Why Product Creation Is The Next Step To Blogging

Blogging is a career choice for many people these days. Youngsters believe blogging to be easy money. We all know that it is not, and creating a successful blog requires a lot of time and efforts as input. Investing money to buy the right tools, themes, plugins and add-ons is a pre-requisite to gaining success as a blogger. The topic of today’s discussion here at HellBound Bloggers (HBB) is that why product creation is the next step to blogging!

Top reasons why only Blogging on its own doesn’t make the cut

Only doing blogging for revenue generation is a very outdated strategy. There is so much widespread competition these days that there are a hundreds of blogs trying to rank for the same stuff that you are trying to rank for. Blogging alone doesn’t make the cut anymore because of these top five reasons:

1.Reliance on unreliable external monetization sources:

Most of the bloggers rely on monetization sources like Google Adsense, Infolinks etc. These sources can ban your accounts at any time without a prior reason and such revenue sources are not to be relied upon as the primary revenue source until and unless you are a premium publisher.

When all of your income source is concentrated in one medium then it becomes easier to be caught unaware and hit by a ban.

2. High number of search engine algorithm updates:

Most of the Google Algorithm updates are focused on making the user’s search experience better. But sometimes people who are providing good content but working on a small scale get hit by such updates and by the time they recover they have already lost a lot of time and money getting their rankings back.

3. Too much competition and overcrowded digital space:

When it comes to providing valuable quality content a lot of existing industry players are doing it and to build a brand through blogging would require a lot of writing expertise, marketing and spends.

4. Blogging alone isn’t sustainable for single website owners:

Gone are the days when people could earn all the money they need from single websites. People are making event based niche blogs, targeted affiliate blogs and what not. Doing only blogging and that too on a single website as the sole online asset is a sure shot recipe for disaster in near future.

5. Limits the chances of exploring new methods of earning online:

People who are only engaged in blogging are stuck between the daily schedule of blog updation, guest blogging, backlink creation and other woes that aren’t left with enough time to venture out to learn new stuff.

Here’s a small graph to get you started, this graph shows the number of non-employer businesses in the U.S.A. Non employers are those self-employed persons who don’t have any other people working for them and are working for themselves.

Product Creation - Total Number Of U.S.Nonemployer Businesses

These businesses mostly rely on selling their own products to create profit, so now you know how big this market actually is.

What is Product creation and how to do it?

Product creation means making a product of your own, it can be a service, an eBook, a usable script or anything which you have made and is marketable.

Your own product also means that you should have all the creative rights to it. Selling someone else’s work by repackaging isn’t professional. Original product ideas are the best, start by building prototypes of your idea and asking opinions from those who are in the same field and least likely to steal your idea! (Pun intended. Facebook anyone! :P)

To make your product follow these three Ps:

  • Plan: Make proper detailed layouts as to what problems your product solves and how would you make it easy to use and understand.
  • Produce (Prototype): “The best way to learn fighting is by going to war.” When you create initial prototypes and keep releasing iterations till your product is a success there would be really less chances of failure.
  • Promote: Promoting to the right group of people with the right messaging will get you going.

Ways to make sure your product creation is heading in right direction

Building your own product is a step in the right direction when looking for proliferation of your online earnings. There are a few points that must be kept in mind while making the shift from blogging to promoting and selling your own product.

  • Build upon your blogging audience:

    The contacts and connections that you made while blogging aren’t always helpful unless you have something of your own that you can sell to them!

  • Go slow when launching your first product:

    You might have a good readership on your blog/website but it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone would line up to buy what you have to offer.

  • Focus on the right testing and marketing strategies:

    Only product creation won’t be enough. Get your product out in the wild before releasing it to your audience. If your product isn’t ready for launch then also launch it, let it be a failure. Once your product fails you would have a treasure trove of data as to why it failed. Once you have better insight and data you can launch an incremented version, the kind of money that you can generate by selling your own product is really high as compared to those from platforms where you earn money indirectly and are not dealing directly with customers.

Product creation gives you total control over the earning process as the quality of your product and marketing would determine the number of sales and there would be really less external factors that you would be dependent on.

So, if you are a blogger and still confused how to grow big within next few years then my friend go create your own product.

So what are you waiting for, start today. Got any queries, want to ask something then do comment here or you can tweet to us @HellBoundBlog.

This article is written by Aditya Nath Jha. He blogs at Inspire2rise.com and works as an SEO for MyRefers. He is a blogger, website speed optimizer and when he is not blogging he loves to play his guitar and create music!

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