HOW TO: Get Your Free SEO Report Within Minutes

Paying heavily for SEO services that don’t even reveal much? Not satisfied with free SEO services? Jeremy Schoemaker has a solution for FREE. For people who are not aware about Schoemaker, which is really rare, he is one of the most popular bloggers with high authority.

Schoemaker is the guy behind and other networks. His new venture FreeSEOReport is what we are talking about.


This service gives us free detailed SEO Report. You will get the SEO Report in PDF format. This PDF report contains detailed analysis and gives you relevant solutions too. You can also see general suggestions nearby.

How To Get Your Free Report In 3 Easy Steps

You can easily get your free SEO report within minutes through three easy steps. Just enter some of your details & next minute you will get your report on your email.

#1 – First Step : Enter your blog or website URL here.

Enter Your Blog URL

#2 – Second Step : Enter your desired keyword(s) here. You will get the report which tells you whether your blog is optimized for these keywords and also gives general suggestions.

#3 – Third Step : Now you need to enter your Email address to receive the free SEO report!

I checked some keywords for my blog and found it useful. Try FreeSEOReport and seriously you won’t regret considering the fact that this service is FREE.

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Pradeep Kumar

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25 thoughts on “HOW TO: Get Your Free SEO Report Within Minutes”

  1. Such a good Service one more thing its free. No One gives SEO report for free. Keyword feature is best one. I recommend this to everyone just try once.

  2. I think looking at the SEO Reports often results in improvement of SEO Strategies so a Blogger can improve his SEO Strategy if he monitors his SEO Report frequently. Thanks for sharing this useful article on free seo report online tools

  3. I don’t trust Reports which ask for a Single Keyword. I mean how can we optimize a blog particularly for one keyword.

  4. I like the tool but there isn't much information on what everything means. You would think it would have more information for newbies. But as an SEO expert it looks pretty neat 🙂

  5. Awesome Tool, I have already used it and still using it to analyse my blog’s performance every Month. I would recommend this tool for checking the SEO health of our blog’s!

  6. I haven’t test my blog on any seo reports services but here i will be! Thanks Pradeep

  7. Free things are really pleasure to use.. Thanks Pradeep for sharing….

  8. Thanks for sharing about FreeSEOReport Pradeep, i will try this one to make sure it’s really free…hahhahaha

  9. didn’t know about this thanks for sharing, loosing some site links from past few days on google, need to check out. thanks again for this share

  10. I have just complied my result, dunno what i will see in the reports, these guys ask for keyword. Is it possible to optimize a tech blog only for one keyword?

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