3 Effective Marketing Tips For Bloggers

Marketing is a backbone for a business, and as blogging is a business thus it need marketing. Marketing is a process through which one can show its product or service or work to the word.

Blogging is a business where we share information with the world, and for a blog reader is very important. If a blog has no visits, then it can’t survive and compete in this tap blogging industry. As a blogger you will have to follow the following 3 tips in order to market and build readers for your blog.

#1 – Social Communities

Social Media

Social Media related websites are now on of the most popular and trafficked websites on the web. For example youtube which is the world 3rd most visited site, and it has 2 Billion page views per day. Similarly Facebook and other popular social media websites have lot of traffic. These can play vital role in the promotion of your blog.

#2 – Search Engines

Search Engines

For a business customers is very important, similarly for bloggers readers are very necessary. The only possible way to get free readers for your blog is to follow search engine optimization process. SEO can only give you benefits if you target low competitive keywords and then build links. This is one of the most effective and reliable way to get stable traffic to your blog.

#3 – General Marketing


Apart from social communities and search engine optimization process, one can easily get readers for a blog through Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, News Paper, Forums etc… and other possible channels. Marketing is on going process, and it should never end. We will have to market your blog in all available locations, where there are humans, your work starts.

Keep working on building traffic, never stop and keep struggling on building links, promoting blog, writing content. In this way soon your blog will be included in the list of those blogs which are popular, recommendable and worth following.

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Do you know any other solid and effective marketing tip? Please share it in the comments!

23 thoughts on “3 Effective Marketing Tips For Bloggers”

  1. Thanks for the useful information! Ofcourse quite old dated, but it is always nice to read approving information. Commenting on you blog is also ofcourse a nice way to get traffic;). So you can talk about it too!

  2. Facebook has definitely become THE major force in next generation marketing…the targeting capabilities are amazing….great post! If your blog is very specific you may want to try direct mail marketing to raise awarenes… that's only if your audience is especially well defined… a reputable list company can help you target..

  3. i have seen even dormant blogs having no updated content get indexed , even they have not been updated for almost a year

  4. Very nice article.

    As a blogger it is really important to be with social sites or even events. To let other know know about you and your website. Optimizing in search engine is really an effective way to drive traffic to your site.

  5. I think it depends of blogers. Certain like to share ideas and discussions with the readers, some others donโ€™t so..

  6. I’m discovering the power of social media for promoting a blog. Twitter in particular is great. And there’s another site like it that looks good called Amplify. Definitely worth checking out.

    Offline marketing can also be effective. One of the most unusual examples of this I’ve seen was a blog URL written in chalk on the pavement. Must have been seen by thousands of people before it was worn down by all the foot traffic!

  7. First two is important but I like the way you have explain 3rd point. Thanks for an excellent post.

  8. I love the social media marketing strategy. The most important things for marketing through social media is to build brand there.

  9. Yup, bloggers do need to market the site and him/herself. The more competitions there are, the harder it is to get noticed. Here are some basic but very useful tips for all of us. Time to re-examine our blogging plan, starting today. Thanks, Pradeep.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

    • dude , dont get why u got this .org domain . i ended up in typing tenolic dot com , and went to a parked page .

    • also another thing i forgot to mention , your sites is linked from a blog , maybe bloggerpassion , they are linking your dot com site ..:( get that fixed

  10. You forget to mention about some offline marketing techniques such as printing business cards and handling out to people and other stuff as well ๐Ÿ™‚

    • how many guys are going to distribute that … good idea btw . to get some local business ๐Ÿ˜›


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