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6 Quick & Simple Ways To Irritate Your Blog Visitors


Irritate VisitorsWell guys I am sure you must have opened this post after seeing the title as that is bit different, lol. So here I am after a bit of gap in HellBound Bloggers (HBB), one of the best blogging sites in India.

I am sure you could have read so many stuffs in famous blogs like HBB, techperk, SML and many more about the ways to keep your visitors stick to the Blog.

So now let us try something different i.e. let us try the upside down. I am going to teach some simple but easy ways to irritate your visitors easily. If you want to drive your visitors out of your Blog’s window then do not do all these listed or else try this and get tons and tons of 0 visitor daily, lol.

Earlier we shared an article about 5 simple things to make your blog Addictive and today we are going to see an upside down article. So let us start the ways now. Below I mentioned 6 quick and simple ways to irritate your blog visitors and also lovable readers!

#1 – Loading speed of the Blog : This is a simple but powerful way to irritate your visitors easily. Try to dump out so many widgets, plugins and videos on your Blog which will make your Site load really slow. Do not install Wp-Cache or any other cache plugins to make your Site load slower.

#2 – Advertisements : Hey this is the second thing you must do. Try to put minimum ten advertisements slots in a single page starting from your home page. Also use the blog roll to sell links and use them around your Blog. Try this and see the difference, this will even help you to get visitors in minus.

#3 – Popups : Haan, here is the next best idea. Try to put pop under ads on every single page of your Blog and do not limit the number of times the ads are shown to the visitors. Try to give some free e-books or newsletter in the site and make sure that the pop up box is displayed for all the pages all the time. Also put a pop up box and ask them to subscribe whenever the page gets closed. These are simple but powerful tricks, please do not share these with everyone.

#4 -Design : Try to change the design each and every week but I would humbly suggest you to change it every night you are back from office/College/School. These types of changing the designs will make the visitors happy and they will visit your Site/Blog daily. Also do not keep any links to other posts in your Blog i.e. try to keep very poor navigation structure around.

#5 – Publish Old Contents : Try to publish contents or news which came in the year 1995 and brand them as a hot one in your Blog. Hey believe me this will make the users believe that your Blog has more Authority.

#6 – Add more links : Please try to add hundreds of links inside the post for your other posts. This will make the users really happy and will also make them stay more time in your Blog.


Praveen Sivaraman is the Editor-in-Chief and CEO of Techperk. An Engineering Graduate with a passion for technology, a knack for writing and most importantly addicted to Blogging. Catch him on Twitter. His recent shares are collections of google chrome plugins and 2 ways to create custom google chrome themes.

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    • Prabal

      Haha 😀
      I also think that POP-UPS are the best way to irritate. 😉

    • Praveen

      @Sandeep Singh

      Thanks dude, glad that you liked it 🙂

    • Praveen

      Hi Bimal and Pritam@ Part Time Jobs

      You guys are absolutely correct and i agree with you all 🙂

    • Praveen

      Hi Seema Singh

      Excellent Tip Shared thanks a lot

    • Sandeep Singh

      nice post praveen !! slow loading is a very serious distraction !! this can go on to decrease frequent visitors too surely

    • Pritam@ Part Time Jobs

      Its very funny to implement these strategies so that you will remain the only person to read your blog.
      Lots of good things for new bloggers who uses such practice to make their visitors disapper. Advertisements are OK as majority of the people blog for making money only. Ads can occupy around 25% of the space of the blog and its OK.

    • Bimal

      Pop ups are a great way to send away your visitors!

    • Seema Singh

      Big text blogs are easy to get lost in. They also strain eyes and make reading difficult.
      Because it’s hard to scan. Let alone read. I suggest keeping paragraphs 1 to 7 lines long. Then your readers would read your post relaxingly and enjoyably. Ahhhh…

    • Shaquille Ray

      Slow loading sites piss me off sincerely.

      Pop ups are really annoying.

      Those are the 2 things that make me leave a site.

      Thanks for tips 🙂

    • Praveen

      Hi Shaquille Ray



      Glad that you liked it

    • Jose Tinto

      Good effort to being funny. 😀

    • www.ThePankajGupta.Com

      Advertisements is ok as long as you are proving good contents. Popup and loading time is the top factor to irritate visitors.. 😉

    • Praveen

      Hi icechen1

      True, even i will do the same.


      Glad that you liked it 🙂

    • Samuel

      lol sounds funny, you can use google adsense to fustrate the life of a visitor. You just keep slapping your blog with ads. Lol

    • Richard

      I like your sarcastic style in this article. I dislike popups the most from that list. I don’t use popups on my site for that reason.

    • Ipod 4 Touch

      nice article praveen , you know exactly how to drive away visitors from your blog . I want to send you top blogs like mashable and lifehacker , so that we get their traffic 😛 …lol


    • Ipod 4 Touch

      pop up is the worst thing that i find in many money making blogs , jus irritates me , page load also affects , but i have broadband , so not much of a trouble


    • Sathish @ TechieMania

      Well, fantastic post mate. There is no better way to irritate your reader other than using a pop up ad in our blog. Nice points mate. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • cascd

      🙂 this is amazing.! i don’t know what someone pupose just want to destroy their blog.anyway, maybe later i try this tips. 🙂

    • icechen1

      If you put too much ads, people will enable Adblock on your site => less revenue!

    • Vinayak Nagri

      I will never try these tips… they could simply annoy people and those people would never dare to open the site again 😛

    • esoftload

      i have seen some sites with points discuss above… and i don’t dare to visit again those sites….

    • Praveen


      Thanks mate 🙂

      @Senthil Ramesh

      Cool dont ever try any of these 🙂

    • Senthil Ramesh@ Blogging for Beginners

      Well, I just realised myself that ads in my site irritates even me. I can see I am not earning any reasonable amount using the ads. I 'd better remove them soon.

      I hope I am not doing other points and my site has better load time.

    • Qasim @ Techiecore

      Lol, very interesting post, btw I change by blog design frequently 🙁 will avoid it in future 🙂

    • Prabal

      Pop Ups, Really Annoying 😀

    • Praveen

      Hi Eddie Gear

      I have mentioned clearly in the start and also at the end of the post. May be you missed it 🙂 Try reading it again


    • Praveen

      Hi Sathish @ TechieMania and Sourish

      Thanks Guys 🙂 Yes lol we must try some in biggies and change the traffic to us 😀 Muaah

    • Eddie Gear

      The article is very misleading; you should have at least provided a conclusion clarifying.

    • Andreas@Linknami

      Another way would be to change the blogging frequency. When you used to publish an article daily then suddenly publish an article once or twice per month, sure way of reducing visitors.

    • Praveen

      @Vinayak Nagri

      Dude, you must not try all these 🙂 That is the concept of the post 😀

    • Praveen

      @Udegbunam Chukwudi,Dave,Irfan Siddiqui

      Thanks Guys

    • Irfan Siddiqui

      I must say the advertisement which comes in full page like a small popups ads is really annoying and yeah for sure you’ll readers will kick your blog out one or sooner day from there mind.

      Covert Text into MP3 –

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi

      Pop ups can be simply annoying and with the launch of Pop up Domination plugin it’s getting worse 🙁

      Adverts don’t bug me in anyway unless I have to wade through tons of them to get to the content of the blog 🙁

      • Dave

        Absolutely. I think the most annoying feature right now is Popup Domination. What makes it the most annoying thing above all else is that you have to click close before you can even get to any content, whereas adverts and the likes interfere, but not to the point where you can’t actually see the content.

      • www.ThePankajGupta.Com

        I don’t know why blog owners are using pop-up ads .. They are loosing their visitors for just a cent. 😀 Many sites are promoting their website to get more visitors and blogs with popup ads are promoting their websites to reduce the Users 😀

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