History Of Marketing Channels [INFOGRAPHIC]

We will always get amused by looking at the History of something! Let it be a product, a website or even a celebrity. But when it comes to ‘Marketing’, you will find it rather amusing. In one way or another, these old forms of Marketing is still around today, you can see or sense them here and there. Now Internet Marketers change the way old marketing used to be.

Considering the fact, smart phones and tablets are replacing common gadgets, new form of advertising strategy is required and thus arises new form of marketing too. Anyone interested in Viral Marketing?

Marketing History

Image Credit : Visual Loop

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6 thoughts on “History Of Marketing Channels [INFOGRAPHIC]”

  1. old marketing methods still useful for now but with internet already provide more opportunities of marketing tools , methods and portal to reach customers.
    I believe social network and handphone maybe the latest and famous marketing tools at the moment.

  2. Cool infographic. You are absolutely right, the change is such dramatic… these days many choose to advertise and to market their products and services online, thanks for the big traffic sites such as Google, Facebook and Twitter!

  3. Hi Pradeep, you are absolutely right saying tha tsmart phones and tablets are replacing common gadgets. The problem is that nobody knows for sure how to promote and market in the currents changing conditions. For example: if you expect visitors navigating on your future website via mobile phones and the smartphones what platform would you choose to build a website?
    Regards. Robert


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