What Topics To Write On A New Starter Blog ?

new blog topicsEver felt like “what to write on a blog” when you have the answer of “why to write” already…Yes, is the answer surely.

When you see lot of websites expressing shimmering content all over the web, you also feel like starting a website / blog of your own. Blogging is something today has become a major source for livelihood rather than a passion to express your views.

So when one decides to start a blog, the major obstacle is what should be written? Obviously something that should attract a lot of visitors, yes! But, on what topic should I write? Should I rewrite the content of another popular website or should I write what I know or what I love. Well it’s sometimes become difficult on what topic should I start a blog.

Starting a blog on the topics which are hot favorite among the tech specialist is a nice idea but competing against the well-established blogs already on that content is something really hard. If you are thinking to start a blog on topics which are not very favorite of search crawlers and peoples hungry for info than you should drop the idea because that will not earn you a penny. Writing on any vague topic is not what a blogger do.

Hot favorite topics that can earn you a lot if written well:-

  • Android: – Bloggers, who started their venture on Android back in 2008, are pretty successful today. As we all know today Android among all Mobile OS is creating more sensation in technology world. So writing on “Android firmware rooting tutorials” is a great idea as many blogs on the similar related topic have become a lot popular. Writing on android requires a lot skillful knowledge, if you are amateur, just drop the idea. Still if temptation persists to write, then read below for how to write on such topics.
  • iPhone Jail Breaking : – Whenever an iPhone is launched it creates a mammoth news, so with the launch developers starts Jail breaking and the very loyal Apple users start seeking their support. Writing on iPhone Jail breaking can flood you with lots of visitors. The same rule apply here to write on iPhone jail breaking requires a very sharp knowledge, so How to write on it, let’s see.
  • Windows Phone Support: – The comeback of Nokia with Microsoft Windows phones in the market provides a great opportunity for developers and bloggers to start their venture on windows phone support. But for a developer it is easy to write and explore but how will you do amateur blogger. Let’s see below.

Points to be kept in mind while writing content for a new starter blog:-

  • From where I will get the content to write? To examine this fact before you start writing is essential. If your idea to start a blog is on technology related topics or how to tips, then either the newbie must be well informed of all facts which he is going to write. Or one needs a content source from where he can drive the idea. Taking an idea of whole concept of a tech tip from another popular blog is not restricted but copying it on a whole on your blog in every respect is 100% not allowed. You just can’t scrap content of other blogger.

Suppose you want to write on “Google Project Glasses” :- You searched on Google with the term “google project glass review” and get below results as shown in pic.

Google Project Glass

So, to write on this topic or any other (Like Android, iPhone, Windows) go through the posts of some well-known sites, understand the fact and then pen down the content in your own language. Make sure you never copy anything, not even a single line, show your creativity in modifying the content in your magical words. To make sure you have written a well neat content, you can also buy CopyScape Premium account credits and get you content scanned for any copied text. You are only allowed to post quotes from any sites. If you use any copyrighted image, make sure you add the source in caption.

For content regarding “Android”, you can follow various forums and developer websites and can collect content from them. It is done by many well-known sites. Understand the fact not every site or blog hires developers who write content on their own by exploring new ports. The other small sites and blogs need the content source like these developers websites from where they can write a fresh how to content. If your content is inspired from a single blog only, make sure you mark credit to that blog in your post.

If you have made up your mind to start your blog on the topics mentioned above then, it may happen you can’t get those higher rankings among search engines. But to be sure your blog will attract a lot of visitors and you can earn a well descent amount through it.

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  1. Thanks for the info you provided here…
    Nice description for the New Bloggers…
    I more suggestion for newbies  not to start writing for the sake of money as it must be a passion to write so that you perfect emotions can be there..

    Thanks … 

  2. I have a question. I’ve heard that Panda and Penguin have impact on websites with micro-niche. iphone jailbreaking is a micro-niche. Then how do we get high-traffic from them?? Won’t they be penalised??

    • Topics like “iPhone Jailbreaking”, “Custom ROM”, “Android Rooting”, etc are quite trending now mate. Yes, most of the sites under these categories were penalized lately. 🙂

  3. Nice tips. The Android, Windows and iPhone are certainly hot topics, but perhaps not for everyone. For me myself, I am not quite knowledgeable in these areas, haha. I am good in web hosting niche though. 🙂

    •  yes, web hosting and anything related to web designing is one of the most lovable topic of bloggers to write about 🙂

    • It’s great that you liked it…whenever you start something, do discuss with us…what you wrote about…
      Good Luck with your blog 🙂 

  4. the same happened to me when I was planning to start a blog.. this is a very useful post for newbie bloggers.

    • so, from where your drew content when your started to write…did u have the former knowledge of content or you learnt it from some other blogs…?

    • Yes, first it was windows phone support and with coming of Windows 8 into market….it would be great to start a new blog on it like people have started windows 8 wallpapers, one can also start a support forum for it 🙂

    • Already there are many blogs on topic “Windows 8” ,Some people also started to write about Windows 9 .

      • That i would say something to drive “traffic” like you see domains for next windows versions have alr

  5. I started my first blog with tech news and gadgets,and it worked quite good for me 🙂

    • Thanks for letting us know about your blog topic….But can you discuss with our readers what was your content source in your initial day of blogging ???

    • yes, top keywords have very stiff competition but if you have the right driving source for your blog for those topics, it can help a lot like to start on Android, you can take help of XDA and can take it as your content source…almost all android sites, use XDA as their primary content source.  

  6. The three topics you told about were most blogged, so there would already be many blogs about it, and no one would read yours. I recommend to write on how you solved a specific problem. 

    Design – How you solved a specific problem.
    SEO – How to use a plugin (eg Yoast) or how did you bring your rank to <rank>

    Etc. Keep in mind that these are good only when you’re out of ideas, you should have other posts as well.

    Also, I recommend the author to check the meaning of “copy-write”. It’s certainly not what you think it is. Also to Pradeep to make the changes, otherwise you would be getting wrong type of traffic. 

    • OK, then you please let us know what is the meaning of “copy-write” is…I would love to hear from you 😛

      • It made me laugh, seriously…
        If you had tried Freelance journalism…you would really know the meaning…

        Take the case “one don’t know anything about SEO, and wants to start a Blog on it”…From where he should get his content to write…it will answer my question…

        • So, a Wikipedia link made you laugh..? Eh? The wikipedia link states the correct and universally accepted meaning of the word. As copywriting is included in this post a few times, Pradeep will be getting the wrong visitors, hence I told him to change it’s meaning.

          If a person doesn’t know anything about SEO, he shouldn’t blog about it.

          You asked no question, how will I get the answer to yours? O.o 

          • So, if a person doesn’t know anything about he should not blog huh….when you learn and read the text of others and then write a content what would you say to it.

            • See, if he doesn’t know anything about SEO, he really shouldn’t be blogging. SEO is something you have to experiment and learn, and it takes time to learn SEO, so let’s talk about some other category.

              Let’s say for example cooking. I don’t know anything about cooking. If I blog, I should not have high hopes, unless I learn how to cook. My posts will probably be poor.

              I blog about Design and Code. Times come when I have to refer to other things, but that’s for “Theory” , I already know the “practical” end of it.  

              If you’re writing about breaking news though, reading other’s material, and then improvising on your own post is good, until you start copying blatantly. 

    • See right now there are almost no topic left on which we can blog…so we are here only to let other newbies to know what should they write about if they want a blog and want to earn through it…

      The topics… 

  7. With blogging providing such lucrative opportunities in terms of monetizing, it has obviously become a very tempting prospect. Blogging is easy, so everyone can give it a shot. The tough part is “keeping the crowd”. How to keep the traffic steady? How to keep getting more followers? This is the dilemma on every blogger’s mind. It is extremely vital, to provide the readers with content that they want to read, as opposed to making them read stuff that you want them to read. People will only read stuff which they can put it to use, at some point in time. So, a blogger has to be updated of current affairs and trends that have taken the word by storm. Give your readers something they knew not existed, something that they can find useful for themselves. The more updated you make them feel, the more they’ll keep coming back to you.

  8. Starting a blog has always been easy. Finding content was always difficult.
    Thanks for your help! 

    • Yes, truly said…Right now Android is the hot favorite topic if tech. world and with increase in number of android users, forums and support websites related to android can be a big hit.

  9. The main theme behind this article is when you want to start such a venture…what should be your content source, when you are such a newbie..!!!
    Comment on this statement….

    • yes the main idea behind this example is “how to write on such thing “google project glass” when you don’t know anything about it…

    • Yes, the latest news is hot. But what “latest news” is it about “Political, world or national like our news channels” or somewhat “related to Tech. News like sites Engadget displays”…!!!!

      The main theme behind this article is when you want to start such a venture…what should be your content source, when you are such a newbie..!!!

      Thanks for comment Avi 🙂 


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