8 Tips To Build An Engaging Email List In 2018

The money is in the list.

I’m sure you’ve heard it 100 times. The reason why is because having an email list is essential to making money if you own your own business.

Many people over the years have said that email is dead when in fact the ROI of email is increasing because of all the advanced tools created every day to help you get more out of email.

Email is not dead. And yes, the money is in the list.

What is dead is hundreds of the methods that people used to use with email, like black hat techniques to rank on google. These methods are dead. There are a few methods that worked very well in 2017 and will continue to work in 2018.

Here Are The Top 9 Tips To Build Your Email List In 2018:

1. Add a Viral Element to Your Opt-in

What’s better than getting 10 subscribers from every hour you spend promoting your posts/etc? Having those subscribers work for you to bring in even more subscribers.

Add A Viral Element To Your Opt In

And the new ones bring you more subscribers, and so on.

Like a snowball rolling down a hill, it starts small, but with time it becomes so big that you can’t stop it. You can create the same effect with your email list.

I first heard about this idea from Noah Kagan. In his traffic 1m course, when you opt-in to receive the first email in the course, you are redirected to a page where you’re given more bonuses worth $2500 if you share some info about the course on Twitter and email it to a friend.

Would you do it? 70% or more of the people seeing the offer did it, bringing in more people and those people brought in more, creating a chain reaction.

You can even do this without hiring a developer. Luckily, Bryan Harris created a plugin called Smart Bribe. He said that because of applying the above technique, he was able to increase his traffic by 22%.

2. Use the Upside Down Homepage

Another great technique I learned from Bryan Harris.

Use The Upside Down Homepage

We all build homepages the traditional way. There’s a navigation menu at the top where you show readers different pages on your site, and the main purpose of your homepage is to show how great your website is and to link to tons of pages on your blog, and then at the end, you have an opt-in form.

What about flipping the script?

Yep, move everything at the top to the bottom and vice versa. So you put your opt-in form first thing on the homepage and your navigation menu at the bottom.

After all, the money is in the list. And your primary goal is to build your email list, so why put it at the bottom?

If you want to check out some great examples of homepages that use this technique, then check out:

More and more people are using it because of its effectiveness, you need to hop on and try it. If you’re wondering how to build yours, check out this template from Thrive Architect.

3. Write Epic Shit

Corbett Barr first said this phrase back in 2012, and it couldn’t be more accurate today.

He created a post to show people how writing epic content is essential for every successful blog. You can check out his post here.

It’s been the key to building a successful business since the Internet first started.

One piece of epic content can do wonders for your business. Why waste your time writing 10 short, useless posts?

Focus your effort on writing one high-quality post, and promote the hell out of it.

I could write a 10,000-word article on this topic, which I may do soon 🙂

In the meantime, you can check out these epic posts that show you how to do the same:

These blog posts will help you create epic content. Take the time and write one piece of heroic content. It can do you wonders. Don’t try to create multiple posts a day. Even if that means writing one post a month, go for it. It’s better than creating 30 low-quality jobs a month.

4. Create Content Upgrades For Popular Posts

A content upgrade is an incentive you give to your readers when they read any of your post that helps them in applying what is in the post or give them extra resources/tips.

So, for example, you see a post, and you like what’s in it. And then you’re asked to give your email in return for a checklist or more resources. Would you do it? Absolutely. These convert 20-30% of visitors, which is better than the 0.5-2% of a conventional sidebar opt-in.

You can do the same with your epic content. Start with already published and favorite posts on your blog.

You can find these in the Google Analytics Audience report. After you do that, think about an incentive that your visitors would be happy to give you their email address for when they read that post.

Maybe more tips? More resources to help them apply what was shared? A template that they could use? A checklist or cheat sheet with all the steps so they could refer to it (I love this one the most)?

As you can see, it’s the simple things that attract subscribers like hungry children for a birthday cake. Don’t over complicate things.

After you decide on it, create it, save it as a pdf, and then add the opt-in form in that post.

If you want to learn more about the technical side of how to do this, check out this post, The Complete Guide to Setting up Post Specific Bonuses with Mailchimp (save yourself $300/month).

The link above will teach you how to do it with MailChimp and lead pages without needing to use infusionsoft.

5. Make Use of the Author Byline

This is something I learned from James Clear. He is a great marketer and has a great blog about productivity and self-improvement.

Make Use Of The Author Byline

One day, I found that he added an opt-in form in the byline and I think that was genius.

And when you click on it, an opt-in form is shown. Brilliant! A great way to sneak an opt-in form without being pushy.

You can do the same using Leadboxes in Leadpages or by using Thrive Architect.

6. Write Guest Posts

I know it’s an old method, but it still works. Yes, the quantity of subscribers is much lower than back in the days, but again, guest post subscribers are the most engaged ones. They already read your stuff, and they like it, so they’re subscribing because they know that you share high-quality stuff.

You could add content upgrades for your guest posts to get more subscribers.

But the real value of guest posts is not in the number of subscribers you get directly from it. The cost is in the relationship that you build with the author of the blog.

If you create favorite posts, they’ll be happy to return the favor and maybe share your posts in the future with their big audience, or maybe help you by promoting a paid course, thus sending your buyers directly.

That’s why guest blogging should be in your marketing plan in 2018.

7. Test Your Placements

A/B split testing has grown in popularity over the last year. You need to test to find out how you can get the most amount of subscribers from the same amount of visitors.

That means testing different placements on the same page, testing different opt-in forms, testing the wording of the opt-in form, testing the timing of the appearance of the form, and maybe testing the opt-in offer itself.

Don’t bother with this if your site gets less than 10,000 visitors a month; instead, focus on growing first.

But once you get enough visitors, start testing to get the best results.

You can do split testing in Thrive Architects for every form. I like the testing system there. If you want to test with landing pages, check out the landing pages.

8. Use the Poster Boy Formula

Another great way to build your email list is to use the poster boy formula. This term was coined by Bryan Harris (I mentioned him a lot because he is a true list-building genius).

Use The Poster Boy Formula

In this formula, you become the poster boy for a product or a course or maybe for an article.

After you apply the stuff shared in a post, share your results with the author.

Authors love to brag that their content/product works. That’s why they’ll be willing to post about you, thus getting more traffic to your blog.

Here’s an example where Bryan was able to get featured on Noah’s course “How to make $1000 a month.”

This mention leads him to appear on Lifehacker and get more buyers for his course.

Lifehacker Mention

Start Building Your List

A lot of people think it’s harder to build your list nowadays, but it isn’t. All you need to do is use the right techniques.

In this post, you learned the 8 techniques that will work in 2018. Take action and start applying them now.

Do this, and you will grow your list in 2018.

What is Google Sandbox? How You Can Protect Your Blog?

Google Sandbox will be a new term for most of the bloggers. Blogging world has so much term and you will be aware about them as you will dig more into blogging. As blogging became a viral system for youngsters and everyone is doing blogging just by seeing his or her friends.

As you know there is crowd of blogs as well as bloggers and everyone is trying to get ranked on first page of Google. People are doing even some wrong methods to have better ranking so that they can attract more advertisers for their blogs and can make more money.


What Actually Google Sandbox Is?

Google Sandbox is a Google Algorithm which keep tracks of the methods you are trying to build backlinks for you blogs. This will track the IP address of your computer and will notice how frequently and how much backlinks you are building for your blog either they are blog comments or guest blogging.

As you know blog commenting is the most easiest way to build backlinks but how frequently you are building backlinks for you matters a lot.

How You Can Protect Your Blog?

No doubt Google is the GOD in the internet world. everyone want to be on the first page of Google. But Google don’t love the cheap and fake methods which you are trying to fool them. Below you can see some.

Never Copy any Post

Copying is always a crime either it is your school or internet world. It is very easy to copy someone’s article and paste on your blog and get the fame. But google crawler is smarter the you, because it will find which was the original article and its going to put you in Google Sandbox. If you are dong this practice again and again.

Never do too much Comments

Commenting is the easiest way to build backlinks as well as to get sandboxed. Yes, I am saying this true because Google know about your activities and they know how you are doing commenting and how valuable comments you are leaving.

Too much commenting can lead to face big problem in future. Because if you will continue this then Google Sandbox will put you in spam list and every-time you will do comment on any blog it will go in spam commenting only. And you know it very well what is the ratio of approving spam comments and real comments. So don’t overdo this practice if you want to run long time blog.

If you want to be in the safe zone then never do too much commenting and if you want to do this then use any of good proxy software.

Tor Browser is the best browser for anonymous internet surfing. Some tips to be safe from Sandbox :

Don’t use any unethical way

Unethical ways always leads to disaster and they are going to destroy your blog credentials and once you will be in Google Sandbox then it is very difficult to come out from there.

These unethical ways include Fake Visits, Fake comments, Copied Articles etc.

In my final words I would like to say that don’t try to fool Google because once they will put your domain in Google Sandbox that will be a bad experience for you and I know most of the bloggers will leave blogging also, so its much better to stay in safe zone.

Use HootSuite To Automate Your Social Presence

Social Media has been integrated in our lives that people are spending too much time on Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Google Plus etc. These wonderful platforms are giving too much business also. We are spreading our voice using these tools and expending our businesses. Specially Bloggers are getting too much traffic from Facebook and twitter. But we are too much busy in writing posts that we find very less time to promote our blog regularly and making more engagement with the Fans. So can have spare time for other projects once we will automate all the fan pages and this will not take more then 2-3 hours for one week automation. There is one good statement regarding Social Media that –

If you want more LIKES or FOLLOWERS then keep your Present FANS Busy

So how we can automate all the process that we can get our Fans busy. For getting rid of this issue there is tool available in the market called HootSuite. Here is the tutorial how you can make full automation.

1. SignUp for HootSuite

Hootsuite is giving one month FREE signup so you can register yourself and understand the features.


2. Click on Create a New Tab and add stream

You can different tabs for different Profiles and Fan Pages. So add on + sign and start adding your Streams.

HootSuite - Stream

3. Add Your Streams

This includes all famous Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, WordPress etc. Once you will authenticate your account this will show all your Fan Pages and Accounts so you can select the accounts according to your need.

HootSuite - Stream

4. Select your Profile/Page at top

All your added profiles will be shown in the upper section from where you can select the Profile or Page you want to automate.

HootSuite - Profile

5. Schedule your Message

Here is the final task where you can do automation of your wall updates for full month. You can set the frequency of your wall updation according to your need.

HootSuite - Schedule

Another Good features

You can add Analytic for your Account so you can track all your messages and your presence on Social Media.

HootSuite - Analytics

You can add RSS fields also using HootSuite which have some good in built short url feature. So you would be happy after reading this because now you have no worry about updation for your FanPage. Share this post with your Friends so that they can also enjoy the Social Media Automation.

5 Things Bloggers Can Learn From 2 Years Old Baby

Blogging is a habit which once made will not be easy to Quit. Because apart from making money online you can also make Good Relations with the other Bloggers, not from your country but also can explore the whole World. Being a Blogger itself is a proud feeling because only a few people in the world have the writing skill. You can learn the tactics of Blogging from your daily life activities even, like while watching wrestling or watching movies. Recently I came across my two years old nephew, after observing his daily life activities I was amazed that what I can learn from this. Here is the list that I learnt from him.

Things Bloggers Can Learn From A Baby

1. Never Complain

Have you ever noticed a two-year-old child? He’ll never complain. The only thing he/she can do it is either laugh or cry. The same thing we can do in our life that we can take all our responsibilities on our shoulders. So that we can never complain about anybody that just because of you I am unsuccessful in Blogging. Friends no one is going to feed you with the spoon, all you have to do is just your own. So be a responsible person and keep concentrating on your Goal.

2. One Target

A two-year-old child has one target, once he/she asked for anything then what so ever or, however, he/she just need the thing. When you started Blogging what was your target and what was your dream just keep them in front of your eyes all the time. You remember the tale when Guru Dronacharaya asked Arjun what he was seeing when he ordered him for the Target. Arjun answered, “The only thing I am seeing is the sparrow’s eye.” The same thing is also suitable for the blogging.


5 Things Every Blogger Should Learn From Iron Man

3. Affection for Mother

A child has too much affection for the Mother, even he/she can feel her touch or with her voice. The same affection will have made for your Blog. You will have to love you blog if you want to succeed in life. Blogging is all about madness and passion and the only person succeed in this who have the Passion, not the Tension.

4. Fix Timing

A Child has fix timing for getting up early in the Morning, Taking food at a time and then going Bed at the fixed time even you can notice this thing. If you don’t have time for your Blog, then you are not going to make any Miracle, which you were thinking at the start of Blogging. This is all about keep doing the same thing daily and daily and daily and finally become the perfectionist of any Field. There is one good saying.

“It’s better to do small thing DAILY rather than planning BIG things occasionally.”

5. No Worries

A Small Child doesn’t have any worries like when to eat or how to eat etc. You should also not have any worries either you are earning from your blog or not. It has been proved in a study that most of the new bloggers QUIT in the first 90 days of Blogging.

When they see that no money is coming from the blog they just decide to QUIT blogging because QUITTING is a very easier thing. But my principal of life says –