5 Tips to Post More Quality Articles on Your Blog

Produce Quality PostsThe more quality content you publish on your blog, the more visitors you’ll have, but quality content needs time to develop. On the other hand, to make your blog popular among targeted audience you need to publish content more frequently.

There are various techniques bloggers use to get unique and top quality content on their blogs. Many of the techniques let you get free content while others need a little or some investment. Here are a few ideas that can get you loads of quality content. Mostly, what you need to do is to review and publish. 🙂

Let’s start with the free methods to get top quality content on your blog:

1. Invite Guest Bloggers

There are many bloggers within your niche who are looking to share their unique content on related blogs and the only thing they want in return is link credit. So, create a page or post on your blog inviting guest bloggers to share their unique content. Give them one or two link credits at the end of the article in the form of a short bio and they will be happy in doing so.

You might have joined some niche forums while thinking about promoting your blog there, so throw the invitation there too, and you’ll find a good number of people interested in writing for you for free!

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2. Interview a Celebrity in Your Niche

Celebrities are not necessarily to be from showbiz, fashion or the glamour world, but anyone who is a well known expert in his field is a celebrity. So, design a template of interview questions and send interview request to multiple people. When they answer your questions, you just need to do quick fixes and publish it right away. If it’s a health blog, interview various doctors, dietitians, dentists etc. if it’s a web hosting blog just like mine; interview the technical support manager, the fraud department head, or any web hosting gurus and so on.

3. Answer Your Visitors’ Questions

Do you know why people like Google a damn lot? It’s because, Google helps you find exactly what you are looking for. According to researches, the best websites on the Internet are those which solve users’ problems. Normally users post their query in the form of a comment, so you can publish a post or create a page telling users that they can get real time help on their queries. Keep the comments moderated. Find the answer to the query, write it in your own words, add your opinion and publish it.

On top of the above strategies, you can also get good quality content with a little or some investment. Let me share with you 2 methods below.

1. Organize a Blog Writing Competition

You might be amazed to hear that there is a big number of individuals who blindly run after fame, specifically the high school and university students. They have good command over the language and their subject matter and just want to see their write up appear on some reputable websites. So, why not attract them with a reward, either some cash or hiring them as volunteer editors. But, be careful while designing the competition structure, i.e. develop it in a way that it gets you maximum exposure and good quality content. Keep it open for all ages, publish all the good entries and use open voting. The one gets more votes is the winner.

2. Hire a Professional Writer

This is definitely the quickest strategy to get good quality content quickly. There are many websites which you can find and hire good writers, one such website which I usually use is oDesk. You can also get pretty good freelance writers on project basis. Oh, I do understand that this is perhaps the most expensive option for good quality content.

So, there you are, a few strategies you can try and use to get good quality content quickly. If you’re an individual blogger and want to make your blog popular by publishing a lot of quality content, you might end up with a writer’s block. The best way to manage quality + quantity is to think out of the box and use techniques that reduce your efforts, so you can utilize your time and energy on promoting your blog for better visibility!

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  1. guest post is the best way to create more traffic but it does not mean that you lost your own identity on yours own page ,so you also must tell to audience about you,guest post must be related to your site.


  2. Hey Jasmine,
    You write great articles and what can be a better than to read the tips coming from the real writer herself. I get drawn to articles which have something new to offer me and it may be an idea, tip or advice. The article don't have to be a topic on some breaking news.

  3. Great tips Jasmine. It takes time and skills to come up with a quality articles to post on your blog. Your tips are great way of acquiring ideas for a quality post.

  4. Initially, have to write quality content and to attract the audience side too 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your post on here 🙂

  5. Most of the guest bloggers who are looking to share their unique content on the blog post. thank you so much for given valuable post on here Jasmine 🙂

  6. Nice tips.
    Tip 1 : Check
    Tip 2 : Almost check
    Tip 3 : Check
    Tip 4 : Will do in near future
    Tip 5 : Not really into hiring people for writing articles 🙂

    Thanks for you tips and I can confirm these really work 🙂

  7. Great tips Jasmin! I think I'll add up asking for the idea of others. PErhaps this could be done simply by joining a blogging tribe or a group and get to ask the members as to what should be best done. Generally, to be able to produce high quality articles, you should take note of your readers if they will love them or not.

  8. I plan to accept guest bloggers after my blog reaches a year old. I often encounter very popular blogsites mainly because they accept guest bloggers.

  9. Hi Jasmine! no doubt it is the fact that for quickest strategy to get good quality content quickly, hiring a personal content writer on reasonable rates are most effective to update and upgrade our blogs………….Other than this,…. there is a mistake in putting numbers from 4..and..5 in the 5 tips. please fix them. Thanks.

  10. Hi, Jasmine,
    I think organizing blog writing competition has always shown itself as the most creative choice and as the top way to success. Of course, guest blogging is also of big importance, although it is not a guarantee of having quality content if you are not familiar with the resources of the guest blogger and his willingness for cooperation.

  11. Excellent Article. Hiring a professional writer is always an option in the beginning. Eventually you will pick up and develop your own writing style. Great post as always.

  12. Interview article is always a great content. That is where we hear about what the expert's point of view and opinions. Thanks for this great write up.

  13. Hello Jasmine, you did a fantastic job on here.Those points will be useful to me. Finally, this is one of the worthy article without any doubt. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas on here 🙂

  14. Excellent Article, Jasmine.
    Will definitely try out these things on my blog in short time.
    Guest Bloggers, Answering Readers Questions and Blog Writing competition are the best ideas to be implemented .

  15. Being a reader, interviews always attracts me. Ill definitely look foward to
    them in future.

  16. I live off interviews. but mostly in a content form though..they bring in lots of traffic.

    "Black Seo Guy "Signing Off"


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