% of them are below 18, reports suggest. But the sad side of the story is that, the registration of domains and web hosting services is available only for the ones above 18. Thus thousands of young bloggers are still facing problems taking their blog into a new level.

I am also one among such bloggers. As I am below 18, I’m not able to register a custom domain other than the free ones. They can’t even try to use the best web hosting pack available. Thus the status of my blog has been tied up during the past few years. A custom domain is a must for today’s blogging system. As most of us look for custom domains rather than sub-domains. But the truth behind such a scenario is that sub-domain registered blogs have better quality posts as they are working hard to gain visitors. This system should be changed. Minimum age for registering a domain must be reduced to 10.

Thus the young and talented bloggers around us will be able to pull up their blog’s ranking upwards and thereby they will be able to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. Hope that this post will raise a social cause and the authorities would take necessary steps for the uplift of such young stars.

Above 18 Registration

Another sad issue is that we, the young bloggers are still unable to display ads. As the popular ad network – Adsense and the providers allows it only after the age of 18. But this criterion has some legal explanations and logic thus let us keep it aside. But the case of domains is not like that.

It is not at all difficult to find such illegal registrars and resellers. If you need a domain or ad-sense account before the age of 18, it is as simple as getting a lollipop. The illegal resellers are that common. But due to the social responsibilities as a blogger, we try our level best to stay away from such malpractices. But the young generation may not be able to resist such offers for long. So I think that this is a social issue too.

Let us dream that the authorities would grant permission to the young generation to acquire domains and hosting legally.

Admin’s Note : HBB is a democratic site and hope you will love to have a different perspective on the issue.

Almost half the talented people out there are below 18 and still there is a restriction. Do share your opinions below as comments.

This guest article is written by Mohammed Ibrahim, a 15 year old blogger settled in Dubai who has lots of dreams and tries to conquer one by one. If you wish to write a guest article here, do check this.


Mohammed Ibrahim is a 15 year old blogger settled in Dubai who has lots of dreams and tries to conquer one by one.

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    • Choco

      A clever young blogger like you deserves to have an opportunity to be able to make use of your blogging skills and earn freely. But I also do understand the importance of the restrictions for young people like you.
      I guess the best way for you to achieve your goals now is to ask for your parent’s support and guidance, you still need that at your age. It’s easy for other young teens to misuse any privilege online and fall prey to internet predators if age restrictions are being taken away.
      You can still choose to live your dreams. For the mean time, give your parents the chance to help you. Goodluck!

    • Matt

      Owning a domain name or a website is not illegal at any age in the USA. While some companies may restrict their offers to only persons over the age of 18, that is a company policy, not a law. You can be 7 years old and own a domain and have your own web hosting and blog.

      Some countries, provinces or townships may have age restrictions as well, I have not researched it in detail but the simple fact is there is no federal regulation that prohibits minors from owning a domain or hosting for US based web hosts.

    • Mani Viswanathan

      I agree with you on this. I started my online journey when I was 15. Now m almost nearing 18. So just waiting for that moment. So that I can shift my online payments to my bank account ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Jason

      Mohammed, the bestest of wishes to you in al your future dreams. It’s quite remarkable to see that there are more and more young people joining the blogosphere as every new year creeps by. In fact – it’s shocking! There are grown up people all over the world who can hardly manage to match their liabilities and financial duties. Then come youngesters and make thousands per month – being busy (not with a job) but with a hobby.
      It’s a sad thing that there’s an age restriction to it – yes. But I think as more and more teenagers join in the internet wealth – companies will decide otherwise.

    • esoftload

      i think age is not a problem at all… before 18 you can use your parents name and after 18 you can change it your name…. even companies have some policies with which they can’t compromise….

    • Rajeel

      Hi, me too a young blogger like you and i too agree with your view man….The age limit must be decreased to atleast 13 years, so many sites does like it. Anyway, apart from some worst occasions, i have never thought that age is a barrier between me and blogging. But family is the real barrier in my case ;(….My parents are not so interested in me spending time before computers and so i’m getting very less time to blogs…..There must be several young bloggers like me who are forced to quit blogging and study … I think it’s the real restriction of teen bloggers…But that too is for our good na

    • Ajith Edassery

      Well, you have a point there talented young man. However, for anything in life there’re age restrictions (and caps as well) – whether it is voting rights, usage of credit cards, minimum age to get married, to hold an account what have you.

      As some of the other young bloggers suggested, all financial transactions should be in your parents name until you hit 18 ๐Ÿ™‚

      Good luck to you!

    • Prabal

      Yup so true, many young bloggers are using domains etc on there names of parents. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Vinayak Nagri

      Yes dude, you are right.. we young bloggers also deserve these rights which only 18+ bloggers are getting

    • Murugappan Meiyappan

      I am a 14-yr-old who writes at I neither own my own domain nor my hosting or adsense account nor do i have them in my parents account.
      Earning your first cent under your own name gives you a pleasure, I’m waiting for it.
      I just have to wait for 4 more years, After all. Till then I should concentrate on my writing skills I suppose.

    • Jasmine

      Age should not be a problem as you can always ask your parents or elder siblings to help you. Cheers!

    • vicky89

      well , good article with great info. i as a new blogger need these info to survive.
      thank you dude for posting.
      and keep them posted.

    • Robin

      Age is not at all a barrier bro ๐Ÿ™‚ just go for your parents or brother identity to purchase these things. Wishing you all the very best and god bless you for all your future success. Cheers.

    • Irfan Siddiqui

      Its a pain of our generation we are talented more but these restriction would never let us come forward. I too is using my dads account to withdraw my fund to his account.

    • Rahul @ MazaKaro

      Honestly I think it should stay at 18 cause every child is not like you and does not think the way you do

    • Reshab |

      agreed with your thoughts.. but the only solution is what Atul said, registered them in your parents name, then when you gone older transfer them on your name.. good luck for your blogging career…

    • Gouthaman Karunakaran

      That’s sad, I hope that young bloggers are given more freedom, but, until then one great idea would be registering for domains & ad networks with their parent/guardian’s profile.

    • Kimberly Castleberry

      This is a very touching story but with the exception of someone who might be without parental guardians its important to ask why a young blogger is not getting parental assistance with these issues. It is vital for parents to be in touch with the activities of their children – including their business involvement and blogging nuances.

    • Praveen

      This is sad and authorities must consider people above 14 for blogging

    • Jane@Find All Answers

      This article is really touching. Yes, I can imagine how horrible it would be to just deny someone for their age. Of course, one can go about different routes to get things done, but why take the pain? I am tweeting this post to create a social cause.

    • Athul @Juniorhero

      Mohammed, I am a 14 year old blogger wih my own domain, hosting and all that stuffs and for adsense registration etc i uses my parents name.

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