Track Your Site’s Popularity “In and With” Pinterest

When it comes to Social Media Marketing, most of the bloggers are mostly obsessed in getting to know their site’s popularity in each of the big social network out there. If you a Social Media freak, you might have noticed that Pinterest, though launched two years back or so, has now been making revolution by generating millions and millions of visits each day. Thanks to Facebook for it’s Timeline integration. Earlier we shared 10 B2B Strategies To Win With Pinterest. Now here is a ultra cool tip that will help you to track how much people “Pin” images from your site and in turn how much it drives traffic to your site.

If you might have noticed, Pinterest has a ultra cool URL format that will help you to see how much “Pins” are made from a particular site. If you type the following URL “” in the address bar and hit Enter, the page will load showing the list of “Pins” made by various users of Pinterest, from your website.

A Look Into A Sample

As of now, hitting the URL “” will show all the “Pins” made by the Pinterest users right from the Axleration site. Take a look at the image below. You can see that the URL section reads “” and below lie the list of “Pins” made from the Axleration site. You can scroll the whole way down and you can take a look at all the “Pins” made from the site with the “Pin It” button that Pinterst provides for “Pinning” images and videos from any site.

Pinterest Source

Few Tips Worth Knowing While Using This Tool

You can use this tool to track the number of visits you get from Pinterest and get to know the your site’s presence in the world of Pinterest.

A few things to keep in mind while you use this tool :

  • With this tool, you can see only the original “Pins” made by the users. It neglects the number of “Repins” made by the users. To know the number of “Repins” too, you ought to click the image and below lies the “Repins” count.
  • Pinterest neglects the “www” section of the domain name. Typing the domain name with the “www” section would give a 404 error, which in turn does not revert you with the “Pins” made from your site.
  • This tool’s algorithm gives a different result when you search for a particular subdomain. If you search for “Pins” from“, it could vary from the results of the original site, that’s“. So, do check for each subdomain to know more about your site’s presence on Pinterest.

With these tips in your mind, you can make sure to get know your site’s online presence on Pinterest and how much it has been driving traffic to your site. Also, make sure to follow those users who have “Pinned” content from your website, to get to know more about them. Sharing is caring, right? Go ahead and check out those users and friend them.

5 Ways To Increase Email Opt ins On Your Website

Email Opt insThe steps you can take to increase individual signups doesn’t necessarily require expert knowledge. This can be done in just 5 minutes. These will help omit psychological hindrances and provide good grounds to sign up.

In creating signup page, consider how it will make the user easy and convenient to sign up. Always include answering the customers and providing the need for a good choice to sign up. Having all these in your site will definitely increase your conversions.

1. Obvious Call to Action

The most essential part of a signup page is the call to action. I should be bold and clear. It should definitely provide the author and the viewers a purpose. Call to action should be visible that will immediately capture the reader’s attention. Most importantly, further testing the call to action is a must to minimize flaws along the way.

2. Convenient Sign-Up Form

Your form should be simple. All necessary and pertinent data should be included. The sign up should invite the reader and not disinterest them, thus, the registration form should be simple and convenient for them to work on. Unnecessary fields may change the readers’ mind to sign or not sign up.
For financial accounts, very sensitive information must not be asked. This is strictly for security purposes for all parties involved.
Also, one of the most important facts to consider is the billing address so it should be properly input, and the form must have that in the list and so with other important fields.

3. The Power of Guarantee and Follow Up Service

After sales service and warranty together with other forms of guarantee is good customer service. It is what visitors are always signing for. It will invite repeat visits or sales orders.
If companies will offer short term guarantee, then consumers will not hesitate to cancel. Longer term is greatly needed by customers and this will give them a chance for great investment.

4. Popup Forms for Easy Signup

Usage of different sign up page is sometimes a hindrance. Unnecessary window pop ups will make the signing inconvenient. Using modal windows will decrease distractions on the page. This will make the customer avoid another link from popping in that will surely distract them before even completing the signup page.

5. Additional incentives

Additional incentives will surely invite customers. This will tend to be costly, but it’s worth it. With good management, this will double or triple the sales. Free subscriptions or free upgrades are very good options for sellers. All these will add customer value. Even very expensive items will now seem affordable because of the free good things the customers can get.

This article is written by Kaushal Gandhi. He is the Director at Aaris Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

HOW TO: Check Your Position On Google For A Particular Keyword

Earlier we shared about finding Keyword Density using Google Toolbar, now we are going to see Keyword Position. Suppose you want to search your site position for keyword “iPhone 4 Jailbreak” and your site is in 30th-40th position, will you search all the pages manually? If yes, then you will waste 1-2 hrs of yours. It is very difficult to manually find your site on Google for a particular keyword. Every wonder if you could check the position of your site on Google for a particular keyword with a single click. Today I am going to tell you a method with which you can check your position on Google for a keyword in a single click of a button.

#1 – Visit SEO Centro and type in your site URL along with the keyword. Fill in the captcha and press enter.

Keyword Rank

#2 – In seconds you will see your position for that particular keyword on Google, Yahoo and Bing i.e all major search engines.

Keyword Position

In this way you can check your position for any keyword. I hope you like my little tutorial.

This article is written by Andy. He blogs at iPhone 4 Jailbreak.

Facebook Co-Founder Launches Another Social Network For Social Good [Jumo]

Jumo logoChris R. Hughes (Founder of Jumo) is a United States entrepreneur who co-founded and served as spokesman for the online social directory and networking site, Facebook, with Harvard roommates Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz and Eduardo Saverin.

Today the Facebook Co-founder Chris Hughes has launched his much-buzzed-about social network — Jumo. This special venture can be described as “Social Network for Social Good”.

Jumo is a social network connecting individuals and organizations who want to change the world. Leveraging connection technologies, Jumo enables people to find, follow and support those working toward solutions on the ground in their community and in regions across the globe.

Jumo Beta

Chris Hughes left Facebook in 2007 for becoming Obama campaign’s director of online organizing. He soft-launched Jumo, a non-profit organization that “aims to help people find ways to help the world, last March.

What Is The Intention Of This Social Network?

Founded in February 2010, Jumo set out to address three key challenges:

  • There are millions of people working to improve the lives of others, many of whom lack the resources to have greatest impact.
  • There are millions more who want to help, but don’t know how.
  • Despite huge advancements in connection technologies, it’s hard to find meaningful opportunities to get involved.
    We believe we can do better.

    What You Can Do Using Jumo

  • Find the issues and organization you care about
  • Follow the latest news and updates
  • Support their work with your time, money and skills.
  • Together we can speed the pace of global change.

What is your opinion about this social network? Will this one click like ‘Facebook’? Do share your opinions as comments below.

Yogile — Group Photo Sharing Made Simple

Suppose if you are attending an Event, and lots of people taking their own photos. While you might try asking everyone for their shots afterward, you can make it simple by letting them upload online or just sending them to a custom email address. This is done by Yogile, a simplified group photo sharing website. This service is free for 100MB of upload space, if you want unlimited photo uploads, albums and storage, it will cost decent $24.95 per year.

Yogile Sharing

What Makes Yogile Special — Features Compared

  • Friends and family can contribute with ease.
  • Submit photos as e-mail attachments or upload them online.
  • Each album features a customizable URL and email address you can share with anyone you want to contribute.
  • There’s no need for friends and family to register, keeping the process simple and hassle-free.

The Process Of Photo Sharing — Yogile

#1 – You need to signup in order to proceed and this is the most simplest registration I have ever seen.

Yogile Signup

#2 – Now you can see the area where you can upload the images. You can also enter your desired album name.

#3 – After loading the picture, click “Start Uploading” button. The loading process will be really fast.

Yogile - Uploads

#4 – You can also view the photos as slideshow. You can even download all the photos from the album as archive.

#5 – If you want to share this album, just select the ‘Share’ option. Here you can find the album’s dedicated URL (which you can use for sharing), check this one for example :

You have the option to embed this on your website and share it on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. If you wish to email this to your buddies, you can also do it without hassles.

Now tell me a good reason why you should not try this one? 😉 Though several photo sharing websites exists, this one still makes a mark. Yogile is also featured on TechCrunch, LifeHacker and TheNextWeb. Do tell your opinions after checking this awesome website.

Watch Thousands Of Free Channels Online – TVmad

Want to watch thousands of free channels online? That too completely free and no ads? I can’t say a better place than TVmad.

TVmad is a platform for socially active people who enjoy what the world of televison and broadcasting has to offer. They take watching TV to the next level. It works like any other P2P system — the more people watching the better and faster stream.


TVmad has something to offer for everyone. If you doubt it then feel free to browse their site and they guarantee that you’ll find a channel that suits your interests best.

Their mission is to bring you together with people across the globe so you can have fun watching TV while chatting away and making new friends.

What You Can Do With TVmad?

  • Watch thousands of free channels online shared by people around the world.
  • Connect easily through Facebook, Google or Twitter to enjoy a shared TV experience with your friends.
  • Stream your videos, games & events. Launching your own TV channel has never been easier!

How To Broadcast?

Broadcasting in TVmad is quick and simple. Just 3 clicks to broadcast a channel.

You have two options to broadcast.

#1 – Simple broadcasting

#2 – Advanced broadcasting

If you want to broadcast using #1, then create a channel name and choose an appropriate category, that’s all.

If you want to try #2, then choose from different sources: broadcast your webcam, stream a video file from your harddrive, share your desktop screen or an online url stream, embed a stream to your own website or stream from a TVcard or another device.

How To See Yourself Older & Your Future Child?

Hey bloggers, for few minutes forget your posts, SEO, money making tricks and all time painful job of link building. Lets have some fun.

It is said,”who has seen past or future” but in digital world its not totally correct today, with image manipulation software, at least you can see how you would look like when you get older, with help of these applications you can also see you and your partner’s future kid. Face recognition technology which come up in existent during 70s is helping this to happen, when you upload a picture these applications using face recognition manipulate your face with changes like more and less wrinkles to make you look like more younger or older.

How To See Yourself Older & Your Future Child?< ?h4> is website which will help you to see your self older. This website is powered by Luxand technology, one of major player in face recognition technology.

On, upload your images , select your gender and age difference, for much sever results check drug addict button which bring some more old age wrinkles and other effects on your face. Once get result you can share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

makemebabiesI know you wont be able to date Angelina Jolie but think if you could …here i have an another web application which will help you to find how your baby will look like if you get married her.

This application allow you to upload your and your partner picture and within seconds, based on skin color and race it give you an exceptional result.

Trust me its great fun, surprisingly it takes less than 9 months to see your baby 🙂

Websites :



Guest Article By Vikash Kr Tiwary.

Hope you will have great fun using these apps. Do share your opinions below!

Translate Your Blog Into Another Language Instantly

Your blog or website, most probably they will be in English and of course, only people who know English can read your blog and what about the people who don’t know this language. They may be French, Spanish and so. You don’t want only English readers to check your blog right? Don’t worry we have another solution from our friend Google. There are many solutions to a problem and 75% of this solution will surely comes from Google. This is my opinion. Let it be for Creating My Mobile Site or SMS Subscription Service. I found the solutions for both of them from Google. Now here is another one, simpler than those two.

Translation Of My Blog
My Blog Translated Into Another Language Using Google

Using Google, you can instantly translate your blog/website from language to another language. These links use Google’s Language Tools for translating your blog’s content into one of eight different languages available. You can add instant translation links to your blog or website by creating a link similar to the one below.

You can use the following link for translating your blog and replace the details in bold with your own details. url&langpair=language abbreviation to translate from%7Clanguage abbreviation to translate to&hl=language abbreviation to translate to&ie=UTF-8&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&prev=%2Flanguage_tools

I’m translating my blog from English into Spanish, that means I’m converting the page from English (en) to Spanish (es), this is the link for it. &langpair=en%7Ces&hl=es &ie=UTF-8&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&prev=%2Flanguage_tools

To translate my main blog from English to Italian (it) : &langpair=en%7Cit&hl=it &ie=UTF-8&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&prev=%2Flanguage_tools

Create Twitter Mosaic Of Your Twitter Friends and Followers

My last post about Twitter was the Search Engine website for browsing Twitter. I was quite impressed with it. Now I’m going to review about a tool in a website. This tool is exclusively for wild Twitter fans out there. Hope you are Twitter fan. If not you will become one by seeing this post :D. Twittermosaic allows us to create a cool mosaic of our Twitter friends or followers.

Enter Your Twitter Username And Wait For A Moment !

All you have to do is to enter your Twitter username and then it will generate the Twitter mosaic for you in the shape of rectangle or square. You can also create and get cool stuffs like Mug, T-shirt, Bag, etc using your Twitter Mosaic. I created two pages for displaying my Twitter Friends and Followers.

BTW, another good news you can show how popular you are in Twitter by this Twitter Mosaic. You can add this Twitter Mosaic in your blog. It is easy and simple. They will generate a HTML code for your Mosaic. If you have any other further doubts or questions regarding this, why don’t you catch me in Twitter?

This is a sample output of Twitter Mosaic
This is a sample output of Twitter Mosaic

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