Stupid Mistakes Bloggers Make When They First Start Out

Stupid Mistakes Bloggers Make When They First Start Out

Blog writing is an art form. You may not believe me, but it is. When you first start out writing blogs, you will make a lot of mistakes. Don’t worry. Everybody makes silly little errors when they are writing. I am not talking about typos or spelling errors (although, you should avoid those). I am talking about making real mistakes that make readers abandon your site. Here are some stupid mistakes that all bloggers make when they first start out.

Stupid Mistakes Bloggers Make

Stupid Mistakes Bloggers Make When They First Start Out

Writing amazing titles, but not delivering

It’s all well, and good to write a fantastic, catchy title, but you need to make sure that you deliver on your promises. Using titles as click-bait to get people to look at your posts means that people will start to hate your blog. If you promise people ‘secrets to success’ or ‘brand new tips,’ you need to make sure that you deliver. Don’t think that writing an excellent title is enough. People want substance.


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Failing to give your readers something

When you are a blogger, you need to give something back to your readers. People don’t read your blog just to boost your confidence. They read it to get some vital information that they need. You should make sure that you provide people with tips and information so that they can get what they want. You should also consider giving people something that they can use. For example, you could give your dedicated audience some coupons. When you make people feel as though, they are part of a select club, they will love it.

Writing complicated sentences

One of the primary rules of writing is that you should not over-complicate your sentences. Sure, you might think that writing long, jargon-filled sentences make you look smart, but it doesn’t. When people are reading blogs, they are not always using a laptop. Sometimes, they will be using a tablet or a smartphone. People are browsing, and they want information fast. That means that you need to keep things plain and simple. Write short, straightforward sentences that everybody can understand.

Promoting too many products

Yes, it is brilliant when companies send you loads of free stuff through the post. One of the major perks of being a blogger is that you get loads of free stuff. You need to be careful, though, or you could turn your readership off your blog. If all you ever write about is all the awesome free stuff you get, people will not take you seriously. People don’t want to read a hundred product reviews. They want you to entertain and inform them instead.

Using a serif font

When you are designing your blog, you need to ensure that you use a sans-serif font. If you use a serif typeface, it will be super difficult to read your posts. As I have already mentioned, many readers will be using a smartphone to view your site. If you have a fancy typeface, nobody will be able to read your blog. People have short attention spans when they are surfing the net. If they can’t understand your text, they will just move onto the next blog they find.

Trying to cover too many subjects

If you attempt to cover every subject under the sun, your blog will be an enormous mess. If you don’t know what you want to write about, maybe you should not have a blog at all. Try to choose one subject that you can talk about in-depth. That way, people will know what to expect when they visit your blog.


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5 thoughts on “Stupid Mistakes Bloggers Make When They First Start Out”

  1. Hello Pradeep,

    These mistakes are small but can prove lethal for anyone’s blog like the one you mentioned about font, not being able to read means the readers aren’t going to stay for long, which will increase the bounce rate and ultimately the rankings may drop. These little things can make huge differences as in blogging world everything is interconnected to something other.

    “Trying to cover too many topics”, this is the one I have done in my early career.


  2. Yes. Many of us made almost the same mistakes. It’s good that you are making the newbie bloggers aware of these mistakes. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi,
    This post really alerts all the newbie bloggers to avert them from making these dreadful mistakes.

    Thank you

  4. Hi Pradeep,

    As a new blogger I also did the mistake that you mention in the first point. But now I understand that what my readers want, and I post according to that, it improves my blog traffic also.
    Thanks for sharing these points, it will help to the newbies of blogosphere.

  5. Yeah, there are lots of blog posts nowadays that seem to have a great title for their article but the content is too poor. Sad to see such posts.

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