Are You Damaging Your Blog With These 5 Rookie Mistakes?

Are you making one of those ‘Dumbest Mistakes’ that make you look like a world-class idiot? Moreover, making your blog more prone to a Dead-End?

Darren Rowse, Rahul Kuntala and endless list of all other successful bloggers have been successful at over-coming these horrible mistakes and paving the way for a world-class blog. No one’s perfect in this world- every blogger tends to make mistakes. It’s not a sin. But the sin is not to learn from one’s mistakes.

Damaging Your Blog

You might consider yourselves as lucky. Wonder why? Because, there have been lots of bloggers before you who have gone through this mistakes.

Damaging Your Blog With These Mistakes?

In some cases, these mistakes have caused them very dearly. So, you can learn from their mistakes and blogging mistakes to avoid.

1. Laziness

Laziness can be said as the number one or the main reason for why many blogger fall into. A blog is a source of information; you need to keep your blog up-to-date with latest and fresh content. Also, there’s a lot of competition among blogs, so the only solution is to stay alive is to be fresh, be new.
Besides blogging, laziness has attacked every other work too. Laziness is directly responsible for your blog’s disaster.

Blogging is more of a tedious and hard-working job. You need to toil lot, before start achieving fruit of success. Also there’s no alternative to hard work. Thus, keep your blog intact with new content.


Comments are a vital way of engaging with your visitors and fans. This helps you to know more about your blog, given that you are having conversations with your visitors; which most of the bloggers fail to.
After your blog starts getting momentum, so does you get loads of comments. Most of the bloggers just go ‘Approve’ the comments. Your feedback to their comments helps them trust you. That means the rate of conversion from visitors to fans increase by many folds.

Harleena Singh, being one of the best examples of this. You would rarely find a comment go without a feedback from her on her blog Aha-Now! That is why, Aha-Now is considered one of the top-notch blogs in the blog-o-sphere.

3. Not Building Relations and Contacts among Other Bloggers

Blogging is not a one-man army. Building relations prove beneficial in two ways—firstly; it increases the scope of visitors. Secondly, you earn a name for yourself and for your blog in the blog-o-sphere.

Another great thing is that if you befriend some top-notch bloggers, you can ask them for help in different issues ranging from Seo to social media marketing. You can also ask their reviews of your blog, also for guest posting. This list is simply endless.

4. Blog for Money

After laziness, money comes second. It’s true that most of the bloggers (even me) got into blogging for money. Almost 70-80% bloggers get into blogging because of the lure and greed of money. As top-notch bloggers like Jon Morrow and Harsh Agarwal earn thousands of dollars monthly, they become an inspirational for other folks too, which is why many people flock into blogging.

Blogging should be considered as a hobby, an art. Money comes later, much later; given that one has done given much time to it.

5. Not Reading Other Blogger’s Posts

Blogging is about content. You can’t go for SEO and Social Media marketing without having good content. Reading other’s post gives you a measure of comparison between your blog and of theirs’. You can learn from top authority blogs about how they write engaging content.

Reading content of blogs like ProBlogger and QuickSprout also helps you enhancing your writing too!
So, what do you think? Are you damaging your blog? What are the blogging mistakes to avoid?

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